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Are the spirits that remain in New Orleans a blessing or a curse?  It is possible some ghosts may be trapped souls who lack some kind of closure.  Even in death, these souls might be chasing someone… or in some cases something – only a love so great can cause a soul so much torture and despair.  However, some of these ghosts not only rest in peace but share their love for a city so amazing that they continue to bless everyone who crosses their path.

Whether a blessing comes from a gris gris bag, fortune teller, or a life well lived, New Orleans has its share of spirits who are not only happy but add to the flavor that makes New Orleans so great.  On the other hand, New Orleans may very well be home to spirits who died tragically, whether in war, or a life unfinished, and may unleash a curse or two.  Regardless, New Orleans is a place worth visiting.  The blessings, however, must outweigh any curses for the simple fact that New Orleans still stands strong.

Author Bio:  In her latest release, Child of the Fallen Angels, Diana struggles to find her place in life.  After discovering a new world of witchcraft through a former lover, she tries to take control of the life she feels she worked so hard to build.  Diana finds her spells working, but not quite as she planned.  The energy blesses her with what she wants, but not without balancing those great blessings with great sacrifices.  She ends up using every bit of her strength to withstand adversaries which she herself has inadvertently nourished.

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