Xavier Axelson and VELVET

Nice to have you visit again,Xavier.

Thanks for having me!


What have you been up to lately?

Causing widespread hysteria, indulging in debauchery and making boys cry.

You’re a mess…:)


Please tell us about your first novel, VELVET.

Velvet is set against a backdrop of decadence, privilege, and intrigue. Virago, the royal tailor, makes a discovery that will test the bonds of brotherhood, unravel the forbidden secrets of his heart and threaten the very fabric of his existence.

In a land where cruelty is disguised as allegiance, loyalty is masked by obligation and the laws of sumptuary govern the people, nothing is more dangerous than Velvet

A royal tailor, interesting, this is different from your prior books.

What prompted the departure?

The story of Velvet took me by surprise.  I was browsing through a magazine when I saw a picture of a velvet shoe.  The next thing I knew these characters leapt up and insisted I tell their story, so I did. 

This “land” is it real or imaginary?

Totally imaginary.  I’m not clever enough to write anything truly historical, although Velvet is based on historical ideas.


Which of your books was the hardest for you to write?

They all challenge me.  Velvet was difficult in that I tried to delve into research about Elizabethan, Shakespearean and 15th century customs, coronations and speech. 



I enjoyed The Birches, but I think this may have been because The Incident was dark and heavy.


Are any of your works autobiographical, even partially?

I think I exist in all my stories, though how and where, I don’t know.  The Incident is my most autobiographical, and I found so much joy in sharing certain aspects of my hometown in that story.


What have you accomplished lately that still gives you that “Yes, I did it!” warm glow?

Every time I publish an article, column or story I get that feeling.  Creativity is so often unappreciated and I celebrate anytime anyone is brave enough to share their work.


Anything you’re itching to do that you haven’t yet?

Many things are on my horizon and I intend to keep moving towards those things.  You’ll have to tune and see what’s next! 

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