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Erotica from the dirty mind of Larry Archer.

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I write hard core action filled adult erotica stories primarily in several topics, swinging, group sex, bi-sexual, lesbian, Master/slave (BDSM), and some incest/taboo. I've been writing adult oriented smut since 2012.

As one of my readers reviewed: "One word... HOT!!! Thus was actually a very well written story. Not your typical shirt sex story. This one was long enough to keep you engaged and hot enough to make you sweat. I actually had to stop reading it a couple of times in public because I found myself getting too turned on. Do yourself a favor and either read it in private or have somebody there whom you can make love to, because you will get excited. Good work Larry!"

My wife and I were always a little on the liberal side and got into the Lifestyle (swinging) after a few years. The Lifestyle has always been a lot of fun for us and has led to interesting situations.

Writing adult-themed (erotica) stories using situations we've been in as a base was a natural for me. I have a vivid imagination and find it easy to start with a scenario and develop that into a story. We travel a lot and have met numerous couples across the country, which provides me with more fodder for my tales.

A lot of my stories involve a couple, Foxy and Larry, who are dyed in the wool swingers and enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes they are central characters, sometimes they will drift in and out of a story, like Alfred Hitchcock, and other times they never show up. They tend to epitomize the best (worst?) of swingers I have known and bring out the best of the Lifestyle.

Foxy and Larry tend to attract (seduce) straight couples who are interested or leaning in the direction of trying something different. We have personally introduced a number of couples to the Lifestyle and surprisingly enough, didn't have sex with a fair number of them.

The Lifestyle gives a couple the opportunity to experience relationships with others and help keep things from getting dull in a marriage after a few years. While the basic reason for swinging is to exchange partners, there is a friendship that develops between couples that is difficult to understand by what we call “straights” or those on the outside.

Many of the swinging related stories you read from other authors involve fights between partners, divorce, hard feelings, and similar events. One of the things you learn about swinging is that there is virtually no ill feelings and sharing your partner is a fun thing and not something to get fired up about.

As such, my stories never involve the husband catching the wife and kicking her out of the house or other similar shit. It has been my experience that the divorce rate and stability of the family unit is typically better with swingers than vanilla or straight couples.

In the Lifestyle, you learn to separate love and sex. You have sex with someone because it feels good and they turn you on. Then you can share your story with your spouse and don't have to hide it and not worry about getting caught. Love is shared between you and your partner and banging some girl or guy is only frosting on the cake.

I try to write stories that I could say, “I've done that,” and not have to guess as to what could happen. We've experienced things that “straights” have typically only fantasized about and are able to relive the situation with our partner without guilt or incrimination. I enjoy the opportunity to share stories with those who have not experienced it or for what ever reason have not tried it.

At a house party, if a woman pulled a train or got into a gang bang, it would be something you could share with others and not have the person label you as a pervert, which in actuality you probably were. That's another thing, we can laugh about our kinks and accept the kinks of others without judging them.

We know a couple that the wife is into gang bangs and on a regular basis has all the guys over to take care of her. It's no big deal, and nobody says, “Oh, my god, what a slut.” I'm sure most of us have secret fantasizes that we would like to indulge in, yet are afraid to act them out. If you like to be tied up and flogged, then there are always people who will love to tie you up and whip your ass. And that's okay, nobody is going to ding you for it. What straights don't realize is that if you like to be tied up then that's something you can freely share with others and not have to hide it.

While I'm not into whipping, my wife loves to put on her thigh high leather boots and take her riding crop to someone who has misbehaved or been a bad boy or girl. If you need a Mistress to control you, she's your girl. As she orders her slaves, “On your knees, Bitch!”

My stories tend to involve a lot of girl-on-girl action as that's something that really turns my crank. Watching my wife kiss and make out with another girl is one of the most sensuous things I know of. So if you like bi or lesbian action, hopefully my stories might help fill your need. In the Lifestyle, you will find that probably 75% of the women are at least passive bi's and a pretty good number are active bi's. On the other hand, girls if your not into girls (yet!), then that works okay also as everyone accepts your wants and desires.

Also blow jobs, cum shots, and anal are also up my alley (sorry Freudian slip). I guess about the only things I'm not really into are “water sports” and SCAT. If you like that kind of thing, great and I applaud you for doing it. We all have our little kinks and we never look down on anyone with a kink that we're not into.

Wifey tends to be a Mistress and often collects slaves to worship at her beautiful feet and feel the lash of her whip! While personally I'm not really into having a spike heel in the middle of my back, I know a lot of guys who get off on that and enjoy being punished. I know people who climax while being whipped and that's all right too.

So if you've been a bad boy or girl, talk it over with your partner and get in the game.

Now having said all those things, I need to offer a “Don't try this at home.” clause. The Lifestyle is not for everyone and nothing I say should be construed to mean that I want you and your spouse to try this. Every sport you undertake has certain risks and benefits. Just because it is right for someone else doesn't mean that it is right for you. I will not be responsible for any action that you take or the results from such action based upon anything I write or say. This is a grown up activity and as an adult, you are responsible and not the author. Remember to have safe and responsible sex.

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