Happy Christmas from Megan Slayer aka Wendi Zwaduk

One of my favorite Christmas songs starts, “So this is Christmas, and what have you done?” I thought for this post I’d share a little of what I like to do for Christmas and my family’s traditions.

One thing my family is absolutely finite on is when the tree goes up. Never before December 1st. It’s not the most eco-friendly thing, but we cut down our own. Once Christmas is over, we put the tree out for the birds to nest on, so we try to make up for cutting it down. Some décor might actually go up prior to the tree, but not much. I guess its the bombardment in the stores, but it’s nice to have the tree up for a short period of time. But that’s me. I’m not keen on the needles all over the floor, so short works for me.

Another thing we do is shop. Now before you say, everyone does that, we shop but it’s not for ourselves. Even before we had our son, Dh and I would buy toys for the Toys for Tots boxes and get items for the pet shelters. That had to do with the pictures of sad little kittens and puppies on the collection boxes. I’m a sucker for pitiful looking animals, but that’s a whole ‘nother post. Part of buying the pet items, cat litter, dog food, cat food, kitten food, etc. is that we deliver it ourselves to the shelter. Our shelter is a no-kill so they can use all the supplies they can get. Plus it shows the tot exactly why we bought the stuff. He now reminds us it’s time to get the shelter stuff.

We put the change in the red kettles. My son loves to shout, “my turn to put the coins in.” That’s all well and good, but if it’s grocery day and we happen to go to three or four stores all with red kettles, well…you get the idea. But I don’t mind. I know it helps others. I’ll put in the change.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to sound holier than anyone else. I just love the holidays and helping those who don’t have much. I spent time not having a whole lot and I appreciate what I’ve got. And now that I have a little more than I need, I like to help out those who can use the helping hand. And maybe my family traditions might spur you and yours to start some traditions of your own.

And if you’re interested in starting a tradition of reading, then check out my pen name, Megan Slayer. She’s got not one, but two holiday stories out that just might tickle your fancy. Believe releases December 19th from Liquid Silver Books. Here’s the blurb:

Can love surpass distance and time? Only if they both believe.

Raylan believed himself unworthy of love until he met Chase. Chase brought out Raylan’s natural need to control and the power to force submission. But time and distance make having a relationship hard. Can Raylan prove to Chase they have what it takes for love to last through this Christmas and every other Christmas for the rest of their lives?


Chase found the muse for his songs in Raylan. Each time they touch, kiss, make love, music fills his soul. But working odd gigs to make ends meet while Raylan photographs rock and roll royalty isn’t beneficial to Chase’s creativity. Can he convince Raylan they’re better off together than apart?

Contains hot manlove, a little rope play, a little spanking and a lot of sex under the mistletoe…




And if that’s not enough for you, here’s the other book, Wrapped Around, out December 3rd from Changeling Press.

Christmas is the time to come together — with candy, shiny paper, and lots of white-hot sex.

Luc loves his role fronting the band Glow. He loves the adoration of the fans, the energy in the crowd, but it’s Christmas. No one likes a Christmas alone.

Taygan’s free spirit resists taming–except when it comes to Luc. Luc’s one hundred percent human. Taygan is all air elemental. He needs his space and freedom, but he’ll do whatever it takes to make Luc happy, including giving up his space and freedom to make Luc’s holiday one he’ll never forget–complete with the real Santa, peppermint candy, and lots of hot sex.

Contains a little rope play, some devious play with a peppermint stick, oh and lots of manlove.


Thanks for reading and have a great holiday season!

About me:

I always dreamed of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I tend to write books with titles taken from songs because music is one of my many muses.

I earned a BA in education at Kent State university and as well as a Masters in Education from Nova Southeastern University. I’ve tried my hand at teaching, waitressing, and retail sales, but writing holds my heart.

I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. I books under contract with Total-E-Bound, Liquid Silver Books, and the Wild Rose Press. But then again, I’ve got more stories percolating than my brain can handle. I can’t wait to share them with you!




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