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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Public Exhibition, light bondage] Normally a city-bound workaholic, Adele Roy has decided to shake things up a little, hoping for a change in her life and maybe a little romance as...
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Island of Three
Cougar on the prowl... What is a Cougar woman? She's age 40 or over, and she dates younger men. She's also intelligent, confident, attractive, enjoys sex, and she knows what she wants. The Cougar Book is a new and exciting anthology edited by J...
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The Cougar Book
Erotic paranormal (vampire) short story (6k+) contemporary What's a girl to do when she is given a choice between death and death with benefits? Go for the benefits of course, even when they are administered by a sexy vampire....
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A Pleasurable Cure For Death
[Menage Amour 102: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Light Bondage] An eclectic trio of thieves, led by Nina, and her two equally devious male cohorts, Seth and Sam, steal into a downtown department store for one last job before t...
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Three on the Prowl
COMING SOON: This book is scheduled for release early 2009.  Benji, a lonely 1950's farm hand, is constantly reminded of the fact that he is the only workman who has not enjoyed quality time with his heart's desire, Molly, the farm owner's mi...
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Through the Woodwork
[Siren Menage Amour: Menage a trois M/M/F, M/M, and orgies with M/M/F/M/M/M] Five guys and one hot woman, shacked up in a cabin for the week, was not what Cullen had in mind when he pictured his relaxing week away. Especially when that woman was...
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Claiming Cullen
GAMBLE'S GAME   A notorious player, Desiree Jones resists all attempts to trap her in a relationship. According to her, it's what made her parents miserable, and therefore, it is what would make her miserable. Once a lover of Desiree's,...
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Gamble's Game
It has been years since Pyper has seen any sign of Liam Patterson so she is surprised when he reappears outside his old stomping grounds. More surprising is when he addresses her by her name. By the looks of Liam very little had changed about the ...
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Secrets of Summer
Sadie Davies is running away for the second time in her life. She had been fifteen and in search of stardom the first time she ran away to the city. This time she is running from it. After buying a rundown farm house near where she grew up, Sad...
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Oasis of My Heart

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