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A vampire that runs a detective business in the search for justice isn’t a new concept. For years, vampires have been picking up the gun (and sometimes a badge) in pursuit of justice—if not just using their fangs. There have been several hit TV shows along this vein likeAngel, Forever Knight, and Moonlight. Usually, the righteous vampire lead also has no problem with bending or breaking laws in search of said justice. So it’s reasonable for human woman Sar to suspect that the vampire she meets is lying when he tells her his business, Solutions Inc., is entirely legit.


            “Tell me the truth, Danial.”

            He gave me his now customary calculating look. I watched him silently, waiting. “Fine,” he said. He took a deep breath. “You are right. The guns aren’t all for game. Most are for protection. Someone or something is hunting me. That’s why I was worried that my truck was out in the open. I had to make sure I didn’t lead anyone to you by accident.”

            “Do you live around here?” I asked, watching him carefully.

            “I’ve lived in New York for the past seven years,” he continued. “I moved here originally from Colorado. I have a small business that makes decent money.” Seeing my motion to interrupt, he said, “Yes, even vampires work. Most of us aren’t so old that we have an endless reservoir of funds to draw on. And eternity can get boring if you don’t have a reason to go on existing. Mine is my work. I built my business from the ground up, and it matters to me that it succeeds.”

            “What exactly do you do?”

            “I help big businesses solve problems. You’d be surprised how inefficient some companies are. Sometimes the solution is simple, such as firing one person, or switching vendors for cost savings. Sometimes it’s more drastic, like down-sizing or overhauling company procedures.”

            It was strange to hear this boardroom talk from someone with fangs, but maybe I needed to get with the program. America was equal opportunity. And there was a note in Danial’s voice I hadn’t heard before. He really was into this, and clearly proud of what he did. But before I started hailing him as the best supernatural entrepreneur, I thought I’d better clarify a few points.          “Or like killing someone?”

            He glared at me, exasperated. “Why would I kill someone? I give my recommendations to the CEOs, or when the CEO is the problem, to the board of directors. They can choose to take them or leave them. Either way, I get paid for consulting.” —Promise Me, Promise Me Series Book #1.


Contrary to the above, Danial’s company Solutions, Inc. is much more than he admits; he is most willing to break the law if it stands in his way. When Theo and he journey to Europe for the birth of Theo’s daughter in Taken in the Night (Promise Me Series, Book #3),Danial also dispenses some deserved justice that has nothing to do with a courtroom.


Danial held out his hand. “Please call me Danial, or Racklan if you must, Samuel. That is formal enough. It’s good to finally meet you.”

            They shook hands, and then stood apart from one another, sizing each other up while still appearing sociable.

            “Danial, I’m here about the Jonas murder you are working on,” Samuel said next, switching topics without preamble. “It is in my interest that the killer be caught and punished. So I’m here to offer what help you need while you’re here, one Ruler to another.”

            Danial’s face registered surprise, then quickly smoothed into a casual smile, as he regained his composure. “I thank you, but it has been handled already, for the most part. Justice was done this very night by my own hand.”


Solution’s Inc. came into being because I believed that anyone who had eternity would need something to occupy his or her time which they loved; otherwise what is the point of having immortality? Danial hasn’t had much luck in the love department in the centuries he’s been alive, so there had to be something else that made his life have meaning. Yet in his quest for vengeance, Danial has made more than a few enemies. They not only want him dead, but also anyone associated with Solution’s Inc….like Danial’s best friend, Theo.

When their group is later attacked trying to leave Europe, Theo and Danial don’t hesitate to counterattack, leading to a firefight, many deaths, and Theo’s disappearance.

“Theo, Lander, and I went to Peterson’s building to erase their computer files, and demolish the building, planning on finding some of the attackers lying in wait. We weren’t disappointed. They were armed with their prototype guns. Lander was killed right off. Theo and I separated; I took the front way, and he the back. I got shot a few times, but drank from the men I killed, and began healing at once. My body can heal bad wounds fast if I drink deeply, as you know.” He paused. “Yet there is only so much damage I can heal in a short time, because in that time I can only drink and process a certain amount of blood. When I got shot again in the chest a few moments later, it slowed me down enough that I got shot twice more in succession. Luckily, Theo and I had gotten them all, or so we thought. I loaded up the computer virus, launched it, and then got shot again in the chest. Theo killed the man who’d shot me, then helped me get to the street, just as their servers were blown to pieces.”

            “At the street, Theo told me to go, that I was too wounded to help him anymore. He was worried we’d left you alone with no food or no guards. He said he would walk back, it wasn’t far, or get a cab. He knew there was one more person at least in the back of the building, and he said he couldn’t rest easy knowing they might try to hurt us again. Then he was gone.”


Taken in the Night: When Theo disappears, Sar is left bereft, the uncertain guardian of Theo’s newly born werecougar daughter, Elle. As months pass, clues emerge about Theo’s disappearance, yet the twisting trail ends repeatedly without answer. In her grief, Sar turns to Danial and hesitantly begins to build a life with him and Elle.

So I raise the question to you, blog readers, is it right to seek justice outside the law? State your position and supporting argument in a blog comment. Best answer wins choice of print Promise Me book (1-3) or e-book! Giveaway ends @12am est 2-11-13 with winners announced shortly thereafter.  Comments must answer Tara’s question to be considered!








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