Karin honey, thanks so much for taking time away from your super busy
schedule to be with us today!

Thank you for the invite!

First things first~ Congrats on your granddaughter (she’s precious) and
quitting smoking.  Having done that I can sympathize.  How’re you doing
with it?  Switch your nicotine addiction for a Baby G addiction?  *G*

Thank you, Baby G is the light of my life and a total distraction! I’m still cigarette free!  And, yes, I switched one addiction for another!  If truth be told it was because of my granddaughter that I finally quit for good.  I didn’t want her to associate the nasty smell of cigarette smoke with her grandmother.  I quit two months before she was born and she’s six months old now and the greatest joy.  I could not be happier!

Please tell us a bit about your next release…. 

Next release is slotted for next May with Berkley Heat.  It’s the first book of a trilogy.  We
pitched it as Sons of Anarchy meet Rise of the Lycans.  Think bad boy
biker Lycans.  Book two will release in the fall right ahead of an
anthology I’m in with my good friends Sylvia Day and Maya banks.  Men
Out of Uniform.

I’ll definitely be adding them to my buy list…

Are you going to return to the fallen angels? 

I’d love to. But so far no takers.

They obviously haven’t asked me..

Who is in control, you or the characters? 

I like to think I am, but was proven wrong in when I wrote MASTER OF TORMENT, book two in my
Blood Sword Legacy series.  I had originally slotted another Blood Sword as Lady Tarian’s hero, but Wulfson was not having any of that!  He lobbied long and hard until I finally realized he was right and I was
very wrong.  Once I acquiesced that story took off.

What music is blaring when you’re pecking away on the keyboard? 

I love angsty rock and roll.  My iPod is loaded with it.  When I put my
headphones on, I write like a fiend.

Do you have a favorite character?  Favorite line?

I love all of my characters.  My hot cops are special to me and so are my blood swords.  As
far as couples go, I think Jade and Jase and Tarian and Wulfson are the
most charismatic.  I have so many favorite lines.  I can’t pick just one!

I love your Sanctuary…did you design it? 

My husband did. It took almost a year to find a contractor who had the vision to understand what it was
we wanted.  Between them they did a fabulous job!

How the devil do you housebreak a 6 foot. iguana?  Kitty box?  Ring a

I didn’t, Mondo did himself.  He had a huge cage out in the garage, and he only went once a week.  And he always went in his cage.  When we started to let him hang out in the house during the summer months he would just hop off his perch in the boy’s bedroom and make his way to the garage and go.  I have a funny story to tell:  Many years ago hubby and I went back east to see my folks.  May mil flew out to stay with the kids. No sooner do we arrive at my parent’s house and the phone is ringing.  It’s my friend Lori and I can hear my mil screaming in the background.  We, um forgot to tell her about Mondo.  She was in the kitchen and he jumped up on the counter to get a piece of fruit and she nearly had a heart attack.
I can’t blame her for that..I would’ve too!

Did you have a large time on your writer’s retreat to Catalina Island?
Did you meet your goal of 35,000 words?

Catalina was great.  There isn’t much to do there so it served our purpose.  And while I didn’t
achieve my writing goal of 35K words, I did plot and world build another series I’m working on.

Karin, I appreciate your being here and giving us these glimpses into
your life…I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking with you hon. 

Thank you, Ivy for having me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I want to know….has having a grandchild changed the way you write?

  2. Ivy does a fanastic job in interviewing. Her informal tone and incisive questions are excellent and get to the heart of the writer’s work and life quickly. In short, FUN!

  3. Thank you Ellen, that’s so sweet. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Karin is fun and interesting…

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