WHEN GOD IS SILENT with Kellie Lane

Mission Impossible in Forty Days or Less

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change

it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.—Muhammad Ali

Have you ever found yourself in a waiting place with God?  It may seem as if your entire life has been placed on pause. You may find yourself confused and discouraged. You may feel as if the agony will never end. You sometimes question your petition. You may ask if God will ever work this thing out for you. Will He really do the very thing that you believe Him to do? At this point, it is very tempting to give up. When every fiber of your being is leading you to believe that what you’ve been praying for is impossible please know that it is possible. God is a God of limitless possibilities. You must believe that. The wait is for a reason. Yes it’s difficult to appreciate right now but later the timing will make sense. God is developing you into something greater, and it’s going to take a backbreaking experience to pull the best out of you. That’s right; God will strategically use your prayer petition as an opportunity to refine the greatness that has been buried within the deepest recesses of your heart all along.

Have you ever trained in a gym? When done correctly it is a very challenging experience. When you look around a fitness center you will see all sizes and kinds of people. Some will focus more on cardio; others will focus more on weights. Some will have mixed routines. The routines

vary because it takes different types of training to yield good results for different people. In like manner, your type and extent of training with God will be different from someone else’s.

I am heavily into fitness and healthy eating and have been this way most of my life. As I began to get more and more involved in fitness, God gave me a passion to help others achieve optimal health. I then realized that in order to share my expertise with others, I would have to take it up a notch. So, I decided to hire a personal trainer. On day one I realized that I was nowhere close to where I needed to be. As my personal trainer led me through different routines, he observed my strengths and weakness. He then customized my fitness plan. In other words, my trainer developed a plan that was designed to meet my unique needs. I find this as a perfect example of how God operates. God knows the strengths and weaknesses of every individual. As a result, He customizes a spiritual fitness plan unique to every one of us. I remember while training in the gym there were times when my eyes filled with tears and I felt like I couldn’t do another set of reps. My flesh would say, “Give up! Quit!!” but my trainer would be right there coaching me on saying, “Come on, Kellie. You’ve got to stretch yourself; push!!!” I would try once more, and then he would reach over and help me complete the rep. Just as my trainer helped me complete my tasks after he saw my determination, God will do even more. Our spiritual fitness testing is never to harm us; it’s to strengthen us. Sometimes it just requires us to stretch! Get out of your comfort zone. Easier said than done right?  Especially when you’re already wounded from being in the heat of battle. Yet, it’s an act of faith. Remember, faith is what moves God.

Ever get on the treadmill and feel as if you’re doing a pretty good job? Your headphones are on; you’re bobbing your head to your favorite tunes; you’re actually feeling pretty good. Then, all of a sudden, someone steps up on the treadmill beside you. The individual is nicely toned and looking good. They instantly start sprinting. Every muscle in their body is flexed. You wonder how in the world they can run like that. Well, the truth of the matter is that the person who has the body you desire did not just wake up one morning that way. They trained. They prepared. Early in the morning while others are still sleeping, they are up doing fitness routines. While others are enjoying tasty treats the physically fit person strategically counts calories and monitors their food intake. They are disciplined. They don’t cry and give up at the sight of a challenge. They know that they are champions and understand the requirements of being a champion. We should apply the same principle. We have to make a decision to live healthy disciplined lifestyles. Most people recognize a champion only when the world becomes his podium. However, that is not when he actually becomes the champion. He actually became the champion far before. Remember the movie Rocky? When did Rocky realize that he was a champion? It was actually long before he received the title. Remember how he would run the inclines of the stadium, reach the top, and lift both hands? He didn’t wait until he became undefeated; he began to dance his victory dance without an audience. He knew that greatness could not be held down and soon the world would know who he really was. We too must realize that in order to become a champion we must first gain victory in our daily lives. We must learn to do a “victory dance” while no one is watching. We cannot walk around defeated while waiting on God. We have to know with our knower that we are victors. Most people only see the champion in his moment of glory. However, it is his lifestyle that actually brought him center stage.

A champion realizes the cost to become great and willingly pays it. Are you willing to pay the price for greatness? Will we give up and quit when the resistance increases or will we press our way through no matter the opposition. Will we run the stadium as Rocky did and lift our hands even before the physical manifestation of our blessings come? Will we get out there and train no matter the conditions? Will we pray even when we’re sleepy? Will we witness to others through our pain? Will we bless others with what little bit we have? The answer must be, “Yes!” All God wants is a yes!

So how do we get to this place? How do we become victorious in every area of our lives? Well, first things first. We must set goals. When I first met my personal trainer, I did not allow him to set goals for me. I told him exactly what I wanted and the time frame of which I

expected to attain results. Based on what I told him, he put me on a plan called “Mission Impossible in Forty Days or Less.” Doesn’t that sound painful? Well trust me, it is.

However, I wanted what I wanted and I was willing to pay the price to get immediate results. Are you ready to get immediate results from God? What sacrifices are you willing to make to get God’s attention? How often are you willing to pray? Remember, God honors persistence.

You may very well be on a “Mission Impossible in Forty Days or Less.” Stop crying about it and train! You can do it! You will come out better than ever. Your life will become a wonder to all of those around you. They will know that it was the hand of God upon you. This is no time to

quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Embrace the moment; stop complaining.

You are an overcomer! Don’t become so overly consumed with your own problems that you miss what God is doing. Being consumed with your problems means that you’ve taken God out of the driver’s seat. You must allow God to be God. He’s in control. You didn’t lay the foundations of the earth! God did. Be willing to train hard and long. Become a spiritually fit saint—God’s champion. Before you know it your deliverance will have come!


Kellie Lane

When God is Silent @ Amazon

                    “Even if God is not talking, He’s still Listening.”

When Kellie Lane’s third marriage broke down, she felt broken in spirit, wounded, weary and depressed. When her prayers to God went unanswered, she was ready to give up and questioned His interest in what she was crying about. It was during this challenging time that she felt the need to record every phase of her journey in order to provide hope for fellow believers, who will at some stage in their life, endure a similar journey. At times, her eyes were so full of tears she could barely see to write, but she pushed through the pain and when God finally answered her, it was in a way that she never imagined.

When God is Silent is a believer’s guide to answered prayer and encourages others to see that God stands ready and willing to answer and that there may be various reasons why He has not yet answered. Through encouraging readers to push, pray, and persist until the point of breakthrough, the book identifies how to become God’s champion, and that there is no quitting, whining or complaining along the way. The book tells us that believers must be properly positioned and conditioned to receive all that God has to offer as well as stay mindful that God is the author and finisher of our faith. He knows the plans that he has for us and often they are far greater than anything anyone could ever have imagined. When God is Silent teaches others to be better equipped in the art of prayer and how to receive from the Lord.

When God is Silent aims to help those who have begun to loose faith in God. In charting her journey, author Kellie Lane provides a frank, sincere and compassionate guide for others who are struggling to understand why all they can hear is silence. Lane hopes to reinstall the hope that they will get the answers they are so desperately searching for and that God offers you many chances in life, so you should never give up until you find peace. 

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About the author: Kellie Lane is a Family Nurse Practitioner, freelance writer and motivational speaker from Mississippi, USA. She graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BS in Nursing and an MS in Nursing and is currently working to complete her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree. When not writing or studying Lane is passionate about communicating God’s word. She is happily married with six children. The book is dedicated to Lane’s mother who died at the end of last year and was unable to see the final result of her book.

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