Second Chances

by Nika Dixon

by Nika Dixon

Enter a high stakes world of romantic suspense with Second Chances by Nika Dixon.

Casey Marshall wakes up in an alley—alone, injured and unable to remember where she is or what happened. She’s struggled hard to make a good life for herself. She’s found a niche with a job researching stories for her local paper. She’s turned her back on the heartache and mistakes of her past and she’s finally found herself in a place where’s she’s happy, and even proud of herself for what’s she accomplished. And now this… Desperate, she turns to the one man she thought she’d never talk to again, Jackson Hale, but will he help her this time?

Jackson Hale has known Casey since she wore pigtails and drove the men in her uncle’s unit crazy. She’s always into something, and she’s always causing trouble for everyone around her. He hasn’t seen her in six months, since her last stunt pushed him over the line. When she shows up on his doorstep and collapses, Jackson doesn’t know what to believe—is this just crazy Casey pushing his buttons, or is this time really different?

As unseen forces converge on Casey and Jackson, it quickly becomes clear that the danger is real. Casey’s really into it this time, and it’s impossible to know who to trust. When push to comes to shove, will Jackson believe Casey when it matters most? Can he save her from a seemingly all-powerful foe, with connections in law enforcement and the government?

Second Chances is romantic suspense at its best. I loved every line, first to last. The plot twists and turns like a roller-coaster, and keeps you gasping for breath all the way—what a ride! Casey might seem a bit young…  Read More

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