WAR OF WINGS The Epic Battle For Heaven with Tanner McElroy

Written from the two opposing perspectives of Gabriel and Lucifer, War of Wings follows their paths and love stories as they face a violent war that leads to the fall of one-third of the angels from Heaven. Gabriel, the archangel, loves life, but there is one thing in Heaven that he cannot tolerate: perfection. Lucifer, God’s highest cherubim angel and “perfect image of beauty,” stands alone
in the hierarchy leading praise, worship, music, and laughter in the hope that one day he will be promoted to God’s equal. War of Wings is a fast-paced journey of two battling angels yearning for change. Their destinies emerge from triumph, failure, love, and heartbreak, as they discover that even in Heaven decisions always have consequences.




 Concept art pictures are by the renowned concept artist of Montpellier, France, Bastien Grivet.











Thanks for taking the time to visit Manic Readers, Tanner. 

As a reader my first thought, after being snagged by blurb, was a small inner groan when I read trilogy.  How long can readers expect to wait between books?  

Before I started writing this first manuscript I mapped out the story steps, hero’s journey, and some main characters through the trilogy.  The outline of all three was actually the first thing I completed.  The amount of time between books will depend on how much time I have to write with everything going on in my life.  I have a day job in medical device sales, so until writing can support me full time I can’t answer this completely.  I am currently on chapter 4 of book two, War of Wings: The Reign.  Trust me, I know how the word “trilogy” sounds coming from a new writer.  Let’s start with the first book and come from there.   

According to an interview I watched, your brother Travis came up with the idea for WAR OF WINGS and you wrote it.  Did Travis continue to have input during the writing process?

My brother and I have always been huge fans of epic tales of good versus evil and he brought up about a decade ago that the story of the fall of the angels would make a great movie.  He had a vision of the angels being cast down to Earth like flaming fireballs and then crawling out of craters.  It really inspired me at the beginning and then I took it and ran for four years.  He has two kids and runs a few companies.  He has been vital to the business side and he will be more involved in the creation of the second book because I’ll make him.  He’s always had great input on everything my whole life.  

For those who may not be familiar with it, please tell us about WAR OF WINGS. 

WAR OF WINGS tells the story of how the angels fell from Heaven.  It takes perfect Paradise and gives a detailed account of how Lucifer, the highest cherubim angel starts a revolution based on his own justification that God is not who He claims to be.  The story is told through the perspectives of Gabriel the archangel and Lucifer and their paths cross thanks to a virtue angel named Arrayah.  

Why base WAR OF WINGS on the Biblical fall rather than creating your own world?  

There was so little from the Bible on the fall that I felt paying respect to the pieces that are there was a must. This is true not only in the Bible but in Milton’s Paradise Lost as well as studying the views of angels in the other major religions as well.  Much of the world is created however.

Is everything plotted out to the nth degree or do the characters sometimes surprise you?  

I started with an outline of three books as well as the major story steps for the three.  Then I wrote out the hero’s journey I wanted to have my protagonist go through, however the characters all ended up developing more of their own voices than I ever would have realized.  

Book II is titled THE REIGN, any details you can share?  

Book II starts with a naked man running through the woods and he drops an apple with a bite out of it.  Sin is discovered.  The manuscript picks up with Satan’s first victory after establishing his new goals on Earth from his defeat in the first novel.  Book II is all about the puppet masters of humans and how they battle throughout time.  Much inspiration came from Homer and the way the gods affected humans through their own agendas, games, arguments, and battles.  

Anything on Book III? 

Book III is called THE REVELATION.  

In recent years there’s been quite an uptick in the popularity of angels across all genres.  What are your personal thoughts & beliefs on angels?

I believe in a higher power and I know there are things in this life we do not understand.   

The concept art is truly amazing and the way y’all packaged and presented the ARC’s was unique and lovely,  Thank you..:)

Why use concept art at all and will it or the gorgeous cards be used in or sold with the book? 

Thank you for the compliment.  We were blessed to be able to work with an amazing concept artist from Montpelier named Bastien Grivet.  We did the concept art for multiple reasons.  First of all we are both fans and absolute geeks when it comes to epic trilogies such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  We wanted to see them as much as we knew it would help others envision what we are trying to do with this series.  We hoped the ARC’s would stand out thinking outside of the box and my brother is one of the best when it comes to presentation.  I give him all the credit.   

Have you created different “sets” for each book? 


Have you read anything recently that you would highly recommend?  

My favorite writer right now is Dennis Lehane.  I just read his book called Live By Night about a rumrunner during the prohibition.  He is a phenomenal storyteller and this book has all the elements that make a great novel for me.  Love is always influencing his protagonists and my favorite heroes always make bad decisions in the name of love.  I also read Inferno by Dan Brown and I recommend this book as well.  He is second to none creating worlds based on real art, locations, and inspired realistic journeys through international treasures.  I have always been fascinated with Dante Aligheri also so that may make me a bit bias to this novel but I think it is his best work.   

What are you currently reading?  Do you re-read?  

I am currently reading Duty by Robert Gates.  I met him and my good friend from college worked for him for four years so I have heard much about him.   

What’s next for Tanner and Travis McElroy after your WAR OF WINGS trilogy?  

I have another novel that is very close to my heart that I will put out about college love, heartbreak, and baseball called The Stitches that we will put out next.  We hope to be making the WAR OF WINGS film first! 

Thank you! 


Y’all be sure and come back tomorrow when, thanks to Sami & Tanner, Manic Readers will have a paperback copy of WAR OF WINGS to give away!


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Raised in Dallas, Texas, by a devoted Christian mother and a father with a more broad view of religion, Tanner McElroy grew up knowing the significance of making his own decisions. While gaining a deep understanding of the Bible from his mother and a passion for epic stories from his father, he was able to combine the two for his saga, “War of Wings.”  McElroy attended Texas Tech University with an academic scholarship from 2000 to 2005. There, he was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and was awarded Male Student Athlete of the Year in 2005 for his accomplishments in the classroom and on the baseball field.  In 2006, he packed up his bags and headed to the West Coast to study at Howard Fine Studio in Los Angeles where he gained much understanding of the depth of characters. It was there he realized “everyone justifies his/her own actions, even serial killers,” which defined Lucifer’s actions, conversations with God, and persuasiveness in his rebellion.  McElroy is a member of the Screen Actors Guild as well as the Romance Writers of America and the Writers’ League of Texas. McElroy lives in Dallas, Texas.  When he’s not writing stories, he spends time painting, acting, songwriting, and playing his guitar. 

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