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I originally planned to talk about Highlanders, like the ones featured in my new series, Highland Games Through Time. Then I thought… What brings a reader to purchase a Scottish romance? What I came up with is the cover. I spent days researching covers before publishing My Honorable Highlander and My Banished Highlander. My bookshelf and Ereader are crammed with Scottish romance novels, and most have one thing in common…a kilted hunk!

The title is also important, especially when a writer has published books in several genres. Scottish time travels are popular, which is why I have a main title and a series title. The cover lay-out, the title, and the series name must come together to give my readers a great first impression.

I am a writer. This is my profession. I expect to earn a living. Since there are over one million titles available at Amazon, my book needs to stand out.


One way is to get recognition for a beautiful cover. So, a few months ago I entered My Honorable Highlander in the You Gotta Read Reviews Cover Contest where they featured it along with many other lovely book covers and…it won!

Is this a cover that would catch your eye? Does the title sound as if hunky Highlanders will fill the pages? Does the series title and the tag line “Time is Fleeting, Careful what you Wish For” give you an idea that time travel is involved? Does the sword in his hand tell you the book has life-threatening battles? Does the photo of volunteers working at a present-day historical village tell you something happens at a Highland Games?

You, the reader, are the reason I write. A book cover is my first chance to gain your attention. How did I do?



I would love your thoughts, good or bad (it is how I learn and grow) and I will choose one person to receive an ebook of My Honorable Highlander. Please remember to leave your desired format (pdf, epub, mobi, etc) and Good luck!  

Nancy’s giveaway ends at 12am est 12-13-12.  To be eligible you have to answer Nancy’s question!  Good luck y’all.

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  1. Congrats on the win! Nice cover. The cover catches my eye, but the title doesn’t really. Didn’t really notice the tag line and didn’t know it was a time travel book, until you mentioned it.

  2. Hey, Nancy. When I was traveling for business, I didn’t like hunky men on the cover of my books. I didn’t want my coworkers to know what I was reading. I liked Scottish romance books with a strip of plaid on them and a strong title. Not such an issue with e-readers. 🙂

  3. I like it! Congratulations on the cover win.

  4. WOW! LOVE the cover. Congratulations on the win! It contains all that I love. The sword, the man, the setting. I not only love a romance but the history is what draws me the most and this cover contains the aspects that I enjoy. Oh, to really be able to time-travel. My soul aches to be in the past.

  5. I got so excited about the cover I forgot to add that if I was chosen, I would love the Kindle version. 🙂

  6. Hi Nancy!

    Congratulations for winning the You Gotta Read Reviews Cover Contest for My Honorable Highlander! Hopefully you’ll win again for My Banished Highlander as well! I do so love men in kilts! My husband is Italian but I blame my Scotchish roots for loving to see men’s legs though his aren’t bad either! Hum, come to think of it during the reign of Caeesar the men wore short “skirts” as well!

    Fortunately I have two sons so I’ve gotten to see my share of “naked” legs over the years it’s just that Scotsmen do it so well!

    Hopefully there will be many more books to come in your Highlander Games series and we’ll all be able to see more men in kilts!

  7. I love the cover! I didn’t know it was a time travel, but I love those too. Congrats in your cover contest win!

  8. Congrats on the cover. I just started reading historical romances and time travel. I love finding new authors and books.

  9. First off Nancy, I love, read and write highland time travels! I love the hero on the cover holding a sword. It absolutely tells me that he’s a fierce protector. I don’t typically care if people see that I’m reading a romance with a shirtless guy on the front, but I sash of plaid across a bare chest might be nice too. The statement about time is a great way to signal its a time travel, without having to actually add it to the title. In a nutshell, I think the cover looks great. Not too crazy about the color of the letters, and the extra people at the games is a bit distracting for me, but the rest get an A+ from me 🙂

    Hope that helps (PDF)
    Congrats on the win!

  10. I love the cover as it shows that the story involves battle and the hero a strong warrior. I would have liked the title to be a little darker or on a little darker background like the way your name is so I can see it a little better. But otherwise, I would pick this book up if I saw it just from the cover.

    PDF format.

  11. Hi Nancy,
    I have to admit that I stopped to read your article because I remembered your post from the Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop. Those blog hops do work in making an impression on readers. I think you are absolutely right. The book cover gives readers an idea about your story, and the mist in the image has the effect of the story involving more than just the hunk in kilts. Once audiences are better acquainted with your books, it will become common knowledge that you write time travelers, which are very difficult to write in my opinion. Kudos to you for taking on the challenge because when the story is good, they become classics like The Time Machine. Keep your stories coming and keep promoting your work. susan_francesny[at]hotmail[dot] com

  12. Love both the cover and the title. Definitely something I would read!

  13. I love the cover. Anything with the word Highlander would attract me.
    PDF if I am lucky debby236 at hotmail dot com

  14. What wonderful, helpful comments. I will use them when creating the cover for Book #3, “My Reluctant Highlander’.

  15. Congratulations on your cover win. I would pick it up quickly. I think the Highlander on the cover says it all. I am old fashioned enough to still like to hold a book in print.

  16. I’m no spring chicken either, Mickey, but no woman on earth can say a guy in a kilt doesn’t catch their eye. I believe the romance I portray between an honorable 1598 man on the way to his wedding and the present-day woman he stumbles across is uplifting and spicy.

  17. The model for this cover reminds me of a motorcycle gang leader!

  18. love this site and I gotta say the cover hot but the real highlander was much much hotter and made me want to take him home and just let my imagation go nut’s , lord I think I’m having HOT FLASH’Sjust thinking of him LOL:)

  19. You got my attention with “Highlander.” I love all things Scottish. I am of Scottish descent and my husband is from the Highlands. Nice cover although, in actuality, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that tan in Scotland.

  20. I have to say I’m usally a tush man but the chest have had my imagation on overdrive for the pass24 hrs SHAME on you ,lol don’t you know this ole gal isn’t prepared for that much excitment lol

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