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I think that I’ve always possessed a vivid imagination, recalling my first short story written at the age of ten about vampire bunnies. During high school summers, I would write entire novels about epic mythology that bled into a sci-fi mix. School and state literary competitions, and all the trophies and permanently etched plaques that lined my old high school, weren’t enough.

I took a hiatus until recently, and over the past two years wrote page after page, book after book, genre after genre. I felt consumed, absolutely insane, as if the ideas and storyline and dialogue were continuously bubbling in my thoughts, clouding my life. They were my first thoughts in the morning and the last thoughts before descending into sleep. During conversations, meetings, classes, I couldn’t pay attention because the book had to be set in ink, or rather, computer, before my mind could release me from it. The mass of tales ate away at me until the books were finished, and then there was a moment of relief. Well, until the next idea hit me. It’s not something that I can control or conjure up according to my own will, it comes when it wants to, like a sadistic puppet master, and I have no choice but to yield to the madness.

I’ve read about Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling going from nothing to everything and having it so easy. After a few queries, they had an agent and soon enough big publishing houses were bidding for their work. We all know what became of those books. I believed it to be just as simple, but countless rejections later, I had to question myself. Take heed the word of Jeffery Carver who went seven years before his first short story was published.

Finally, a small press publisher, called Midnight Showcase Fiction, picked up one of my novellas. It’s a paranormal romance about a Cajun shifter who falls for a human during his assignment in NYC. Ethan, the boy from the Bayou is on the hunt for his rogue brother but stumbles upon the only human that can survive the knowledge of his clandestine realm. A primal desire is ignited amid the perilous and brutal hunt.

I didn’t feel that Cajun Spice was my best work, but somehow it sparked enough interest to find its place in the literary world. It will be grouped with similar shifter romance tales, called Weres in the City 1.


It sparked hope, once again, that in this subjective business if you can’t keep pushing along, you might never see your work in print. Several literary agents post noteworthy advice. There are many rejections that come before acceptance and just because you finished one book doesn’t mean it will get published. The more you write, the better your writing becomes. So write, read, research, join groups, soak up all the advice and keep plugging away. It’s easy to get down and quit, but a true writer can’t suppress the urgent need to mold tales. Like a carnal lust that can’t easily be satiated, writing can’t easily be ignored. I also believe that in the end, a true writer will keep writing even if their work never hits print. . . but if it does, well that’s even better!

Writing isn’t my career, though I hope one day in the near future it will be. It’s my passion and I’m glad to see that my story has become available for others to enjoy. Cajun Spice will be released in May 8, 2010. Following is a direct link to MS Fiction where the work is available:

And on a side note, I was just notified that the sequel, Secrets of the French Quarter, has been accepted and will be released in Sept. 2010. I always welcome comments and constructive criticism. Feel free to contact me on Facebook. Happy writing!

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10 comments to Newly published, Kaylie Austen

  • Stacy Thomas

    Both my husband and I are very excited to read Cajun Spice in little over a week.
    We’ll be B line’n it right over to Barnes and Noble on the 8th!

  • IvyD

    What do you feel is your best work so far Kaylie? Enjoyed your blog hon…

  • Les

    Congrats on Cajun Spice and the recent news of Secrets of the French Quarter! I’m a firm beliver in following your passion and it seems like it’s starting to pay off for you. I’ve got to ask… are you from New Orleans?

  • Kaylie Austen

    Thanks Stacy, I know you and the hubby were big fans from the beginning.
    Ivy, I enjoy sci-fi and I have a novel that I’m working on getting out there called Ravens. It’s about what really happens to people who disappear without a trace. Turns out, they end up in a parallel dimension where they adapt to uncanny powers and become night stalkers because they are continuously hunted for brutal research. That is my favorite. But I’ve become attached to Cajun Spice and I really liked how Secrets of the French Quarter continued the story. It gets descriptive and dark. I’ve just started working on the sequel to the sequel, The District, set in, of course, Washington, D.C. This installment gets very dark and borderline creepy, but it truly empowers the heroine so that the future of her forbidden affair with her Cajun lover isn’t solely on his broad shoulders.
    Les, I am not from New Orleans. This is the first piece that is set in a real location that I have yet to visit. I would love to travel there! I know that I chose to have a Cajun hero because of my recent infatuation with Gambit from X-Men! What’s a coincidence is when speaking with some doctors who happened to be in the French Quarter the previous weekend for a medical conference, I was researching and writing about the French Quarter as they were having dinner on Bourbon St.! I thought that was wild.

  • Smiley

    I’m interested to know what other work you have, genres and such. I’ll love to see more of you and your novels out there!

  • Kaylie – Looking forward to the book! Myself and the guys from the band are anxious to get our hands on it and give it a read! Love your unpublished work! Congrats!

  • Jocie

    Hey, I really enjoyed this story. I hope one day I can see more of your stories out there, if they are all as good as this one I am sure I will enjoy them as much as I did with Cajun Spice. Glad your hard work is paying off. Keep pursuing your dream! Hope to see more of your stories on shelves everywhere.

  • Debbie

    My new favorite author! Can’t wait to see many more inspiring stories from her!

  • Kaylie Austen

    Smiley, this paranormal romance is the only genre that I have out, or should say, will be out, for now. I have sci-fi and fantasy waiting to get out there, and I know some would like to see a mystery. Although, I can’t imagine getting that genre down, seems difficult. I’ll have to work on that one.
    PhoenixDown, thanks guys, I didn’t know an entire band was wanting a piece of me!
    Jocie, thanks doll. I hope that you continue enjoying my work and that I keep writing enjoyable work! One of the best parts about writing is getting published, but the best part, by far, is having people who truly like it.
    Debbie, new favorite, huh? That’s a lofty, title, haha, hope that you still feel that way when you get your hands on my work. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Parth

    Congratulations on your novel and your sequel!! The storyline seems very interesting and I can’t wait until I read it! It’s really good to follow your passion that you have had for so long. Best of luck, and I hope you get Ravens and your other sci-fi and fantasy novels out there, I can’t wait!