Greetings readers, it is I, the marvelous, virile, ever so impressive Lord Beowulf Harwoodof the York Harwoods.  I’m come to you today, via this amazing contraption called the Hyper Text Markup Language, to tell you about a new and quite extraordinary book called The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney.

First for the sake of clarity, it’s not actually a book but what is called a Sequential Art Book, or in more common parlance, a Comic Book.  Quite an innovative and novel approach to well novels.  HAHA!

In addition, I like to point out for the sake of all my fans and readers of my Penny Dreadfuls, this Sequential Art Book is full of great action of Me!  That’s right, plenty of blood pumping, hair raising, swoon inducing antics that I am renowned for.

An interesting twist though in this particular story, is I don’t get the girl at the end of it.  I think it is rather clever to make such a shocking twist, but I don’t think that is particularly realistic to be believed.  I am the champion of woman, the savior of the damsel, the master of the sensual arts.  It’s hard to believe that I, Lord Beowulf Harwood, would let any woman out of my grasp.  Because for me to not get the girl could only be accomplished if I actually let the pretty bird go free.

And what a girl this Henrietta Tilney is.  Some may think it’s rather brazen that I talk about the lady so openly and intimately.  I say that is poppycock, because I know the girl better than she knows herself.  I’m the foremost expert on females and their physical form, so all it took was one look into those beautiful brown eyes of hers to read her soul.  And what a fiery passionate soul it is.  I think that is why she is so proper and restrained, so eager to earn respect, because if she did let go of that tight grip on her own reins, the calamity that would ensue from the stampede from the wild horses of her passions would be legendary.  I alone am the man brave enough and strong enough to face such danger.  Nay, I live for such danger and that is one of the many things that make Miss Tilney so exciting.

I’m sure I’ve already lost some of the more prudish readers as I’ve so unabashedly talked about some of Miss Tilney’s many fine attributes.  I do not apologize for such actions because I feel Henrietta’s traits should be praised and mentioned quite loudly.  She is a strong and proud woman who has earned my respect.  She has worked side by side with me and was able to maintain control of her reason and her ardor while being so close and in such intimate contact with me.  Despite the obvious sexual tension between us, she remains focused on her goals and the task at hand.

I find that strength intoxicating.

And before the blokes start all bemoaning and teasing how the great Lord Harwood has been bested by a mere woman, I assure you that is not the case.  I’m also a world renown big game hunter and I have finally found a prey worth my full attention.  I’ve sharpened my prowess to a razor’s edge and Miss Tilney is the reward for all my hard work.  She is a admirable challenge and some one who may have the honor of being at my side.  Therefore, I welcome, nay relish the merry chase that Miss Tilney is giving me.  She will find that I do not tire easily and I will prove myself the only proper suitor for her.

So come my faithful readers and join me in the journey of the Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney.

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