The Birth of Ideas with Cindi Myers

The Birth of Ideas

Where do you get your ideas? may be one of the questions most asked authors. I’ve certainly read books and wondered “How did the author ever think of that?” The birth of ideas is one of the magical things about writing.

I get ideas from a lot of places — from articles I read in the paper, conversations I overhear at restaurants, even dreams. And sometimes something in real life sparks an idea

The idea for my January Superromance, The Father For Her Son was triggered by a real-life event. A new guy hired on at the company where my husband was working a few years back. He and my dh really hit it off. They liked the same books, they had the same sense of humor. Turns out this guy — I’ll call him Joe — had just gotten out of prison. He was newly married and had a son and was determined to do right by his wife and son. He was clearly a devoted family man and I was struck by how different he was from what I would have assumed a guy who’d done some serious jail time would be like.

That started my imagination whirring and the result was the story of man who’d done wrong, done his time in prison, and come home to make things right for the woman he loved and their son. It’s a story about the true transformative power of love.

The real-life story has a happy ending, too. Joe and his wife are still together. He has a better job with more responsibility and better pay, a new home and a second child. Don’t you just love a happy, romantic ending? Do you know of any similar real life stories of transformation?



Harlequin Superromance
January 2010
Life hasn’t been easy for single mom Marlee Britton, but she’s proud of her ability to look after herself and her son. Then old flame Troy Denton shows up after seven years, wanting to be a father to his son. and to rekindle his relationship with Marlee. While Troy struggles to prove himself trustworthy, Marlee wonders how she can ever give her heart to the man who broke it so long ago.

with Jennifer Greene and Merline Lovelace
Harlequin Anthology
January 2010
Kristjan Gunnarson is Iceland’s first ever Olympic medalist. Coloradoan Stacy Bristol thinks he’ll be the perfect model for her new advertising campaign, but she isn’t prepared for the impact handsome Kristjan has on her. As she supervises filming around Iceland, Stacy fights her attraction to Kristjan. Can a down-to-business American and a footloose Icelander find love in the land of ice and fire?

Cindi Myers became one of the most popular people in eighth grade when she and her best friend wrote and illustrated their own historical romance novel. The manuscript was eventually confiscated by her English teacher, who told her she should spend her time learning to properly conjugate a sentence. Since then, Cindi has gone on to write more than three dozen novels, both historical and contemporary. She also teaches writing and is a popular speaker and workshop presenter. She produces a weekly market newsletter at Visit her website at

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2 comments to The Birth of Ideas with Cindi Myers

  • IvyD

    I was intrigued by the excerpt & will have to add this to my “to read” list….I think some people can change & some are just habitual offenders, so to speak…

  • Thanks, IvyD I find it easy to be cynical about people, and then someone proves me wrong — a good thing in this case!