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Hi Ivy and everyone at Manic Readers,

It’s great to be back though I feel I’m always racing to keep up with this crazy double life I’m leading. I had no idea that writing under a pseudonym in addition to my original writing name would actually mean that I almost doubled my workload in so many areas. It’s been fun but it’s been hectic. And if writing and promo aren’t enough, my latest venture is costuming.

Yes, it’s huge fun as I prepare for my forthcoming series of library and author talks wearing my 1760s court gown, which I’ve constructed from old raw silk scarlet curtains and brocade using genuine patterns taken from gowns of the era. I’ve also made the genuine corset and panniers of the era, which I’m detailing with construction tips and photographs in my newsletter (so if anyone’s interested in costume and its related history, you might want to subscribe) and I’m wearing – and revealing – everything costume-related during my talks.

On the writing side, recent exciting developments include the cover art I received two days ago for my new 10K short story Saving Grace (under my Beverley Oakley name) that Pan Macmillan Momentum will release in January. I’m also told by my Ellora’s Cave editor that I can expect the cover art from my upcoming erotic Regency novella, Her Gilded Prison, any day now – hopefully with a release date. The series is about a viscount and his legitimate two daughters by his wife, and his illegitimate son and daughter by his mistress. As you can imagine, in the early nineteenth century the stigma of being a bastard was huge, so each of these children gets their own story with their lives intertwining between polite society, the demimonde and the hardships of genteel poverty and being a governess.


My most current news is the release of my Regency Historical Intrigue – A Little Deception – under my Beverley Eikli name. It was nominated Favourite Historical in 2011 by ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association). In the original version I had to cut 15,000 words in order to fit the requisite 224 pages without making the font too small. It came out in hardcover but a couple of months ago my rights reverted to me and I was thrilled to have the benefit of time  – plus reviews – to tweak, add and restructure in order to maximize the potential of the subplots.

So if you love subplots, intrigue, villains – or in this case, villainesses – with lashings of romance, then you might like A Little Deception.

A one-night charade to save the family sugar plantation wins loyal and determined Rose Chesterfield more than she bargained for – marriage to the deliciously notorious rake, Viscount Rampton.  

“A love match!” proclaims London’s catch of the season who happily admits he has been hoist on his own petard.  


But when his new wife is implicated in the theft of several diamond necklaces Rampton wonders if her deception goes beyond trapping him into marriage. Is she the innocent she claims, or a scheming fortune hunter with a penchant for money, mischief and men?  

This extract takes place when Viscount Rampton visits Rose for the first time, alone.

His eyes held hers and a smile curled the corners of his lips. This time Rose had no response. Her heart thudded so painfully she wondered whether he could hear it. She schooled herself to remain still, not to squirm with embarrassment or appear too eager. Nor to turn him away with a lack of enthusiasm.

‘I looked in at Almack’s briefly.’ He remained standing a few feet from her, his hands clasped behind his back. ‘In case you had chosen to accompany your family, after all. When I saw you had not I was concerned …’ His voice trailed away and his intensely blue eyes bored into hers before he added softly, ‘that you might be lonely.’

Still Rose made no rejoinder. It was hard enough just forcing herself to breathe. Every nerve ending was like a taut violin string, heat prickled the surface of her skin and the most unbearable longing threatened to turn her into a fool. No, she had no choice but to wait, then act accordingly.

‘Come here,’ he said, softly, and Rose felt her body answer the summons before her mind had time to fully comprehend. Without conscious thought she’d closed the distance between them and was abandoning good sense with the breath that left her body in a whoosh as she raised her lips to meet his.

There were no gentle preliminaries. Hot and demanding, his mouth covered hers as he cupped her face, almost drinking her in and she, seemingly boneless, wilted in his embrace.

His lips burned hers as he growled against them, ‘I’ve looked forward to this moment since I first laid eyes on you,’ before resuming his passionate assault, his hands roaming over her body, cupping her bottom as he drew her against him.

Dear Lord, it was terrifying, and it was wicked and oh, so exhilarating. She was an innocent. Inexperienced. She knew she should be shocked by the liberties and the jutting angles of his masculinity but her body answered with equal ardour as her hands twined behind his neck and her tongue tangled with his in a dance of seduction that could have no happy resolution – but she could take what he offered, now, and she’d have that to sustain her for the rest of her days.

She squirmed at the disconcerting feeling of molten liquid pooling in her lower belly but she only pressed herself closer for in the drawing room she was still mistress of her own destiny and her reputation was preserved. She could show him how much she desired him but when he released her, here it would end.

‘You are wicked, my lord,’ she told him, kissing his ear, running her palms over the roughness of his angular cheekbones and reveling in his caresses, arching into him as he contoured her body without shame, knowing that he would realise it could go no further since she was, in his eyes, a married woman, and that she was due to leave the country in a few short weeks.

‘And you are a minx,’ he muttered against her throat, drawing back at the sound of heavy footsteps in the passage, and adding, just before Edith made her presence known, ‘but don’t you think you’ve got the better of me.’

Rose widened her eyes and smiled into his face, still only inches from hers. ‘Time will tell, my lord,’ she said, with emphasised coquetry. She sighed as she stepped backwards and out of his embrace. ‘I am mindful of the fact I am deeply in your debt.’

He reached out one hand to stroke her jawline. ‘Yes, you’d do well to remember that,’ he murmured.

Now, A Little Deception doesn’t venture too much into the bedroom, however if you like the idea of a happily married couple struggling with the issue of repeated conceptions yet being victims of their times (the Regency era) you might enjoy Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma, which is published by Total-e-Bound and now, together with my other Beverley Oakley erotic historicals, available on Amazon.

Wind whipped the branches of the tree against her bedchamber window. A storm was brewing, said Tom, the footman. He should know, for he was a farmer’s son.

But Cressida was a parson’s daughter and she knew nothing about anything except what was required of her to be a good wife.

She drew the counterpane up to her chin and shivered, wishing it were with anticipation at the same time that she wished Justin were cuddled warmly against her. But that was not to be, not tonight.

At first, the limpid look in Justin’s eye when he’d held her hand in that tawdry sitting room at Mrs Plumb’s had sliced away at her soul. She’d seen the hunter in him size up his quarry. At eighteen she’d been easy prey, falling into his arms during their first waltz. There’d been no chase on Justin’s part, for their hearts and minds had been as one from the start.

He’d quickly realised it was Cressida, though, in that shabby little sitting room in that wicked house. She knew Justin too well. His sudden stillness and the change in his tone had alerted her to the fact that he knew exactly who she was.

Without missing a beat he’d continued the charade while her brain had been in a whirl as to whether to admit her identity. Yet when Justin so willingly endorsed their play-acting, the exciting possibilities had quickly taken on a life of their own.

He’d agreed to an assignation a week hence. Her body pulsed at the thought before fear intruded that he’d come to her too soon. How could she hold him at bay? In a week she’d have all the tools and knowledge she needed to be everything Justin could desire.

She didn’t have them now. She was as ignorant of the practicalities as she’d ever been, but she knew now that precautions were possible.

Of course, her kindly friend at Mrs Plumb’s would advise her to explain everything to Justin. But how could Cressida tell him everything? Panic banished reason. All she wanted was one more week—then she’d be all-powerful in her knowledge. Miss Mariah could help her with the words she needed. Cressida had not the vocabulary, much less the knowledge, to say what she needed to.

A familiar step sounded just outside her room. With a start of horror she jerked upright, drawing the counterpane up to her neck as the door opened slowly, faint light spilling in from the corridor.

Her breath caught, the words she might have used—should have used—dying in her throat.














If you’d like to be in the draw for a give-away of an ecopy of either my historical intrigue – Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly – or my erotic Regency, Rake’s Honour, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a hero sexy.  Ends @12 am est 10-20-12. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.  Good Luck!


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4 comments to Beverley Oakley asks readers, what makes a hero sexy, with giveaway

  • Yvette

    I love a hero with piercing eyes, but on the inside his aggressive yet tender in his mannerisms.

  • Mary Alice

    Confidence, passion, and a good smell….like he just took a nip of whiskey. 🙂

  • bn100

    Nice excerpts. His personality and intelligence

  • Hi Yvette, Mary Alice and bn100,

    Personality, piercing eyes and passion are all great attributes for a hero! Thank you for your suggestions.

    Sometimes I love writing a strong, alpha hero, but at others a strong beta hero is more appropriate for the pairing with my heroine. It’s interesting how I never know until the story starts unfolding.

    Good luck with the draw!