The Zodiac and Addison Fox

Addison honey, thank you so much for being with us and allowing us to be a bit nosey..I’m looking forward to finding out more about these Warriors of yours.

AF:  Thank you so much for the invitation!!!

Warrior Ascended

I read where Brody came to you cocked, locked and ready to rock.  Have any of the other Warriors followed suit or have you had to coax anyone?

AF:  I’ve been incredibly lucky with these characters – they’re all very clear in my head – a true gift, let me tell you!

That said, that is really the heart of my personal process.  I “see” the characters (for lack of a better word) and the rest flows from there.

PS – I love that – “cocked, locked and ready to rock….”  I hope you don’t mind if I use that!!

Feel free hon…It’s a military saying I picked up from DH.

Why the Zodiac?

AF:  I’ve always had a basic fascination with the Zodiac and love to read my horoscope.  That said, what’s been fun about the Zodiac from a creative standpoint is that it is such a rich canvas to paint with.

There is this awesome set of collective wisdom in the population about astrology and various astrological signs and it’s made for a lot of fun with the development of my characters’ personalities.

I agree, especially if you start getting into ascendents and houses….so many variables to play around with.

Do you have a favorite Warrior?

AF:  I can’t say that I do (I love them all, every hunky, one!) J

That said, Brody and Kane’s stories are both complete so I feel I know them best.  And let me tell you, spending a few months with each of them was a LOT of fun!!!

I’m sure it was!

Who’s in control, you the author or the character?

AF:  Me, absolutely.  The process of uncovering what’s lurking in my subconscious always brings surprises, but in the end, it’s my story to tell and it’s coming out through the conduit of these characters.

I find that interesting because some authors feel it’s the character coming to them with the story…It’s these differences that intrigue me…

Do you schedule writing or strike while the irons hot?

AF:  Both.  Deadlines are an incredible gift and I am so grateful to say I have them! That said, I’m also very accountable to my publisher and that means being consistent in my writing time.

What I will say is that I tend to vary when I write.  My day job is pretty demanding, so there are some weeks where I’m able to write every day and some weeks where it all gets saved for the weekend.  As long as I feel I’m moving forward each week, I’m happy!

What do you find to be the hardest part of writing?

AF:  I’m not crazy about revising, but it is an absolutely necessary part of the process.  I find the first draft is the most fun – when the story flows and it feels fresh and new.  Revising is like having to go exercise – completely necessary but I can’t wait until it’s over!!

Do you require anything to be creative?

AF:  I don’t require anything, per se, but I do love having a nice hot cup of tea or coffee next to me (depends on the time of day – coffee in the morning, tea from noon on.)  I find a warm, steaming mug to be a very relaxing, comforting thing and it is nice to reach over and take a sip as I work through a scene.

Do you have a hobby?

AF: I’m a voracious reader and find it to be one of the most relaxing things on earth – just curling up with a good book on the couch.  I’m also a big foodie – I love trying new restaurants and I really enjoy wine.  And I’m always up for a trip to the movies!

Stress reliever?  Writing or something else?

AF:  Again, I’d have to say both.  There are some days when the writing is such a wonderful escape.  Those magical days when the words flow, the characters pop to life on the page and the story practically tells itself.

I’m also a big fan of doing little things for yourself.  Go pop into the coffee shop for a half hour and relax in a chair.  Give yourself a pedicure.  Watch an hour of purely mindless TV.

I know it’s been said by so many, but women tend to feel that we not only have to do it all, but that we should feel guilty when we take a few moments for ourselves.  In those moments of getting re-charged, we often re-fill the well to continue giving.

I agree wholeheartedly….

Do you have a favorite movie or 2 or 3?

AF:  Well, I’m a child of the 80s, so the John Hughes canon is pretty much at the top of my movie favorite list (The Breakfast Club in particular).  I also love Two Weeks Notice, Laws of Attraction, The American President, Moonstruck, Midnight Run, Working Girl…..the list really does go on and on….and on!

What genre(s) do you enjoy reading?  Favorite authors?  Currently reading anything?

AF:  I am a huge romance reader.  I average at least a book a week and probably 90% of what I read is romance.  I also love reading YA.  I’ve got a few mystery series I keep up with and I’ve really gotten into urban fantasy in the last few years.

Favorite authors….this list will be just like the movie list – it’s hard to pick just one.  I am a huge Nora Roberts fan – I absolutely love her work and as an author I have a tremendous amount of respect for her.  I’m also a huge fan of Jayne Ann Krentz, Roxanne St. Claire, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, J.R. Ward, Jo Davis, Lorraine Heath, Meg Cabot, Anne Stuart….again, the list just goes on and on!

I usually have about 6 books going at a time and I have a FANTASTIC list of books I’m reading right now.  I would tell anyone reading this, if you haven’t picked up any of these, run out and get them – you won’t be disappointed!

Soulless by Gail Carriger

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake – Sarah MacLean

Turn Coat by Jim Butcher (although, read the entire Dresden Files series – it’s awesome!)

I also recently discovered the Betsy~Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace.  They are set during the early 1900s and follow the life of Betsy Ray, beginning in book 1 when she’s 5 and running through to her marriage in book 10 (the first four are for children and the next six are young adult/adult).  These books are truly magical.  I found them after reading a piece by Meg Cabot and feel that discovering them has been an incredible reading treat.

Soulless is on my TBR Mountain and the Dresden Files are an auto buy for me.  We definitely have some authors in common.  The first Meg Cabot I read was told totally in email and I thought that was so incredibly inventive, it amazed me.

Thanks so much for sharing with us & giving us all those great insights, I’ve enjoyed visitin’ with you Addison… BTW, I’m really looking forward to Kane’s book!

AF:  Thank you so much for having me – I’ve had a blast!  And I’m really excited to share Kane’s book, too.  His book, WARRIOR AVENGED, will be out September 7th.

It’s on my buy list for that month!

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