Hot Dogs

by Janice Bennett

by Janice Bennett

 Amid the chaos of handling a Fourth of July event and being sheriff in charge of a murder investigation, Annike McGinley and Owen Sarkisian find time only to visit and hug occasionally. Now if she could only get him to commit to a wedding date! However, this event has its own special chaotic timbre. A year ago, one of the members of the planning committee had made off with all the proceeds, most of his own bank account and his wife’s jewelry. Or so they all thought… Turns out that Lee Wessex never left Upper River Gulch – his body had been in a storage shed all that— time, along with the money.

Between red, white and blue dogs, another murder, quarreling committee members and other interesting affairs there isn’t time to plan a wedding, much less solve a murder. Hot Dogs has…  Read More

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