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                                                  Ordering Great Indie Books Has Just Gotten Easier

Imagine this scene if you will: You drive up to your favorite fast food restaurant and order the same combo you always order. When you get down the road you find out that your double cheeseburger was swapped with a veggie burger and your fries are cold and stale. You’re bummed. But you think, “Hey things happen. I’m sure it won’t happen again”. The following month your head back to the same restaurant and try again.  Strike two. Again your food is a cold mess, and you are left hungry. Do you give them a third try, or do you just decide to pack a lunch from now on?  Most of us would move on without looking back.

Are you wondering what lunch and books have in common yet? For those readers adventurous enough to give indie books a try buying an unknown author is pretty close to playing Russian roulette with your time and money. You might give a few indie authors a chance or two, but if the books leave you hungry you aren’t going to keep ordering them.  That is why Grub Street Reads was born.  We wanted to help readers find some amazing books without having to struggle with buying the ones that are just not quite ready to be served.

This is why we at Grub Street Reads are going through the drive thru for you. We evaluate indie books for the basics of good story telling.  We want to make sure that when you order a number one you are going to get a book that has an engaging plot, characters you can sink your teeth into and a story that isn’t filled grammar and formatting mistakes. Every book we endorse has been evaluated using our mostly objective screening process where we make sure that each book is ready for human consumption.

We want you to give indie authors a shot.  We know that there are some amazing indie books out there that have just not been found yet. We also understand how frustrating it can be to purchase books that have tons of good reviews, only to discover the hard way that those glowing reviews were most likely written by the author’s sympathetic friends and family members.  We hope that by helping readers find some great self-published books we can strengthen the indie writing industry.  So the next time you are at the drive thru picking out your next favorite book give one of our endorsed books a try.  Chances are you’ll be very happy with your order. 

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