Jessica Scott's thoughts on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

First, thanks to Ivy for inviting me here today to celebrate the day of love with fellow romance readers and authors. Its always fun for me to see how folks celebrate Valentine’s Day.

So here’s a little secret: I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person. I’m not a fan of anything that puts extra pressure on you to perform when it’s not really that important. I’m even somewhat of a scrooge now a days but that’s a whole other story.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about showing someone special in your life that you love them, right? But why should we just limit it to one day a year? Honestly, think about it. What’s the best thing you can do for someone you love?

Love them year round. So for Valentine’s Day, instead of running out to buy chocolate and flowers and running with the crowd, why not break away from the commercialized traditions? Here’s a few ideas to do something really special and the best part? They don’t have to be only on Valentine’s Day. Try them out whenever the mood strikes you or better, when the mood doesn’t strike you.

The Love List

  • write the person in your life a note and leave it in their lunchbox, on their driver’s seat, on their sink. Tell them something that will make them laugh.
  • take five minutes in the morning before you rush out of bed and snuggle. make sure you set the alarm to snooze because it’s waay to easy to fall back asleep and end up late for formation, er, work
  • send them a random i love you text message
  • sexting is always an option. just make sure you don’t send these to the wrong person as that can be awkward at best and possibly criminal.
  • make their coffee, tea, protein shake before you rush out the door
  • give them a pedicure. sure, it’s easy enough to go to the salon down the street but it’s much nicer to take the time and lavish some attention on his or her badly abused feet
  • instead of doing the dishes, take some time to just sit on the couch. relax and just be together.
  • put the kids to bed early and lock the bedroom door. let your imagination go wild. try something different. I doubt you’ll be able to get your guy to go for anal beads but hey, you never know. I’m kidding. No really, I’m kidding. That’s a terrible idea.
  • remember mix tapes? Maybe I’m dating myself but make the person in your life a playlist or a CD of special songs.


Those are just some ideas. What are your ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day?

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2 comments to Jessica Scott’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day

  • Bobbie

    Jessica, I really think you need to get back to writing our next book and stay away from blogging. Jk…no really. :)). Can’t wait for the next one. That is the trouble when I find a new author….they just don’t write fast enough. Again,,,,:)). Happy Valentines Day and if you figure out a way to get your husband interested in anal beads, give me your secret.

  • Hmmm, how to you follow up on the first comment? Well, I certainly love the look of the book cover; does the front look as good as the back? OK, back to Valentine’s Day-my thought is everyday should be a special day with your husband, friend, etc.!