Lorie, thanks so much for taking time out to answer a few questions for us, hon.  I’m really glad you could make it.

Can you please tell us a bit about your latest release, THE BODYGUARD.  It’s an anthology right?

Yes. It’s an anthology. I’m in it with Gena Showalter and Cherry Adair. The theme running through the entire book is men who protect. So you’ve got three stories with super sexy, prime alpha men. My story, On A Moonless Night, is about a bounty hunter who is chasing a man he doesn’t realize is a werewolf. But a young, feisty, aggressive lady, who continually shadows him, becomes more of a distraction than he can bear.

I love anthologies…sometimes they’re just the right size, appetizers..*G*

Are you willing to fess up any hints on your September release, PLAY DIRTY?

PLAY DIRTY is my first book in a series of bounty hunter books. I think I’ve found my niche here. I love and totally drool over the hard abs and even harder nature of a pure alpha male. That’s what compelled me to write werewolves so long ago. I wanted a hero who could toss someone over his shoulder, in battle, or in the bedroom, without breaking a sweat, but who also had a tender side so fragile it desperately craved a woman’s touch. My bounty hunters make that match, and they’re completely human!

Here is the blurb for PLAY DIRTY, which releases Sept. 27th.

Heartthrob bounty hunter Greg King knows how to work it—and he knows that he can have any woman he wants. But there’s more to Greg than meets the eye…and he’s still haunted by the memory of his beautiful, estranged wife. Much as he’s tried to move on, he’s never been able to stop wondering what he could have done to make her stay…

After putting a vicious criminal behind bars, Haley King had no choice but to leave her loved ones behind and enter the witness protection program. Turns out that, in her new life, Haley has once again found herself in serious trouble—and needs help from the only person she can trust: her husband. Now, as old secrets threaten to tear them apart and danger closes in from all sides, it’s up to Greg to keep Haley safe…and convince her that this time, he’s playing for keeps.

That sounds soooo good!

A lot of authors stay with one genre.  Is there something that compels you to write in more than one?

I’ve never given any thought to remaining with one genre. I think because I started with Ellora’s Cave and they pretty much accepted whatever I wrote, I had the freedom to explore. After writing eight or ten lunewulf books, I was ready to write something different. EC didn’t have a problem with that. When I thought it would be fun to explore science fiction romance, and fantasy romance, they said cool, write at will. Then there were days when I craved a really good romantic suspense, so I wrote that. I think I write the way I read. There are certain genres I prefer, my favorite being historical romance, but that is only because I can’t write it, or won’t. LOL.

New York publishers don’t work the same way though. St Martin’s has my romantic suspense’s and for now that is what they want from me. Their mind set is an author should build her name in one genre so her readers know what to expect from her. I understand this and agree with it wholeheartedly as a reader. As a writer though, I love delivering the unexpected. Kensington has my contemporary fantasies. That is what I write for them. EC has my paranormals. That is what I give them. So far, it’s working out great. My readers can enjoy different genres from me but can tell by the book, since each of those publishers put out different looking books, what they’ll get when they pick up a Lorie O’Clare book.

Do you have a favorite character or is that like asking which son is your favorite?

It depends on which day it is as to which is my favorite. *grin* But in truth, you’re right. They are all my babies. A mama has enough room in her heart to unconditionally love all she’s conceived and I’m no different. I think, for me at least, it depends on the world the hero or heroine is in. I’ve enjoyed some worlds better than others.

I’ve always stood by the simple truth that my favorite world, and therefore my favorite series, are my NUWORLD books (no longer in print but I do sell them myself off my website. Click on the link on the main page at the top that says, “check out what I have on ebay right now.”) Otherwise, I honestly do love each book as I’m writing it, submerging myself into their world, walking alongside my hero and heroine. We become best friends. I always feel a little sad when a book ends.

If I were to mention a few though, just to satisfy your question; Rock Toubec and Simone DeBeaux in In Her Nature really stole my heart. I think it was probably so many told me not to write this book. (It is still one of my top selling books.) Both were so rebellious and Simone was definitely not viewed as a ‘good lunewulf’. But I felt everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves and Simone got that chance.

Oh, and Moira Tangaree in Living Extinct, book two in the Malta Werewolf series. Living Extinct is in the paperback Alpha Exiled. Moira was forced to leave her home, everything she knew and loved and start over. I believe many of us daydream, or have nightmares, about such a thing happening to them. Imagine moving so far away from everything you take for granted, all the people you know and all the places you frequent. You no longer know the person behind the gas station counter, or the check out lady at your grocery store. No one seeks you out, or cares if you come or go. You have to build all of that all over again. Moira built a very tough shell to keep the pain from consuming her after being forced to start over. She can’t even admit who she is, or reveal the pride she feels for her people, or she’ll risk death. When she slowly crawls out of that shell, the beauty she sees in life, and the man who helped her see it, almost made me cry.

I could probably go on, listing character after character and telling you why they are so special to me. In the end, I probably would have listed each of my books and I know you have more questions.

Who is in charge, you or the characters?

Have you ever heard an author tell you they are in charge? Don’t you hate it when people answer questions with questions?

Honest and truth, when I sit at my computer and open up a new blank page and start a word doc, I’m in charge. I say how long I sit there and write. My schedule determines when I have to walk away and leave the world I’ve created in flux until I return. So, I’m the boss.

With that said, yes, I’ve sat and watched words appear on the page and have had no idea where the story was going from there. I’ve been on the edge of my seat, my heart pounding, my fingers moving so fast there is smoke flying off the keyboards (not really but it seems like that sometimes) anxious to find out what happens next. And yes, I have fallen asleep (one time for several hours) and kept typing after being asleep. Those were interesting pages. Amidst the gobbly gook I actually found some pretty awesome sentences.

I’ve also created heroes and heroines and walked alongside them as their story progresses and have hit brick walls. In my mind I see my hero or heroine standing there, facing me with their arms crossed, tapping their foot impatiently, until I figure it out, hit delete, and go in the direction they want to take. Some characters are just like that. Everyone has their own personality, you know.

I love your paintings.  Can you tell us how they fit in with your books?

First of all, thank you! I’m definitely not a professional but I absolutely love painting and creating a visual world captured in one scene. I paint to relax, to soothe my brain, and quite often to play with scenes I’m working on in my head. I let them go in different directions, speculating where they might head after that, until I can’t stand it any longer and leave the painting to go back to writing.

At the encouragement of some of my readers a while back, I created a page on my website where you can see some of my paintings. I’ve sold some of them, but as I said, I’m not a painter by trade, I’m a writer.

Some people have comfort food, I have comfort authors.  Do you have certain authors you read to put yourself in “a better place?”

Not really. I’m not the kind of person who wants to do the same thing over and over again. I’ve always loved change. Lately though, I’ve been eating up Hannah Howell’s books. She has so many I haven’t read yet so I’ve been going through her back list. I really love Amanda Quick and as well, Jayne Ann Krentz. I tend to lean toward what I can’t write when I’m reading. I think that’s why I really enjoy the historicals.

Lorie, I love your tip about the notebook.  I think that would work w/ everyday things too…How did you come up w/ this idea?

I’ve always been very competitive by nature. My world today though is very solitary. I’m by myself most of the time. So the only person I have to compete with is myself. I keep track of what I do all day because, also, since I’m alone, there isn’t anyone to crack a whip over my head and tell me to get to writing. By keeping a notebook by my desk I know if I goof off all day and have nothing to write in my notebook I’m going to have to show a 0 for my word count for that day. Not to mention, I love writing. It has never been something I’ve had to force myself to do. But I can get busy with other things I know need to be done and end up putting off writing until they are all done. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. By keeping a notebook I’ll know to stop with whatever else I’m doing and make time to write. There is nothing more important than my writing. Well, except for my kids. J

How is your HEA fund coming along?  I think it’s a wonderful thing you’re trying to accomplish.

I think it is, too. Foreclosure is the scariest thing you can imagine. I know. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Too often it happens to hard working people, folks who are honest and trying to move ahead. They don’t deserve the humiliation and embarrassment of losing their home.

HEA is coming along slowly. I have started listing some of my books on ebay with all the money going to HEA. Right now, I have $35.98 saved, which isn’t enough to do anything with. Once I can get more people to donate money then I can search for someone in need. I’ve already received emails from a few folks who have shared their desperate situation with me. I just want to be able to help everyone of them. Unfortunately, I can’t do it alone.

If you’re curious, here is the link to HEA: http://www.lorieoclare.com/keep-the-hea-in-our-lives/

What made you decide to do the Ebay thing & sell your books there?

There were several reasons. Many readers wanted my older EC titles and weren’t able to find them. I am always getting emails asking when I would do a signing in different towns. A lot of people like autographed books. And, it is a way to bring in some extra income.

I buy the books from my publisher at a discounted amount in bulk. I list them on ebay, package them as they are won and mail them out. I have all of my auctions set so shipping is free in the US. It isn’t free outside the US. I wish I could do that but I just can’t afford it. I do charge $1.75 on top of the price of the book to insure it. That way if it doesn’t arrive, which seldom happens but I like to play it safe, no one is out any money.

I really love doing this. It has brought me closer to many readers I might not otherwise have chatted with. My books sell fast, too. That’s awesome to watch and know so many would pay to get my books. I can see the numbers on royalty checks but there is something about watching them fly off the shelf that leaves me with a really good feeling.

If you’re interested, here is a link that will take you directly to all books I have listed on ebay right now: http://shop.ebay.com/lorieoclare/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340

Thanks again for being with us today Lorie.  I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you honey.

Thanks for having me. It was great chatting with you. J

Let’s Welcome Jo Davis

Jo, thank you so much for taking the time to visit with us honey.  I know you’re very busy.

Thank you so much for inviting me to visit! It seems I’m always on deadline, and chatting with readers gives me a much-needed break.

Congrats on being a finalist in the ARRA 2009!

Thank you, it was a thrill to be nominated and an honor to see my name up there with all of those talented authors. I was truly surprised and humbled.

Can you tell us anymore about the motion picture development for WHEN ALEX WAS BAD?  Who would you cast in the various roles?

ALEX is in development with Mandalay Pictures (SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, DONNIE BRASCO, DEEP END OF THE OCEAN, etc) and the acquiring producer is Cathy Schulman (Best Picture, CRASH, 2006). It’s in the lineup to go into production, but there are never any guarantees. I can say that the experience of having a book opted for film with a major producer has been thrilling and mind-boggling. I got to speak with Cathy and David Zelon (CABLE GUY, THE NET, ENEMY AT THE GATES) on a conference call, and I thought I was going to pass out!

Hmm, for the role of Alex, I could definitely envision Mark Wahlberg or Jude Law! For Olivia, maybe Angelina Jolie? Or Megan Fox? A woman who has that dark, sultry look. For Jason, I’m not sure. But he’d have to be someone with the boy-next-door appeal, yet be able to play someone who is older than he appears, who harbors a couple of terrible secrets.

I haven’t yet read LINE OF FIRE so I may change my mind, the excerpt is very tantalizing, but my favorite is UNDER FIRE.  I adore Zack.  I can honestly say he’s the only contemporary hero possessing that special trait/attribute.  He’s only the second I’ve ever read period.  Why did you bless him in that way?

That’s just how Zack was when he introduced himself to me! <g>  Zack, who possesses a genius IQ, has a certain innocence that is unique among my heroes. As a young boy, add that he was overweight in addition to being brilliant, and he was hounded unmercifully. He had no friends. As kids do, he grew into a beautiful man, but inside he’s still that fat little boy who’s unsure of himself and shy around gorgeous women—thus, he’s still a virgin. And along comes Cori, an exotic dancer putting herself through nursing school, and his mind is blown! In a great way.

I do hope you try LINE OF FIRE, Tommy Skyler’s story! He’s the youngest firefighter on the team, and is seriously questioning his decision to become a firefighter. He’s dealing with painful issues, not to mention trying to survive an arsonist’s deadly plot. Captain Sean Tanner’s slide to rock bottom also plays a big part in this story as he makes a mistake that will change everyone’s lives.

Love this cover, good gravy!

I SPY A WICKED SIN is the first in the Shado series and I really enjoyed it.  I read that soon you’ll be working on I SPY A DARK OBSESSION, the LAST in the series?  Only two?  Why honey?  I love that whole concept….

Actually, the SHADO Agency series is a trilogy. I SPY A NAUGHTY GAME (Blaze Kelly’s story) will be released on September 7, and then I SPY A DARK OBESSION (Michael Ross’s story) comes out in March 2011. I’m working on DARK OBSESSION now and should have it turned in to my editor next week to finish the series.

Bummer, I missed that memo obviously….

and yet another yummy cover….

Who is in control of the story, you or the characters?  If the latter are you ever surprised?

I believe the characters let me *think* I’m in control, and then every once in a while they misbehave to remind me that I’m not! I’m just their secretary, writing down their stories. I’m always surprised when they want to do their own thing, though I know I shouldn’t be. Kind of like raising teenagers, you know?

I understand all too well honey…*huge sigh*

Do you feel the workshops you conduct make you a better writer?

Both teaching and attending workshops definitely help hone my skills and serve to remind me of things I’d forgotten. Refreshers are always good, and as a former public school teacher, I can attest to the fact that nobody is ever so good that they don’t need them. Including me!

What is your favorite part of being a writer?  Least favorite?

I’m an introvert at heart, so writing full-time is a dream job come true! There’s no boss popping in to my office, micromanaging and annoying me constantly. I can, and do, work in my pajamas. I can drink, scratch, and cuss, and there’s nobody around to know. Does a job get any better than that?

I’d have to say no…though w/ the exception of the jammies & scratching I do that at work anyway!  *G*

However, since I write full-time and it’s a sedentary job, I have to make an effort to exercise—an activity I loathe with a passion. I can look at a carrot stick and gain five pounds. Not fun. If I was meant to exercise I would’ve been born Richard Simmons.

Why romantic suspense and erotica vs another genre?

Romantic suspense was my first love as a writer because I enjoy writing action scenes and putting my heroes in danger. With Erotica, I enjoyed reading it first, and then when I discovered I could write it as well I had the best of both worlds!

Recently, however, I sold a new paranormal romance series to my publisher, NAL, which will debut next year under a different pen name. We’re very excited about the new series, and I’ll be able to say more about it in the coming months.

Well hang, talk about teasing..  I’m looking forward to that…

Is there a book or character you’ve written that’s a particular favorite?  If so, why?

My first love is Howard “Six-Pack” Paxton from TRIAL BY FIRE, the first book in my Station Five series. He’s strong, handsome, dependable, and fiercely protective of those he loves.

Do you have a favorite series that you follow as a reader?

I am wild about Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series! Harry Dresden is a handsome, sometimes bumbling, PI who is also a master wizard. He gets himself into all sorts of paranormal scrapes, and he’s just to die for.

I love the Dresden Files too…found it quite by accident and have done my part to spread the word. I know of at least 2 people I’ve gotten hooked on it.

What would you like to accomplish this year professionally? Personally?

Professionally, I’d love to make a major bestseller list. Who wouldn’t? Personally, I’d love to lose fifty pounds and morph into Paris Hilton’s physical clone, with all the money and none of the baggage. Anyone want to take bets over which one is likely to happen first? Right. LOL.

Jo I’ve really enjoyed talking and learning more about you and what’s in the future for those of us who love your books.  Thanks so much for being with us!

Thank you for having me here! It’s been my pleasure.

Harlequin’s Publisher & CEO Donna Hayes wins the YWCA of the City of New York’s 2010 “W Award”


The YWCA of the City of New York’s sixth annual Summer Soirée and W Award presentation will take place on Thursday, June 24 at the Trump SoHo New York at 246 Spring Street beginning at 6:00 PM. Jerome D. Grant, the YWCA-NYC’s Vice President of Development and External Affairs announced that the organization will be honoring Donna Hayes, Publisher and CEO of Harlequin Enterprises Limited.

Created in 2005, the YWCA-NYC’s W Award honors women and companies that embody the YW’s mission to empower women and eliminate racism. A visionary, innovator and trendsetter, the past W Award honorees are all prominent figures or organizations that stand as an example for all to aspire. Past recipients include Marian McEvoy, founding editor of Elle Décor and former editor-in-chief of House Beautiful; TV personality Star Jones; CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien; New York Times bestselling travel writer Patricia Schultz; Carla Hendra, Co-CEO of Ogilvy North America; the editors of Women’s Health magazine; WNBC-TV’s meteorologist Janice Huff, New York Liberty’s Kym Hampton, and Hyperion publishing executive Barbara Jones.

“The YWCA-NYC Summer Soirée is New York City’s premier inter-generational event in celebration of contemporary women. It brings together families and guests from all over the city in support of our mission. This year we are pleased to honor Donna Hayes with the W Awards. Ms. Hayes embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. She is an excellent role model for the women in the YW’s programs – the next generation of leaders!” says Anne Winters-Bishop, the YWCA-NYC’s CEO.

Donna Hayes, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of Harlequin Enterprises Limited, is a 25-year veteran who has worked in almost all areas of the company. She is most notably the first woman to run the company since Harlequin was founded in Winnipeg in 1949. Harlequin Enterprises is one of the leading global publishers of books for women, publishing close to 110 titles a month in 28 languages in 114 international markets on six continents. Hayes has widened the scope of Harlequin’s focus from romance fiction to publisher of books (fiction and nonfiction) for women. Many of the company’s most successful lines were developed under her leadership. Above all, she stresses Harlequin’s mission to entertain, enrich and inspire women.

The evening will include cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dancing, and the annual “Box Project” silent auction in addition to the awards ceremony. Tickets to the event (starting at $225) can be purchased by contacting Sara Raassi at (212) 735-9708 or sraassi@ywcanyc.org or by visiting the YW’s website at www.ywcanyc.org .


Hey Denise, I appreciate your taking the time out to chat with us.

It’s a pleasure. J

Did you always want to be a writer?  How did you start?

I was an avid reader at a very young age and at fourteen I wrote my first short story and after that I continued to write fiction. When I was a teenager I wrote reams of poetry and started writing gothic romances. I took journalism class as well as creative writing courses throughout high school.

You write so many genres, is there one that’s a favorite?

No, I can’t say there is a favorite. I can say that many if not most of my novels contain elements of paranormal and/or suspense. I’m drawn to both of those avenues in my writing. I’ve only written two straight contemporary romances that don’t have those elements somewhere in the story.

Is it ever difficult to write across so many genres or is it mood reflection?  You write per your mood?

Almost all of my novels are written based on what blows my skirt up. J  It’s easier by far for me to write across genres than it is to continually write in the same vein for too long.

Can you please tell us a bit about your most recent release MAJOR PLEASURE and your July release DARK, DEADLY LOVE?

Major Pleasure was one of three stories in an anthology called BY HONOR BOUND featuring interconnecting stores about the military. It’s erotic romance. When Ellora’s Cave divided up the anthology, Major Pleasure was released again. It features an Army Special Forces hero.

July 2010 is my new release. It, too, is a re-release. The original title was Midnight Rose. It was renamed DARK, DEADLY LOVE. This is one of my favorite books. It’s set during the Jack The Ripper murders in 1888 London and features an aristocratic hero and an American heroine. It’s definitely suspenseful with paranormal elements.

That sounds really good…I love books set in that period.

Do you have any say in regards to your book covers?

I have a lot of input into my covers. That doesn’t mean I’ll always get the cover I’d like, but I do get input. The cover for DARK, DEADLY LOVE is stunning. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

I can’t wait to see it.  You’ve had some gorgeous covers.

Is the whole story figured out beforehand or do you go with the flow?

Virtually, all by the seat of the pants. If I plot much ahead of time my creativity dries up. I can have ideas of things I might want to happen in the story, but I may change my mind completely as I go along. The story has to evolve as I’m writing it. I have only one novel where I knew before I started writing what the end of the story would be.

That must keep it interesting for you.  Are you in charge or do you allow your characters free rein?

I’d say it’s more the characters in charge.

What is the hardest part of being a writer for you?  The easiest?

Probably being a by the seat of the pants writer is the hardest. I have to recognize each time I write a book that it’s okay to feel uncertain about what is happening next. My inner critic is a real bitch and very mean. The easiest thing is writing when I want how I want for how long I want every day. And I can do it in sweats with bed head.

You’ve traveled extensively and lived in many places, do you have a favorite?

Scotland hands down is my favorite, though we loved traveling and living in England. Wales and Ireland were fabulous. Here in the US our favorite travel destination is Sedona, Arizona.

Can you tell us what Bogey’s up to?  His pics are adorable.  There’s one that reminds me of what a cashier once said to me about my oldest, “You can just see the devil dancing in that boys eyes”.  O’ how true!

Bogey is almost eighteen months old and spunky. He’s adorable but can be mischievous about certain things. He’s in puppy play camp twice a week where he plays with other dogs all day. We’re doing that to try and calm him down a bit since he loves other dogs so much he just has a fit if he can’t run up to every one he sees and say hello. He adores people.

We share a love of spiders..my motto is,  “the only good one is a dead one.”  Do you have a funny/scary spider story?

We share a love of spiders? We do? LOL. I wish I could say I have a funny spider story. Probably the scariest one I’ve every seen was in Hawaii. It was this really big cane spider that turned up on the wall of the office where I worked. Ugly!!! Really, when it comes down to it, roaches and centipedes are even creepier as far as I’m concerned.

Denise honey, thanks so much for making the time to join us.  I’ve had a large time and am looking forward to DARK, DEADLY LOVE.

Y’all be sure and check out those gorgeous covers & catch up on the latest news on Denise’s website.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.:)


Hey Maya, Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and answer a few questions for us!

Tell us a bit about SWEET TEMPTATION and the other books you have being released this year.

Sweet Temptation is the fourth book in my sweet series and features, Micah Hudson, who’s been in all of the previous books (usually naked)  He’s run pretty hard from his past, but it catches up to him when the sister of his oldest and dearest friend arrives in Houston to turn his world upside down. He fights her—and fights hard—but he can’t win against the one thing he needs the most. Her love.

As for my other releases, Colters’ Lady, the second book in the Colters’ Legacy series releases (today!) from Samhain publishing. This book features the sons of Holly, Adam, Ethan and Ryan Colter.

And coming up this fall, I have a new action adventure/romantic suspense series debuting.  I call it my KGI series (Kelly Group International) and it focuses on a military family, six brothers who all served (two of whom are still enlisted) who do contract work for the government or private sector.  The first book is called The Darkest Hour and you can check out the cover and blurb on my website, www.mayabanks.com.

Why erotic?

It’s erotic when the story calls for it 🙂  In all seriousness, it’s the absolute truth.  Some of my “erotic” books are more erotic than others. While some books that would ordinarily have “erotic” themes, such as a story with more than two people, aren’t erotic at all.  Even books within a series, such as the sweet series, some books are more rooted in sex and sexual themes than others. It’s just a matter of who the characters are and what is right for them and their situations.  If you try to force a story to be erotic when at its heart it isn’t, then it’s not going to turn out well.

Do your characters come to you with their stories or do you develop them?

Yes and yea.  They come to me with a part of a story. Rarely do I get an entire storyline from start to finish. What I get is a kernel. Just bits and pieces of things I really like and then I have to develop the rest to fit those bits and pieces.

Do you have a favorite character or couple?

Eli and Tyana from Into the Mist. Nathan and Julie from Sweet Seduction. I love Garrett from my KGI series.

Favorite book(s) as a child, teen, adult?

Impossible to say. I read everything as a child and I mean everything. It was nothing for me to check out 30-40 books every time I went to the library, and I’d go at least every two weeks.

What’s your stress buster?

I’m still looking for one, unfortunately.

3 biggest pet peeves, I know it’s hard to pick just 3.

Rude people. Really. People who do nothing but bitch all the time. I just want to tell them to take a xanax (or three) and chill the hell out. No one wants to listen to that.

People who make assumptions about me based on what I write.

Preachy people. You know, the ones always doling out the advice but never taking it themselves?

What do you prefer to hunt?  What do you hunt with, bow & arrow, .22 ?

Mostly deer. I have a Browning compound bow and I shoot a Remington model 07 .308, stainless steel with a black synthetic stock and a Leupold stainless scope. It looks totally badass *g*

I bet it does…it sounds incredible..

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do and haven’t yet?

I’d like to go deer hunting up in Saskatchewan. Hoping to do that soon!  I’d also like to go dove hunting in Argentina.

I hope you do get to realize those dreams soon & that you have a large time doing it!

Maya honey, I’ve very much enjoyed this chance to chat with you….Thank you again for visiting today…

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