Folklore and Mythical Creatures with M. Allman

It’s a pleasure to be back at her at Manic Readers. I’m excited to discuss my latest writing project, “Mermaid’s Kiss.”

I have always loved books about mythical creatures and folklore, so in my newest young adult short story, I came up with a new twist on the mermaid premise.  I love mermaids and wanted to write a story that does not deal with a mermaid wishing to be human or falling in love with a human male.

Fantasy stories, especially those that incorporate folklore, give the readers a story that excites and stretches the imagination and removes readers from the real world into a place where anything can happen.  We all wish we could help loved ones in their time of need, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if the answer is right in front of us all along? If we are only brave enough to believe in something other than ourselves—something mystical.

In “Mermaid’s Kiss,”Eliseis a young teen mermaid who, while interested in the humans she watches from afar and eventually comes into contact with, does not wish to be anything other than what she is. She is intrigued by humans and unlike her friend Delpha, the seagull, she doesn’t think all humans are cruel fisherman who eat sea creatures and dissect mythical creatures, like herself.

Thomas is the human main character in the story. He reads about myth and folklore and believes that other creature exist and have mystical powers.  In the story, Thomas reads that a mermaid’s kiss can heal the sick, so he sets out to catch one to heal his grandfather who is terminally ill.  He is teased by his cousin for believing in mermaids, but that doesn’t stop Thomas from believing that the answer is out there, if he only reaches beyond what is real into the undefined and unknown.

Thomas and Elise’s story is one of friendship and trust, but not a love story or one of wishing to be something they aren’t and will never become.

“Mermaids Kiss” is scheduled for release in March 2013 as a Kindle short story.  I would also like to thank the talented to Su Halfwerk for creating the lovely cover. It brings to life the image I had in mind for Elise.

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  1. I enjoy reading about the mythical creatures so I loved your story. The different spin on the Mermaid’s tale is innovative. I can’t wait for your book to be released. Great interview.

  2. Thanks, Rosemary. 🙂

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