Heart Trouble by Jenny Lyn with giveaway

Dr. Erin Taylor would rather be strapped to a gurney in her ER than prowling Jacksonville’s newest nightclub in a tight dress and high heels. Forced to do that very thing after losing a bet to a friend, she’s surprised by the sparks flying between her and sexy police detective Sean Rembert.

Sean is supposed to be scoping the bar for leads that might help him catch a serial killer, not letting his neglected libido lead him astray. But the minute he sees the gorgeous blonde headed his direction, all thoughts of work go out the window. Until he discovers Erin is a possible target.

Their connection is red-hot and undeniable, but Erin is in serious danger and Sean will do anything in his power to protect her. Passion explodes between them, then a secret destroys it. Can they overcome the hurt and resentment to find their way back to each other before the killer closes in?

There was something different about Erin, something that didn’t quite mesh with the sex-kitten outfit. The clothes didn’t suit the girl who wore them. She was smart, quick on her feet. She was flirty, but not in an over-the-top, in-your-face kind of way. She didn’t reek of expensive, over-applied perfume and there wasn’t a piece of flashy jewelry to be found on her. Her makeup was tasteful and minimalist. Even her nails were bare of polish, trimmed short and neat.

The pulse at the base of her neck beat rapidly too, belying her calm outward demeanor. Why would a woman who looked like her—who could have any guy in the place with one crook of a finger—be nervous talking to him? It didn’t add up.
“I’m not sure yet,” she said. “I’ll answer that after we’ve talked for a bit.”
He grinned to hide a wave of disappointment. “Okay, I guess that’s fair.”
“Married?” she asked.
The directness of her question caught him a little off guard, since they were flirting with each other, but then he knew there were women out there who wouldn’t be deterred by the presence of a wedding band, or the indention left behind by one hidden away in a pocket. Some of them even sought married men out. She wasn’t one of those women. There was no doubt in his mind if he said yes, Erin would spin on her high heels and leave him choking on her dust.
“No. You?”
“Oh, God no,” she said, as if she found the idea repulsive. “Ever been?”
“Got close once. Caught her in bed with our neighbor and his brother.”
Erin grimaced. “Ouch.”
“Yeah, it hurt for about a day, until I realized they’d done me a huge favor. How ’bout you? Ever been close?”
“No,” she said, glancing down at the drink she held in her hand.
“How’s that possible?”
“I’m a workaholic.” She tapped her temple with a finger. “Kind a have a hard time shutting down, ya know?”
Sean got that. He suffered from the same affliction. “What do you do?”
Her mouth twitched before she took a sip of her drink. “What do you think I do?”
So they were going to play that game. Well, all right then. Normally he wasn’t into games when it came to women. It turned him off faster than a light switch, no matter how beautiful she was. It would take a hell of a lot more than that for this woman to turn him off.
Sean let his eyes drift over her body again, cataloging every curve and freckle. He’d been good up to this point, keeping his gaze trained on her face like a gentleman should, when he wanted to stare at her chest till his eyes bled.
“Lingerie model?”
She smirked. “Not even close.”
She laughed then, a deeply genuine sound that made him want to feel it with his mouth pressed against her throat. “That’s closer than you might think. What about you?”
He grazed the back of her hand with his fingertips. “Wait a second. You dodged an answer.”
“Did I?” she asked, feigning innocence. “I’d rather ask you questions.”
He sighed and shook his head in frustration. Maybe he had to pass some crazy female test. “I’m a cop.”
Her eyebrows shot up, something like wonder filling her eyes. “Cool! Can I see your badge?”
He reached into his front pocket and pulled it out, flipping it over in his palm. When she pursed her lips and nodded, he tucked it away.
She leaned closer until their shoulders touched, lowered her voice to a sexy murmur. “Are you wearing a gun right now?”
Good thing the bar didn’t allow smoking inside. He breathed deep, catching her soft scent. She smelled like…honey? He’d be willing to bet she’d taste like it too. Everywhere.
“Yeah, I’m packing.” Christ, was that ever a loaded statement, considering his dick had been half hard ever since she’d walked up to him.
Her eyes turned smoky. “Oddly, I’m quite turned on by that.”
It was Sean’s turn to laugh out loud at her directness. She sure didn’t pull any punches. He wanted to kiss her right then and there, among other things. “Well, that’s a new one.”
If he wasn’t mistaken, she blushed. “Seriously? A woman has never said the thought of you packing heat is a huge turn on? What’s wrong with the women you’ve dated?”
For one thing, none of them were anything like you. He grew somber, studying her incredible smiling face. The desire to get closer to her was palpable, both physically and intellectually. “You want to get out of here? Go grab a cup of coffee someplace quiet, so we can talk some more?”
Her pretty lips parted to reply. Unfortunately, that was when all hell chose to break loose.

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I started reading when I was four, thanks to a babysitter who found out the only way to get me to sit still (and shut up) was to put a book in my hand. By the time I entered kindergarten, I’d blown through just about every Little Golden Book ever printed. Ten years later, much to my mother’s dismay, I found her stash of paperback romance novels. She tried to divert me back to something more chaste by buying me Harlequins, but I still snuck copies of her Kathleen Woodiwiss’s and Johanna Lindsey’s when she wasn’t looking. Shanna, The Flame and the Flower, and Fires of Winter will always hold special places in my heart because they introduced me to roguish heroes, headstrong heroines, and the trouble they could get into together.

I live with my family in a swampy little corner of north-central Florida, close to the Gulf of Mexico and the historic Suwannee River. It’s hot, humid and full of mosquitos, but I wouldn’t trade it for… actually, I would trade it for a cottage on the beach somewhere in the Keys.

In addition to my website, I can be found saying inappropriate things on Twitter,  Goodreads and Amazon.

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THE ENEMY INSIDE and giveaway with Vanessa Skye

While exploring darkness in others, be careful not to expose your own.

That’s what Chicago detective Alicia Raymond discovers when she’s assigned to investigate the gruesome torture and murder of a middle-aged trucker with a horrible secret.

Before she can get a lead on one crime, however, the bodies start piling up and Alicia, better known as Berg, finds herself the unexpected target of the very same legal system she has dedicated her life to.

While simultaneously under attack from a formidable past, an enemy that seems to know too much, and a conniving killer, Berg is forced to confront her own darkness: her obsessive need to track down killers at the expense of everything else in her life; her increasing craving for violence just to feel normal; and her potentially devastating feelings for her partner, the charming and handsome Detective Inspector Jay O’Loughlin.

The more Berg works her original case, the more she learns about the sheer viciousness of the trucker’s past, and the more she questions if his murderer should even be punished by a justice system that only seems determined to free the guilty. When she also finds herself sympathizing with a sadistic butcher exacting revenge for a decades-old crime, she realizes the most dangerous secret of all might just be her own state of mind.

While Berg struggles with her morality, a killer is determined to recruit her and use her for a devastating end game.

As Berg’s carefully constructed life falls apart and she struggles to maintain a grip on reality, she faces a choice: surrender to the evil inside or finally acknowledge the brutal past she would rather bury.

The Enemy Inside is the first in the Edge of Darkness series, which challenges the concept of justice, asks if vengeance sometimes justifies murder, and explores whether you can ever heal from a broken past.

Available at Amazon, B&, Kobo, iTunes, and The Writer’s Coffee Shop.

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My review of THE ENEMY INSIDE  4.5 stars

Detectives Jay O’Loughlin and Alicia Raymond are assigned by their superior, Captain Leigh, to investigate the murder of a truck driver who was also a habitual sex offender.  Soon there are more murdered truckers and the pair race to find some thread leading back to the killer.  Their intense investigation takes place against a back drop of political pressure/intimidation and personal crises creating a compulsive read.

THE ENEMY INSIDE is dark, raw and not for the faint of heart or stomach.  As fascinating as the whodunnit is, Berg and Jay are equally interesting.  While THE ENEMY INSIDE is a dark read there’s a strong undercurrent of hope as it showcases the strength of kindness, caring, and resilience of the human spirit.

Alicia Raymond, better known as Berg short for Iceberg, is one seriously damaged woman.  Berg hurts herself or has others do it via dangerous anonymous sex attempting to stop the inner pain that refuses to go away.  The guilt and shame afterwards only adds strength to the inner voice telling her how worthless she is.  Berg is in a vicious destructive cycle, fighting daily to retain a semblance of normality.

Jay O’Loughlin is Berg’s partner.  Promiscuous serial dater he’s never with one woman for long.  Jay too is haunted by his past and while painful, it didn’t hold a candle to Berg’s demons.

While Jay and Berg are partners they aren’t friends nor are they particularly close.  Berg has raised avoidance and isolation to an art form rebuffing all of Jay’s after work friendship overtures.  The dynamics of their partnership and personal interactions change drastically when Jay accidentally discovers Berg’s hidden life, revealing his true character in response.  Both begin to feel a flicker of hope and potential they never thought possible.  Learning more about each character, their background, personal battles, and growth is as absorbing as the mystery.

The first victim is introduced before his death.  That old Southern saying, “Your honor, he needed killing.” was my first thought when his body was found.  Harsh but true.  The murders are brutal, creative, and well planned.  You get a sense of calculation and icy hatred.  Ms. Skye doesn’t shy away from the ugliness of life and does an excellent job illustrating the fine lines and shades of grey involved when it comes to truth, justice, and vengeance.

THE ENEMY INSIDE is multi-dimensional and engages the reader in numerous ways.  The plot is complex, keeping you engaged and on your toes with numerous twists and turns.  The quest for the killer is engrossing and tense but isn’t the only source of tension.

The politics in the police department and political aspirations of Chief Consiglio often seem to come at the cost of truth and justice; very frustrating.  Berg’s constant battle against the darkness had me edgy and pulling for her.  The partnership between Jay and Berg as well as their interactions with the other detectives in the department are believable and also a source of stress.  Consiglio has it out for Jay and Berg riding Captain Leigh about them on an almost daily basis.

Sherlock Holmes said, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”, so I didn’t even attempt to hazard a guess regarding the killer until the chapters were in the thirties.  Then a sentence clicked and my brain went ninety to nothing.  It was gratifying to discover I’d guessed correctly.

The ending was unpredictable, a huge plus but also annoying, satisfying, and slightly chilling. I can’t wait for the next book.


Vanessa Skye has always had a love of words and spent her school years writing poetry, speeches, and fictional essays.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism and studying Psychology at Charles Sturt University, Vanessa got a job at Rural Press—Australia’s largest publisher of regional and agricultural news and information—where she worked as a journalist in the Central West of NSW for four years.

Thousands of stories later, Vanessa decided to move back to Sydney and try her hand at public relations while studying a Master of Arts in Communication.

Skip forward a few years and Vanessa once again found herself joyfully studying various psychology subjects while managing a Sydney public relations firm. Enthralled with examining the motivations behind people’s actions, Vanessa realized what she really wanted to do in life was combine her love of words with her fascination for human behavior.

So Vanessa quit public relations to begin the significantly more impoverished life of a professional writer.

Inspired by a recurring dream, Vanessa wrote her crime fiction debut, The Enemy Inside, which challenges the concept of justice, asks if the need for vengeance sometimes justifies murder, and explores whether you can ever heal from childhood abuse. The second book in this series, Broken, will be released in 2014. In her spare time, Vanessa wrote a short story, The Piece, which was published in February 2012 by Dark Prints Press as a part of the One That Got Away dark fiction anthology.

Vanessa now works as a freelance writer, lives in Sydney’s northern beaches, and tries to immerse herself in salt water at least once a day.

Diana Strickland and LIFE

My name is Diana Strickland and I am an author of two published poetry books.  I am also an author of a ministry website.  I am currently a student at Abundant Life Bible Institute.  I am from Birmingham Alabama but now reside in New Jersey.  About five years before I published my first book I wrote in my journal that I was going to be an author.  I didn’t see this come to fruition until I rededicated my life to Christ Jesus.  Then the passion and commitment came to me.  The words flowed out of me like a river.  I am still learning and growing but I have some helpful tips for the first time author.  I believe that you have to get to the root of anything and plant seeds before they blossom into existence.


Before I make any moves I connect with God.  With God comes inspiration and direction.  Being connected to God motivates you and takes you to wonderful places that you didn’t have planned for yourself.  He’s the author and finisher of our faith.  So GO QUICKLY to God before you make any and all decisions.  Jesus is our source, judge, provider, protector, and strength.  You want to be in God’s will to make the right decisions and travel on the right path.  You don’t want your journey to be in vain.  You want to be effective so when it’s all said and done you have something meaningful to deliver.


Always have a pen and paper on ready.  It’s so important to write down your thoughts before you forget them and regret it.  I particularly like to use a journal but almost anything will do.  I’ve been known to use lipstick, a marker, and any scrap paper to write down my thoughts.  At a pulse I will write on the palm of my hand or pull over in my car to write because the thoughts would come so rapidly.  What I know to be true is that inspiration can come at any time and you want to be ready.  Be prepared and diligent in all matters.


USE the resources around you.  You shouldn’t allow lack of finances to stop your journey.  Now you may have to place some things on pause but you better get back in this race and complete your mission.  There’s someone out there that will need to hear your story.  Time is of the essence and we don’t have much time of it.  When I wrote both books I completed my writing and publishing on someone else’s computer including the local library.  When it was time for me to publish my book I searched out the best publisher that would represent me well.  I decided to self-publish my latest book because I wanted to have more control.  When it was time to share my work with the world I had to use the resources around me to complete this dream.  My first professional photos came from a local photographer at some market.  I wore my Sunday best outfit and struck a pose like I was at a photo shoot.  I had to work with what I had.  I must say that it was worth every penny.  When it was time to create a website for my books and website I went with a website company that was free.  I also use social media such as facebook to make people aware of my newest accomplishments.  Use your computer wisely.  Search for companies that will allow you to create business cards and post cards at a reasonable price.  Please have a budget.  You do not want to over spend.   Maybe you have to purchase your business cards one week and in two weeks you have to purchase your post cards.  I’ve also learned that your past employer can help you.  You learned something where you use to work.   If you were a telemarketer in the past, then you have experience to do calls.  So when your book is finished you are not afraid to pick up that phone and make necessary phone calls to individuals.  I have a background in Property Management and hospitality so I know how to market and sale and speak to people.  I learned at these jobs how to make follow up phone calls, how to create flyers, and how to hand them out to complete strangers.  See life is full of lessons.  You just have to be open to draw from all of your life’s experiences and apply them today.  There’s no rush to perfection.


To stay focus I usually like to take a nice walk or run at a park or around the neighborhood.  This is stress free and really gives me a peace of mind.  I like to drink a lot of water and eat healthier.  You know this is like being in a race.  To be the best you have to do the best.  I like to take time in prayer and meditation.  I enjoy being quiet.  You know being quiet and staying still is just as important as moving.  There’s a season for everything and sometimes there’s seasons when you are doing.  When you are doing God’s will everything serves a purpose.  There is a time for it all.  I believe that you have to cut out a lot of tv and socializing.  You have to make a lot of sacrifices to get to where you need to go.  This road that you travel is not a road that everyone travels.  Stay humbled!  At the end of it all when you are connected to JESUS everything will fall into place.  You will have a lot of dots connected.  You will meet people that will help you.  You will meet the right publisher.  You will be directed to the right book store to sell your books.  Everything will work out for your good.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.


LIFE, is a poetry book of 50 poems about my life’s journey as a Christian woman going through one of the most life changing experiences.  I began to write this book while being homeless, living in a shelter, and continuing to go through as a woman of God.  My book is about overcoming life’s struggles.  And God has defined what I went through with the title, LIFE.  Keeping that relationship with Jesus.

Your Past Is Your Present

don’t bring up what you did

but your present speaks loud and clear

what you use to do is what you do

you haven’t matured

my mom once said

there’s nothing like an old fool

Your Past Is Your Present

                                               singing the same tune

                                                  this man hurt you

                                                    like the last one did

                                                               the tears even fall the same

                                                                you have no sympathy here

                                                              you haven’t learned a thing

                                                               Your Past Is Your Present

                                                          drama mama

                                                              confusion and strife

                                                                 up and through your life

                                                                 you can’t sit down

                                                                   your world is crazy

                                                                       and it’s been that way for years

Born on April 6, 1980, in Birmingham, Alabama, Diana Strickland had a gift of writing, speaking, and singing.  She wrote her first book in elementary and was often the poet to represent her class.  Her mother acknowledges that Diana was not a crying baby but she yelled.  Her voice was very strong then and still is strong now.  Her mother moved her family out of the projects to give them a better and healthier life.  Diana Strickland no longer had her teachers to groom and support her so she became very fearful.  Her fears paralyzed her and she didn’t speak or write until she was a full grown woman serving GOD.

In 2004 Diana Strickland was married and moved to New Jersey.  When her marriage failed she cried out to Jesus in her bathtub.  She was tired of a string of mistakes and lies.  Her life was in circles like a rollercoaster ride that was not enjoyable.  She threw up her hands and surrendered to Jesus.  She rededicated her life to JESUS and became a true Christian.

God had worked with her and given her another opportunity.  She began to complete her first poetry book and created a ministry website called Believer To Believer.  Things were finally looking really hopeful for her.  She was committed and was taking her life’s choices seriously.  However with all the new love and growth Diana Strickland would have her faith tested with disappointments and heartbreak not far.

In 2007 Diana Strickland was terminated from both of her jobs.  Diana lost almost everything of value in her life except CHRIST JESUS.  She moved around two different homes before settling down in a shelter.  At this point Diana was homeless, living in a shelter, and struggling being poor.  But her faith never wavered although it was tested.  Diana began to write poems to her second book, LIFE, while going through this season.  In Diana’s latest book, LIFE, she “provides an honest spiritual analysis of a woman who learns that throughout her greatest challenges, her ever-increasing faith holds the key to a future of unbelievable promise!”

Today Diana Strickland is a student at Abundant Life Bible Institute to obtain her Associates degree in Theology.  She is employed with two published poetry books and a ministry website.  She also ministers her poetry at different events.  Diana Strickland has her hands full but by the grace of God she will accomplish all that God has planned. She proudly shares her testimony without looking down

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All My Characters are Dexters with Sam Cheever

That got your attention didn’t it? #:0) No, my characters are not all serial killers. But they exist in a gray kind of world where nobody’s all good or all bad. I like it in the gray area…it’s comfy there.

Let me explain.

Anybody who reads my stuff knows that I like to write about Heaven and Hell. Though I grew up going to Christian schools, from pre-k all the way through High School, I think you’d agree that my characters and their worlds might stretch the traditional concepts of good vs. evil just a tad. #:0)

I believe that, like the loveable television serial killer, Dexter, none of us are all bad. Dexter-like, even a man who stalks, kills, and dismembers people can have redeeming qualities. He can even be generally liked. Which would explain why, whenever some evil puke is arrested after murdering or abusing hoards of other people, his neighbors and his family all gush about how surprised they are and how wonderful Mr. X L P is. (He’s Mr. X L P because all serial killers have three names…well…except for Dexter of course. #:0)

I believe human goodness can be measured on a scale of 1 to 10. While there probably are very few (if any) people who are either a 1 or a 10, most of us fit somewhere in the middle. That’s the area from which I pull my characters. This makes sense because, first of all, characters who are all good are annoying. By contrast a character who was all bad would be BORING! But a character who is a mix of both can be eminently fascinating.

Sooooo….are you a nine or a two?

If you’re a two you’re probably gonna need a LOT of deodorant when you die. You might want to take some Aloe lotion with you too. hehehe

But, if you’re a nine, well, you’ll be exchanging all those pretty colors in your closet for an extremely pale wardrobe (Maybe the wings will make up for the lack of color.)

If you’re someone in the middle you’re like most of us and you’d make a really great fictional character. Maybe I’ll recruit you for one of my stories! LOL

In death as in life, it’s comforting to think we have options. And it makes for some really fun and interesting fiction too!

Happy Reading!

What if real love began in the pages of a paranormal novel? And what if that love leapt off those pages, and into an avid reader’s arms?

Terra fell in love with Jacobin when he was the hero in a sexy paranormal novel, but when he showed up at her door she thought she was losing her mind. Imagine how she felt to learn her fate had been scribed onto magic pages and could just as easily be erased. Would she be willing to give up everything, just to hold onto a love she never dreamed she’d have?

Pauline Michael, Night Owl Reviews: “Sam Cheever creates a fantastic world with this fast-paced erotic paranormal romance. The new world described in these pages is fascinating and I want to know so much more about it. I am hooked on this and cannot wait to read more. I’m truly looking forward to visiting again and again as she introduces what is bound to be some of my favorite characters.”

Excerpt and Buy Links


Sam’s published work includes 40+ books of romantic suspense and fantasy/paranormal. Her books have won the Dream Realm Award for fantasy, have been nominated and/or won several CAPAs, were nominated for “Best of” with LRC and The Romance Reviews, and have won eCataromance’s Reviewer’s Choice award. Sam is published with Ellora’s Cave, both Romantica and Blush; Changeling Press; Musa Publishing, and Red Rose Publishing. She also publishes as Declan Sands, writing m/m fiction, and under her own imprint, Electric Prose Publications.

To find out more about Sam and her work, please pay her a visit at any one of the following online hot spots:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Blog | About.Me

John Barlow featuring FATHER AND SON second in the LS9 series with giveaway

Good to see you again,John.

For those who may have missed your first visit can you give a brief synopsis or your LS9 series?

The LS9 series is about criminals, their families, and their victims. Eventually there will be nine novels in the series. 

Set in the north of England, the books follow the life of John Ray, the half-Spanish son of a career criminal. The plots deal with the lives and careers of those people connected with the Ray family, exploring the void left by Tony Ray (John’s criminal father) after Tony’s demise.  

John Ray has always been the ‘straight’ one of the family. He even has a police detective girlfriend. But with a foot in both camps, he finds himself continually drawn back into the criminal world.   

So far there’re two,HOPE ROAD and FATHER AND SON.  A bit about them, please?

HOPE ROAD is about John Ray’s struggle to find a place for himself away from the criminal world of his family, but also about his attempts to come to terms with the murder of his brother (which John witnessed).  

FATHER AND SON explores the relationship between John and his father. It takes as a starting point the seemingly unrelated murder of a close associate of the family, which John is asked to look into. He finds a lot more than he’d expected.  

Why did you choose to self publish rather than go traditional?

Well, I was working on HOPE ROAD with my agent in the normal way, and towards the end of that process I just thought, why not? Things were really beginning to move in self-publishing by then (late 2011), and I wanted to have a go at it myself.  

Can you tell us about your personal self publishing experience and the differences, if any, between HOPE ROAD and FATHER AND SON?

I have enjoyed it pretty much. One thing that has changed since I published HOPE ROAD 18 months ago is that it has got harder for indie writers to promote their work; there are just SO many writers finding their voices and going indie now.  

Also, the market advantages that indies enjoyed early on (flexibility on pricing, low pricing, free-offers etc.) are slowly being used by traditional publishers (look at the prices of backlist on some well-established crime and romance writers, for example). This is great for readers, but more of a challenge for writers. 

Do you wear all the hats (proofreading, copy editing, formatting, marketing etc.)?

No. I use a network of readers for quasi-editing/feedback on drafts; I use an excellent pro proofreader called Michael Faulkner; formatting is so simple now that I do it myself; and as for marketing, I guess I do that too, although not as much as I should. 

With the economy the way it is selling anything isn’t easy.  How have you tried to set the LS9 series apart from the competition?  What’s worked and what hasn’t?

Well, Leeds(the city where there series is set) is among the largest and most diverse in the UK, yet it doesn’t have an established fictional crime series set there (unlike many other UK cities). So just choosing Leeds was an attempt to do something a bit different. I try to get the best cover art available (the artist for FATHER AND SON is currently working for a Hollywood studio, and also does recent Stephen King releases in the UK). Other than that, I just try to write books that readers will like. 

What are the most valuable lessons about self publishing you’ve learned so far?

Write what you enjoy writing and what you’d enjoy reading. Don’t expect miracles, and remember that ebooks are for the long-term. For example, I own the electronic rights to a travel book that I wrote for Farrar, Straus and Giroux back in 2008 (find it here); it doesn’t sell in huge numbers, but I still sell enough to make it worthwhile. And I still get emails from readers about it, which is great. 

Also, being an indie means you can do what the hell you please. I wrote a humorous PI novel that almost got published, but was finally rejected because it featured a midget porn star. After grumbling for a while, I just published it myself. Some people think it’s straight-out offensive (and have said so), but I love it. If you want comedy-porn-private-eye-fiction (and who doesn’t?), I’ve got the market covered.  

With all the upheaval in publishing and so many large booksellers going out of business, what is your opinion regarding the future of publishing, traditional and indie?  What about brick and mortar bookstores?  Are we seeing a return to the smaller, more personal book shop?

Trad might lose a major player or two, but will otherwise consolidate behind the higher income that ebooks are providing. Medium and small presses that don’t have a firm niche will get squeezed further and further. Indies will struggle to get noticed, as trad publishers move in on heavy discounting (perhaps even free???) and steel other marketing approaches used by indies (for example, big name crime writers are now being encouraged to churn out lots of novellas/short stories to sell as separate ebooks). I think indies are here to stay, in some shape or form, but I’m certainly not taking out a mortgage on the back of future sales.

 Bricks and mortar? Well, just look at B&N! Back to basics! I think supermarkets will grow their share of print books, all heavily discounted and dominated by the big mass market publishers. If B&N can develop into a general leisure-cum-book vendor, perhaps people’d still go there. But I dunno. Publishers are backing the survival of hardbacks (to counter the rise of ebooks) but who on earth will be paying $20-30 for a novel in five or ten years’ time?  

One very interesting issue, I think, will be what Amazon/Abe does with second hand, both electronic and print. If you are happy with either ebooks or second hand print books, you don’t really need anything else: cough up for the ebook if you want a title as soon as it comes out, or wait for a second hand print copy. Then there’s the rumor about second hand ebooks, which would blow everything wide open, and not in a good way… 

Is there anything else you’d like to discuss or add?

Yes. Right now all my books are on Amazon exclusively. I plan to change this soon, but if you do want to read one of my ebooks and you own a different device this is what to do: purchase a Kindle ebook and forward me the sales email; I’ll send you the same ebook in any format you want. I asked Amazon about this and they said it was fine. 

Thanks for visiting with me and Manic Readers again,John. Always a pleasure to have you.

And a pleasure to be here.

Best wishes, John

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John Ray is called to the scene of a violent murder. The victim is an old associate of John’s dad, local crime boss Tony Ray. There’s no visible motive for the crime, but everybody agrees on one thing: don’t tell the police 

John, the Cambridge-educated white sheep of the Ray family, has always refused to be part of his father’s business. But he’s a bit of a maverick, with a foot in both worlds, and he’s not quite as white as he would like: exactly the kind of person you’d want to investigate an underworld murder.  

His search for the killer takes him back to events twenty years ago, and to another, even more heinous crime. But he still doesn’t really know what he’s looking for. Until it’s too late.  

Plus, he’s not the only one looking…  

FATHER AND SON is the second crime thriller in the John Ray / LS9 series.