Bonnie Bliss and the skill behind erotic writing

When I sat down to do this guest post, I realized I didn’t want to write another post on erotica or erotic writing. I didn’t want to talk about what it is like to write about sex for a living, I wanted to write about the skill behind it.

As an author, mother, and wife, I sometimes find that my muse extinguishes during the busy times in my life. It is like a drought run totally dry, and here I am struggling to get it back. I try many methods to keep myself from falling into this week long spouts where I just can’t write because so many other things are going on at once. Generally, if my daughter is busy, I can’t, as an erotic/erotica writer keep the juices flowing, so to speak. I have tried a few methods, but the most helpful one of all came recently from my daughter’s karate Sensei.

My daughter is trying to get her black belt, as a little one, they not only focus on the skills of actual combat and self defense, but they focus very highly on academics. They are given homework each month, and they are taught a series of lessons. One of the lessons that they were told, was that when they do something, they should do five more things. For example: if they have math, they should try to do five more problems. If they have spelling, write their words five times each just for extra practice, and if they have to swim, do five extra laps. When they are practicing their Code, say it five extra times.

Now, this got me thinking. As adults, we often forget the value of focus. We forget that we need to make lists and get our self moving, so we don’t get behind. Then, I really started to think, for those times that I get behind when my muse is just exhausted and can’t put together a creative new BDSM scene. If I used this trick, and did five extra of everything, I could get ahead, and therefore, never fall behind. So, I decided to utilize this skill. I have taken this skill from my daughter’s karate and put it into my word count for each day that I write. If I write 5000 words more, I will never fall behind. If I believe, and push myself to do this, I can write a couple of short stories a week sometimes, and have them ready for when I work on my really long Erotic Romance projects; if I visit five extra blogs of fellow authors, and drop a comment, and share the posts out, at least one of those authors will return the favor for me.

In short, we all have our little things that keep us in good form. It just so happens that my good form, came from my 8 year olds karate instructor.

If you continue to read down, here are the two most current releases that I have.

Blurb: D.G., Dorothy Gale, has spent her whole life wanting something more. Knowing there is a great big wide world beyond the state of Kansas, D.G. has spent the good part of her life saving to leave that boring little town she calls home. Slumming it in a sports bar for mediocre tips in a slutty little uniform, she is almost to the finish line.
One day, after work, after getting a little fresh with the hunky farm hands, D.G. escapes to her bedroom to get some relief on the hot summer day. Only to discover, reality, may just be the stuff dreams are made off. Knocked out, and seemingly taken away on the tip of a violent twister, D.G. wakes up in a sexually charged land of magic—Oz.

With the sexual help of Glinda, The Good Witch, D.G. will begin her journey with a Ruby Red Collar, and follow the yellow brick road.



Blurb: Marie, a happily married woman is overcome by arousal when a good looking and very eager Postman comes to her door with a special package. In a moment of weakness she seduces the unknown Postie until he turns the tables and takes her hard and fast. Come join Marie, as her ultimate fantasies are realized in a short erotica tale ensured to tantalize.

Warning: This story contains some forced submission, heavy Dominance, and a fantasy that is too hot to handle.

The Postman is the first in a new series of fantasy tales involving Marie from the Dominance series.

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