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Much like film noir, Justin Robinson was born and raised in Los Angeles. He splits his time between editing comic books, writing prose and wondering what that disgusting smell is. Degrees in Anthropology and History prepared him for unemployment, but an obsession with horror fiction and a laundry list of phobias provided a more attractive option.

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His family massacred, a boy must claim a dark inheritance and wage war against a greater evil. Eighteen-year-old Simon Bell has accepted the the black mantle of power, returned his sister's soul, and destroyed the mage who killed his family. ...
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The Dark Price of Ahriman
In Arkham, Massachusetts, the line between the haves and the have-nots is steeped in colonial tradition that stretches back over four hundred years. The Daughters of Arkham, a secret society of wealthy women, stand at the center of it all. On the sur...
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Daughters of Arkham
His family massacred, a boy must claim a dark inheritance and wage war against a greater evil. Seventeen-year-old Simon Bell of San Pedro was never meant to bear the mantle of destiny, but when his parents and brother are killed and the soul of hi...
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The Last Son of Ahriman
I’m retired. No, really. No more running around, doing the scut work for every conspiracy in the Information Underground. I quit all that a year ago, got myself a nice quiet life up the coast, doing normal things with normal people like m...
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Get Blank
Today is the last day of Glen Novak’s life. Five years after the end of the world, the few remaining humans are barricaded in a small vacation town on the California coast, beset by hordes of the undead. A single bite turns a man into a w...
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Undead On Arrival
Ian Covey is a doppelganger. A mimic. A shapeshifter. He can replace anyone he wants by becoming a perfect copy; taking the victim’s face, his home, his family. His life. No longer a man, but a hungry void, Ian Covey is a monster. David Tira...
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World War II was only the beginning. When the Night War ravages America, turning it into a country of monsters, humans become a downtrodden minority. Nick Moss is the only human private eye in town, and he’s on the trail of a missing city counc...
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City of Devils
San Francisco is on the edge of a blizzard, the first in a hundred years. A cannibal killer stalks the streets. A rash of abductions targets people seemingly at random. A city falling into chaos. Chris Black sees the connection. On the trail of a ...
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Hinden is an occupied world. Idriel Ramirez has been pressed into service by a culture he will never understand and may not survive. Ausiel Montoya is in over her head and she knows her only hope is to escape all that she's known. Even if it m...
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Nerve Zero
Every conspiracy needs a guy like me. Every conspiracy has one... me. And now someone's trying to kill me. When everyone has a motive, everyone is a suspect, and I don't even know who all the players are. It's a race against time to figur...
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Mr Blank
Stephen Monaghan is a brilliant chemist and gifted sculptor. Unable to love a human woman, he uses his genius and arcane science to create a living woman out of wood. Just one can’t fill his bottomless need, so he creates more and more of these...
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The Dollmaker

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