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Watch Over Me

by Lucy Monroe

Mykola Chernichenko comes from a family of geniuses and he is no exception to the rule. His passion, however, lies in action not text book smarts. When Myk is brought in to protect his sister from death threats at the ERTD, he is also asked to protect Lana, a sexy and quirky scientist with no filter on her thoughts. Myk finds himself instantly attracted to the genius scientist he is protecting and the feeling is mutual. Lana finds Myk to be intriguing and THE hottest man she has ever laid her eyes on. Can Myk protect Lana without letting his physical attraction to her get in the way?

Watch Over Me was a sizzling novel with engaging characters that I will remember for a long time to come. Mykola’s character was scorching hot and drop-dead gorgeous. I was attracted to his need to be physical while Lana’s character, although very physical herself, was more of the intellectual type of woman. She was clever, quick-witted and the filter she lacked while thinking was just down right funny at times. Lana said out loud what so many of us just subconsciously only think about. The searing passion between Mykola and Lana was explosive! I was drawn to Watch Over Me from the first page and found the plot line to be very well thought out, exciting and compelling. I just HAD to know what happened next and blame Lucy Monroe for many sleepless nights just because I had to get to the next page. When a book does… Read More