Maya Banks, SOFTLY AT SUNRISE and first five (5) in the KGI series giveaway


We’re tickled to be helping the talented Maya Banks spread the word about a special treat for lovers of her KGI series.

Maya has self published SOFTLY AT SUNRISE (KGI 5.5 releases August 21st, digitally), giving readers an in-depth up to date look at Rachel and Ethan Kelly from The Darkest Hour.

Rachel returned from the dead and was re-united with her husband, Ethan Kelly.  How is Rachel dealing with the past?  When your memory is only partially restored and memories randomly return, feeling fresh and bringing the pain anew, how do you get over it and move on?  How is Ethan handling Rachel‘s return?  How is their second chance going?  

So many questions and Maya answers them all in SOFTLY AT SUNRISE.  Closure, y’all!  No more wondering……:D




Manic Readers, courtesy of Maya, has a fantabulous contest for lovers of her KGI series.

Tell Maya what your favorite scene is from one of her books.  You may post here on the blog or on Twitter using #MayaBanksMR.

August 31st Maya will select six (6) random winners from all posts.  And just what do those chosen win?

Five (5) of those drawn will each receive one (1) of the first five (5) in the KGI Series, signed.  One (1) lucky poster will get an ARC of the sixth (6th) in the series, SHADES OF GRAY, which isn’t due for release until January 2013!  

Exciting don’t you think?

So think on all those great scenes, narrow them down to one (1) and  post it here or on Twitter.  If you don’t enter you can’t be chosen!

Good luck, y’all….

Maya writes many romance sub genres.  Paranormalerotica, and historical being just a few.  Visit Maya and check out all the reading goodness available.  From the mild to the wild and everything in between, Maya’s gotcha covered!

You can also find Maya

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24 comments to Maya Banks, SOFTLY AT SUNRISE and first five (5) in the KGI series giveaway

  • Yvette

    I have just started reading Maya’s books so I am a newbie and don’t have a particular scene yet. I am loving all that I am reading.

  • Wow, where do I start?? I have read the entire Sweet Series (all keepers). The KGI series is also great & it completely keeps your attention w/ the hunky Ops guys. I like the scene in Whisper in The Dark, when Nathan is captured, tortured, tossed in a cave & hears the voice of Shea…her telepathy & comfort is a super twist. Keep up the great writing, I have been a fan for many years!!

  • librarypat

    How did I ever miss this series? This type of covert, intrigue, family organization type series is a favorite. Barb K.’s favorite scene definitely has me curious. I am going to dig through my massive TBR mountain and hope I have at least one of the series. I will be looking for THE DARKEST HOUR. I believe in stsarting at the beginning.

  • Gabrielle

    A favorite scene for me would have to be from the Sweet series. I enjoy the very beginning of the series and enjoyed the scene where Serena and Faith talk about her fantasy and meeting Damon. I really enjoy the relationship the girls have throughout the whole series.

  • Glittergirl

    My scene is from “Pillow Talk” in the Four Play Anthology…I love menage and 3 hot guys ~ Wow. She has the ability to write all kinds of romance and I love the variety. She writes what I like from Highlanders to Black Ops to erotica, wow, just wow…I’m just now collecting her books as I just discovered her Highlander series and now collecting her KGI series. I read in order starting at the beginning so I’m about ready to start. I can’t wait 😉

  • Amber

    Hm.. Thats a really hard question!!! I LOVE Brazen. My favorite scene would have to be the truck scene with Zane. When she first got him to cave. That was HOT! 🙂 The whole book was awesome! I also LOVE the KGI series. 🙂 Pretty much all of yuor books. Thanks so much! Can;t wait to read the new one!

  • bn100

    I haven’t read her series yet, so don’t have a favorite scene.

  • Laura P

    I have to say it’s a toss up with two scenes close together in Hidden Away. When Garrett meets up with the wrong end of Sarah’s gun after breaking in to Marcus’ place. And then when he gives her a few minutes to shower and her replies before and after she showers.

  • Ariana

    My favorite scene is when cole finds out that pj has gone out for a beer with rio when he was in town and looked her up. and cole realizes he doesn’t like it lol. Then when they’re getting off the boat cole treats her like someone who needs protecting and pj gets pissed off and in his face. Awh Cole. Thats in the book Hidden Away #3 in the KGI series. Would really love to win an ARC of Shades of Gray please!!!

  • Elizabeth H.

    Maya Banks is one of my very favorite authors. Narrowing down one favorite scene is tough, so ONE of my favorites is in the end of Colter’s Woman where Holly knocks on the door wondering if she will get a warm welcome or a door slammed in her face. When Ryan sees her after six months and twirls her around…then notices something “different” about Holly. *I don’t want to spoil it for others* Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  • donna

    Nathan, Shea,grace,Rio,all the way although all kgi books are brilliant

  • misskallie2000

    I have not read any of Maya’s books but would love to win these and begin my journey with her.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

  • Mallissa Bolton

    My favorite scene is in the KGI series, when Rusty comes out of school and all her brothers are there for her. Let’s her know she is member of family. Hope she gets a story soon!

  • Monikarw

    I have lots of favorite scenes one of them is:
    When in Whispers in the Dark Cole kinda makes fun of PJ for her romance novels and she says she should shove one of her romance novels in *a very interesting part of his antomy* But, she won’t ’cause her romance novels are too precious! :’) LOL – it’s how I feel sometimes when people makes fun of me for reading my books 😉
    Thanks for this great contest.

  • Monikarw

    Also, don’t remember *exactly* which book it is.. I think is Sam’s.
    When they all go to Rusty’s school and tell that boy that is bothering her and everyone else that she’s their little sister and they’ll take care of her and all that.. :’)
    For those of us who have members in our families that aren’t exactly family but, they’re still part of it ’cause we adopt them is a great scene. SO emotional. It makes me cry EVERYTIME.
    I think is what I love most about this series they’re all just one big family. Family may not be perfect but, they’re all there for u when u need them 🙂

  • Jessie

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite!

    I have to agree with the posters above, the scene with Rusty at school is on my of my favorites. And because Sam & Sophie’s book is my favorite so far..any other scene from the book also ranks pretty high on my list. Especially when he sees her on his his doorstep for the first time in ages.

    I just love their parents. They have sons in a dangerous line of work and Rusty and they seem to just roll with the punches. Not sure I could handle that lol.

    I am exciting to read Softly at Sunrise. Ethan’s story was a little heartbreaking when I read it. I really wanted their HEA so badly.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • DawnS

    I have read so many of Maya’s books, it’s hard to remember which book this scene is in. It’s from the Sweet Series. It’s where all the girls are at Cattleman’s for a “girls night out” and they are three sheets to the wind laying on the floor completely drunk. I love the comraderie of the women and the men that care for them. I have read this series three times and have to go back to it whenever a new one comes out. I do the same with the KGI books.

  • JaneC

    I love the KGI series! I really enjoy the interactions between the Kelly brothers. Reading a book always makes me wish that I had brothers like that. And as the mentioned above, it is a great scene when they all show up to support Rusty at her school. But one of my favorites is in Garrett’s book when he takes the time to find someone else to take care of Sarah’s cat before going after her. There are a lot of scenes in Garrett’s book that I really like!

  • Diane Sallans

    I’ve heard such good things about this series so I picked up a few of them but haven’t started reading them yet.

  • z

    I have two, no three favorites that I always think of when I think of Maya’s books, we’ll go in the order that I read them.
    I love Maya’s Colter’s series, my favorite scene from Colter’s Woman ( one of my first erotic manage books)is when they find Holly has woken up and gone in to Ryan’s room to be with him and gives him comfort; if you’ve read the book you know what I mean.
    The next is also a Colter’s book but it is the son’s story and it’s when Lily meets the third brother in the bar- Dillon, I love the instant connection with him the most out of the three brothers, don’t know why.
    The last one is from Maya’s KGI novel, I love this series too. Echoes at Dawn when Grace is on the plane and Rio has gone outside to get the ball rolling with CJ playing decoy for Grace and they are surrounded by Titan and Grace has to make the decision to give herself up to save everyone. She shows just how strong she is when she stands up to Hancock and saves the KGI team so that they can then come save her ass later. Grace is such a kick ass heroine anyone would be proud of.
    There are many other favorites but those are my top three. Am so hoping for the ARC if I get picked but all the prizes are great that are being dished up.

  • Janet B

    To choose a favorite- Love Colter’s Woman-when Holly was so upset that she had kissed another brother. But All Sweet Series and KGI are hot, too.

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  • Maria Malaveci

    I have head so many wonderful things about Maya’s books, but sadly I haven’t had the chance to read any of them…. I would love to get the chance to win. I would be thrilled!


  • Ivy

    Maya has selected the following winners:

    Jessie Book 1
    Amber Book 2
    Elizabeth H. Book 3
    Ariana Book 4
    Barb K. Book 5
    Monikarw ARC of SHADES OF GRAY

    Book winners, please send your mailing addresses (& social media links if you have them) to me at the email listed at the top of the blog.
    Congrats, Ladies! Y’all have three (3) days to contact me or new winners will be chosen.
    Thank y’all for visiting. Hope to see you often!