The Mask of the Betrayer~Sharon Donovan & a Fun Contest!

Please welcome Sharon Donovan.   She’s sharing some insight with us regarding serial killers, her newest release MASK OF THE BETRAYER, and challenging us!  Be sure to read through to the contest rules….Lotsa fun for those creative/imaginative to pick up the gauntlet with a great prize for the winner!!

How would you feel if you realized you had just married a serial killer? Margot Montgomery faces this dilemma in Mask of the Betrayer, book one in the sequel series. When she meets the charming and devastatingly handsome Michael DeVeccio at his Vegas club, she has no idea of the monster lurking behind the mask. Here is a blurb:

When the whispers in the night, the whispers of her lover, are the whispers of a killer, will Margot escape before she becomes the next victim?

Deep in the foothills of Red Rock Canyon, a serial killer stalks. He leaves his signature—a skull mask on the corpse. But when the homicide cop realizes the crimes are the reenactment of a case never solved ten years ago–all fingers point to Michael DeVeccio. And when Margot realizes she is married to the killer, her life becomes a living nightmare.


What would cause a man with the world at his disposal to be such a chilling killer? According to psychologists, if a child is traumatized before the age of twelve, it can cause irreparable damage. Even though a child that has been abused may block it out by dissociating, the trauma festers in the darkest recesses of the mind and can cause the mind to corrupt and can create the very horror we know as a serial killer.


Who could forget Charlie Manson and the Manson murders? The book Helter Skelter still gives me the wee willies. What could have caused this monster to orchestrate such a string of violence that still shocks and horrifies society several decades later? He was neglected as a child and did not know who his biological father was and suffered from severe psychological problems as a result. During a prison interview, Manson said that his mother beat him up and stole money from him, and he in turn, beat her back.


Ted Bundy was plagued with fear and self-doubt from the sixth grade into high school and college. He was a very disturbed individual, and evidence suggests his trauma began when he learned his sister was his mother. The aura surrounding Ted Bundy is still a mystery to this day. How could he lead such a double life? A family man and a demented killer?


For whatever reason, morbid curiosity or wanting to figure out the puzzle, serial killers draw us in. We want to read about them, talk about them, study them. I am no exception. The mind fascinates me. It can bend. It can break. It can snap. I took psychology classes for this very reason, to get into the mind of a killer. And once I had all my research and notes in short order, I created my most complex character to date. Michael DeVeccio is a cold-blooded killer in my newly released novel Mask of the Betrayer. In this psychological thriller, I take the reader on an incredible journey of one man’s life and the destruction of his psyche. What could have caused an innocent blue-eyed boy to grow up to become the most chilling serial killer of his time?


Michael DeVeccio is a sociopath. He is highly intelligent, devastatingly handsome and charismatic. He is sole beneficiary to a billion dollar dynasty and rules the world with absolute power. Yet if anyone dares and betrays him, he will kill them with a death star and shroud their corpse in a macabre skull mask with no remorse. He has the right to decide who will live and who will die. Something so traumatic happened in Michael’s life at the age of twelve, causing him to totally dissociate and lose his identity. Michael fell victim to a domineering uncle, a feared and revered leader of organized crime who trained his nephew to be his number one assassin. I hope you will enjoy reading Mask of the Betrayer as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here is anexcerpt of when Margot and Michael meet


Flaming copper finials bordered the entrance of DeVeccio Plaza, drawing guests in with its regal appeal. Standing tall and mighty in a sky of midnight blue velvet, the flaming torches gleamed like shooting stars with tails. The interior of the grandest resort on the Vegas Strip gave chase to marble staircases with elaborately turned balustrades and high end sculptures behind beveled glass enclosures. Rushing down the corridor after procuring the mural she’d bid on, Margot fought the urge to kick off her high heels and walk barefoot down the plush, red carpeting.

The beckoning wail of sax drifted out of the piano bar, the bluesy sound of jazz bristling beneath her skin. After spending the better part of the afternoon negotiating at an art auction, unwinding over a chilled martini sounded like utter bliss. Seduced by the sound of sax, she sauntered up the three steps leading to the mezzanine and ordered a Pomegranate martini.

“You got it, doll,” the bartender winked.

“Whatever the pretty lady wants is on the house,”   the man approaching the bar said in a buttery soft voice. “And give me a bourbon on the rocks, Jazz.”

Margot turned around and came face to face with the billionaire tycoon of DeVeccio Plaza. His shocking blue eyes left her breathless. With his sharply defined features, full sensual lips, and all that black wavy hair, he reminded her of one of the sculptured Greek gods she’d featured last month at her gala.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” he said. “I’m Michael DeVeccio. Welcome to my palace.”

Every pulse in her body was as charged as an electrical current. Michael DeVeccio, legendary for building luxury resorts in every continent, exuded strength and power from every pore. His world renowned success preceded him. And here he stood in front of her in all his glory, one hundred and eighty pounds of raw, sexual energy. Mesmerized by his hypnotic blue eyes, she met his gaze. “I’m Margot Montgomery. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Your resort is everything it’s rumored to be, simply breathtaking.”

“Thank you.” he edged a bit closer. “I’ve always fancied it to be the jewel of the Strip. I didn’t think anything could outshine DeVeccio Plaza. But I was wrong. Nothing could possibly hold a candle to the sparkle in your emerald green eyes.”




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Answer the following question for a chance to win a download of Mask of the Betrayer.


What would you do if you realized you had just married a serial killer? A man you had just promised to love and cherish until death?


Please leave answers as a comment. Good luck. I’ll choose not by random but by most original!

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25 comments to The Mask of the Betrayer~Sharon Donovan & a Fun Contest!

  • Hello! A warm thank you to Ivy and Manic Readers for having me as their guest author here today at Manic Readers. This site is awesome! I hope you are drawn into my teaser and book video of Mask of the Betrayer enough to give it a whirl. And for one lucky commenter, the most original answer to the question, a free read. Good luck and Happy Reading!

  • Kathleen

    If I were in a situation like that I’d call on Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) to help.

  • I really and truly have no idea what I’d do, except to lose my mind.

    Have a great day today, Sharon! 🙂

  • Hi Kathleen, thanks for dropping in to chat! Mmm. Bring out the guns to combat the swords. I like that!

  • Hi Miss Mae! Thanks for visiting. I would surely lose my mind too and be on the next train out of Dodge with Mat Dylan!

  • …or who Margot chooses to be her knight in shining armor…Diego Santiago! Wink wink

  • A deadly dose of a lethal and not so detectable drug in his favorite meal would work nicely. Wa ha ha ha!

  • Very clever, Anne Patrick! Ever consider writing suspense? Wink wink. LOLOLOL
    Is this how you knock them off in your bestsellers?

  • I wouldn’t run. Something tells me he would simply chase, and I’d be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life. Because I’m a nurse I can think of several ways to take the killer out, but could I really do that? Probably not. At this point I’d probably find a way to have the man caught by the police (Enter Hero)

    In truth, I’d probably cut my hair and change my name, then live out my days on a small island in the pacific…looking over my shoulder.

  • Catherine! I’m sure being a nurse, you could come up with something very clever indeed. Hmm. Changing your appearance and moving far away is a good plan, but will the demented sociopath have you followed? Know your every move? Hmmm. Only Margot knows for sure!

  • Hello Sharon,

    Congratulations on an amazing story. It had me intrigued right to the last page, and I have to admit to the odd shiver! 🙂

    I have no idea what I’d do in that situation, except try to get out of there as soon as possible – and run for help to the nearest hero, like Diego!

  • Hi Lyn, thanks for dropping by to chat! I’m with you, girlfriend. Diego works for me! Wink

  • Norma Imhof

    I would try to beat him at his own game by making him think someone is stalking him until it drives him crazy. Like the ghost of Uncle Carlos!
    Putting blood on his pillow, Carlos’ after shave scent in his closet, creepy sounds in the middle of the night and make believe I actually saw the spirit should work~

  • Oooh, Norma, that is a good one, girl! What a clever and wicked mind you have! I love it. Wink

  • Mast of the Betrayer was one of the best suspense’s I have ever read. He was down right creepy! But one that I couldn’t put down.
    Good luck sweet Sharon!

  • Thanks, Mary! So happy you liked it and found Michael to be creepy, but kept right on reading. Love to hear it!

  • Hi Sharon,
    I would have to arrange a convenient accident for my poor killer hubby. Perhaps he could stand behind my car as I was backing out and oops, “I didn’t see him as I baked up, Officer, and I only pulled forward to see what was beneath the car,” or he could tumble down the steps to the basement…”Why no, Officer, I have no idea how that skateboard got left on that top step.” Or my personal favorite–a puddle of water gathers mysteriously below the circuit box and the power goes out. “Why, Detective, I had no idea the washer hose was leaking and when the power went out, poor Michael opened the circuit box and, well, you saw the results…”

  • Rebecca, you nasty wife, you! Very clever and something you obviously gave quite a lot of thought to. Hmmm. I’m glad you are feeling better and your creative muse is kicking in!

  • IvyD

    Hey Sharon,
    I’m so glad you could make it today…Looks like y’all are having a good time. I have no clue what I’d do…Don’t think I’m as devious as Norma. Mask of the Betrayer sounds excellent though!

  • This may not be original, but it’s what I’d do if I were her. In that I’ve many cops not only as friends but in my family, I’d be finding a way to contact the lead detective on the sly. Once I did, I’d work with him to somehow capture the killer in the act. Might mean setting myself up as victim. So I suppose there’d be a confrontation involved. All in all, it’d be one of those moments that I’d REALLY hope the wire discreetly placed on me isn’t discovered & that the cops raid on time!!! LOL

    Mask of the Betrayer sounds fantastic, Sharon! Your video and excerpt sucked me right in.

    Big Hugs,

  • Hi Ivy! It’s been a lot of fun all day long, and oh, what a devious bunch of women! I guess it would be hard to know what to do unless placed in that dilemma. And here’s hoping none of us ever are! Thanks so much for having me today, Ivy.

  • Sky! Thanks for dropping by to chat. Hmm. All those cops as friends and relative should make you feel safe…but safe enough from the clever and cunning Michael DeVeccio? Grin. that is the question!
    Hugs back,

  • A warm thank you to Manic Readers for having me guest blog, and a special thanks to Ivy! And to all you clever ladies with all your clever answers, I suggest writing a bestseller with your thoughts. Now for the winner of the most clever answer to the burning question…what would you do…
    By far, the most clever and devious goes to Norma. But since she already has the book, thank you very much, the prize goes to Rebecca. Congratulations, Rebecca!
    Happy reading!

  • What would I do – besides heading for the hills? Be afraid, very afraid. I head for the FBI, have them put me into protective custody along with everyone else I know that needs protection, give them everything I have that might convict the man – and pray.

  • i’d hypnotize him with my mesmerizing emerald eyes to stop killing people…if that didn’t work, i’d join him (think Mr & Mrs Smith – Jolie & Pitt)

    ps: love the excerpt