Red Gold Bridge

by Patrice Sarath

by Patrice Sarath

Once again, something is going on in Gordath Woods. The span of forest that separates our world from that of Aeritan, a medieval land of lords, ladies and very bad guys. Lynn Romano has taken over Lady Sarita’s stables and made it into a training/boarding stable but she is still filled with thoughts of Joe, her love who stayed behind to save her and both the worlds when the Gordath last closed. Kate Mossland is still riding and her parents still seem to feel that thinking she needs therapy is safer than believing what really happened to her when she was lost in the Gordath for all that time. Colar (aka Cole) her friend and now boyfriend from Aritian wants to return to his life but not without Kate. Then, Kate is riding home with her mother when she sees the last person she ever thought she would—General Marthen. He had become obsessed with her in Aeritan and vowed to have her. How in hell did she get here? The Gordath was closed, wasn’t it?

Once again, Patrice Sarah has woven a tale of love, mystery with a bit of fantasy thrown in with the sequel to Gordath Woods. Red Gold Bridge is not just a town, it is a…  Read More

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