Parker J. Cole’s THE OTHER MAN


Title: The Other Man — Book Two of the Sins of the Flesh Series

eLectio Publishing, released December 16, 2014


Genre: Inspirational Fiction/ Romance

About The Author
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Parker J. Cole is a writer and radio show host who spends most of her time reading, knitting, writing, cooking, and concocting new ideas for stories. Her first novel, Dark Cherub, won Best of Spring Reading 2013 from eMediaCampaigns. She lives in Michigan with her husband and their beloved dog, Sarah.

About The Book

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Leah Westwood loves her husband Jacob with all her heart, even as the smoldering glances of her ex-flame Vincent Miller continue to affect her. What she once shared with Vincent threatens to rip apart the bonds she is trying to build with her husband.
Jacob’s heart belongs to Leah, but his body refuses to accept that. Rachel is the one who has been his mainstay at the most difficult times in his life. How could he leave her alone?
Vincent wants Leah back and all he has to do is watch and wait as Jacob and Leah’s relationship unravels.
Ultimately, Leah must make a choice . . . between fantasy and fidelity.



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Kristen Ashley’s KALEIDOSCOPE






I looked out my office window, down to the yard, my eyes to the bustling activity, and I did this tapping my phone on my desk.
I should be working but I wasn’t thinking about work.
I was thinking about Jacob.
More precisely, I was thinking about calling Jacob, had an overwhelming urge to do so.
I was also trying not to do so because I had a boyfriend, even though he was a boyfriend I wasn’t all that sure about. He was sweet, he was into me, but he was just… off.
Then again, I didn’t have a lot of experience so what did I know?
Additionally, after my dinner with Jacob last night, within an hour, I’d called him after ten at night and now it was only eleven thirty the next day.
I didn’t want him to think I was psycho, and calling him would imply psycho behavior. Further, when I called him last night, I’d asked him to dinner, which was dinner two nights in a row with a woman he hadn’t seen in nine years, a woman with a boyfriend, and that was semi-psycho.
Okay, maybe it was totally psycho.
I didn’t want Jacob to think I was psycho.
But I wanted to hear his voice. I wanted to connect with him on the phone. I’d missed him and I liked having him back. I liked it a great deal.
I also missed him a great deal.
And I needed to ask him something. Further, he was the only one I could ask.
I looked from the yard to my phone. My mind telling my thumb not to do it, my thumb not listening, I found Jacob’s contact and hit go.
I put it to my ear.
“I’m a psycho,” I whispered and luckily finished whispering two seconds before Jacob’s voice sounded.
“You okay?” he answered.
He kept asking that mostly, I figured, because I kept calling when I didn’t need to so he probably thought something was wrong.
Or that I was a psycho.
“I need to know if you don’t eat anything,” I lied.
Actually, it wasn’t a lie. Although I remembered a lot about Jacob (most everything, in all honesty), I couldn’t recall if there was something specific he didn’t like to eat.
I could recall how beautiful he was, how tall he was, how strong he was. I could recall how smart he was and how funny he was. I could recall how cool he was with me. I could also recall how much I missed him. But I couldn’t recall if he didn’t like chicken.
But that wasn’t the only thing I needed to know. I needed to know something else too.
Much like last night, when he didn’t make me feel like a psycho, in fact, the opposite and sounded like he was happy to hear from me and would be willing to talk all night, he again sounded like me psychotically calling him yet again in a precursor to stalker way was no big deal.
“I don’t eat it, I’ll pick it off.”
“You can’t pick it off if I cook with it in it or if the mainstay of dinner on the whole is what you don’t eat,” I informed him.
“You makin’ Indian food?” he asked.
“No. Don’t you like Indian food?” I asked back.
“Love it,” he answered.
“Then why’d you ask if I was making Indian food?”
“ ’Cause I hoped you were.”
I burst out laughing.
No, Jacob definitely didn’t make me feel like I was being a psycho.
When I quit laughing, I told him, “Sorry, honey, I don’t know how to make Indian food.”
“Shame,” he muttered, a smile in his deep, attractive voice, and if I was on an infrared scanner, specific parts of me would have shown up hotter.
You have a boyfriend, Emme! I told myself.
For a while, I answered myself.
Jacob is also your ex–best friend’s ex-boyfriend, Emme! I reminded myself.
So? I asked myself.
I shoved those thought aside, thoughts that, if anyone knew I was talking to myself in my head might prove I was indeed a psycho, and pointed out to Jacob, “You haven’t actually answered the question.”
“I’ll eat what you cook, Emme. Cook what you like.”
He was such a nice guy.
He always was.
Nice. Tall (very tall). Handsome (unbelievably handsome). Smart (so damned smart). Funny. Interesting. Gentlemanly. And a repeat of nice because it was worth a repeat since he was just that nice.
I liked all that about him. I liked that he wore his dark hair way too long. I liked that sometimes a thick hank of it fell over his forehead and into his eye. I liked that he was who he was and didn’t wear designer jeans or put gel in his hair. I liked that, even considering he was extortionately intelligent, in fact, a genius, he never made anyone feel less than him because they weren’t as smart. I liked that he never acted superior or arrogant and with all that was him, looks, body, brains, he was one person who could. And I liked that he liked to do what he liked to do, he did what he liked to do and wouldn’t get pushed into doing something he didn’t want.
Like Elsbeth tried to do.
He’d lost her to that and he’d accepted it. I knew it killed. He’d loved her to distraction. But he refused to be the man she wanted him to be and instead was the man he was.
She should have seen she had it all even if he didn’t make bucketloads of money and thus couldn’t give her the life she was used to getting from her daddy. Country clubs, tennis lessons, vacations in villas in Italy and beaches in Thailand, fabulous homes kept by maids and fabulous meals cooked by cooks.
She didn’t see all she had.

Ashley_Kaleidoscope_MM Kristen Ashley

CANDLE MAGIC with Elodie Parkes

Thank you for featuring ‘Candle Magic’ on Manic Readers today. Thank you so much to all my readers. I write from my heart so you have a piece of it. Happy Holidays.
About the book:
I got the idea for this story very late at night as I shivered in a sudden downpour of rain on my way home from work. It was still summer at the time and although late, the sky was still quite light. That happens in Britain where I live and often dawn comes in at around 3.30
How do I know this? I’m often still up writing or playing around with graphics for bookcovers. I’m lucky because my day job is in shifts so often I can grab a few hours’ sleep and still get to work on time.
Here’s the blurb:
When Simi finds a pretty
old candlestick among the discarded props in the company storeroom, she never
imagines it will grant her dearest wish. There’s something mysterious about the
carved candlestick, but Simi is drawn to it. She’s saved a red candle from a
box she bought years ago in an antique shop, and intends to use the candlestick
to hold the last candle and make her solitary Christmas lunch more festive.
It’s Christmas Eve, there’s sleet in the wind, Simi slips, but Jason catches
her. Who is Jason? Where has he suddenly appeared from in the night?
Simi looks into the eyes of
this gorgeous man and sparks fly …
Contemporary erotic fantasy
romance from Siren Publishing and Elodie Parkes
Read an excerpt
PG 13+

Simi opened the door to the small room where the props and items for events were stored. She flipped on the lights and cast a quick glance around with a sigh. Carl left a mess yesterday. She made her way through the jumble of items dumped close behind the door to the compactus storage on one side of the room. When she’d retrieved the office Christmas trimmings a couple of weeks ago, she’d seen some table decorations. Simi wanted them for the buffet trestles. She was in charge of refreshments for the staff party, and as usual, absolutely everything was her responsibility. She heaved on the handle of the storage and set it sliding along on the tracks. I just wish we didn’t have our party on Christmas Eve…The day before would be good…maybe.

The public relations firm had events going all the time, and even over the holidays, one or two of the employees would be off working at various types of events for short periods of time, but on Christmas Eve, theyalways had their own staff party. It was tradition, as was the summer picnic in August and the team-building “getaway” in February. For a brightly creative company, this was a stodgy way to behave, in Simi’s opinion. Not that I have anywhere to be…not that there’s anyone waiting for me to celebrate Christmas. I ought to be grateful I have this party, but I wish I had a boyfriend who would show up looking delicious in a tux. He would dance with me, kiss me under the mistletoe, and help me pack up when everyone went home. We’d take a taxi home instead of the subway and snuggle up. I wish…

 Simi squashed down the sudden rush of misery at her solitary status. Most of her colleagues would bring a partner, girl or boyfriend, husband or wife. She was notoriously alone. Three years of having no “plus one” at the staff party and picnic had designated her “the person who fixed it all.”  She organized, set up, and cleared away. Simi got in a crew for the staff
picnic because of weather and environmental concerns, but the Christmas party would see her coping alone after delivery of the catering.

She looked along the shelf where she’d seen the huge pinecones, all their scales tipped with red, gold, or silver glitter. The cones themselves were spectacular and shone as if they’d been polished. There were squat, transparent candleholders, too, to take lovely, thick candles. Gold threads had been woven into the glass as the candleholders were made, and Simi already knew they looked lovely shimmering on the tables when the candles were lit. She’d used them in the open evening in October when prospective clients were entertained and wooed.

As she carefully heaped her haul into a plastic tub she’d brought into the storeroom especially for the job, she noticed more candlesticks at the back of the shelf. Simi placed the tub on the floor and reached in to check them out. Mostly damaged, one had the chrome peeling from it. It looked to Simi as if these were old event items and she pushed them
back, but as she did, a glimmer caught her eye from the far end of the shelf. She foraged through the bundles of bunting and soft, tasseled ropes to grasp the glistening item. With a small sound of surprise, Simi pulled her hand back. The thing was warm, almost as if it was alive. She peered along the shelf and reached in again. Her hand clasped the item and she drew it out from the back of the shelving.

It was another candlestick. Simi held it carefully. The intricate carving all the down the stem and onto the base gave it an air of antiquity, but it was clean as if new. A tiny white ceramic bowl was set in the top of the stem for the candle. The only indication that the candlestick had ever been used was a residue of wax inside the bowl. The glow Simi had seen in the back of the shelf was no longer there, but the wood had an uncanny warmth, and as Simi stooped to place it in her basket, it gave a strange pulse against her fingers. Simi dropped it into the basket in alarm. She stared at it. It neither glowed nor pulsed under her scrutiny. I must have imagined it.

FIND the book:
to your TBR:
Elodie’s blog for other distributer buy links
Elodie on Twitter on Facebook see her Amazon page and Google+
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes. Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.

Rue Toulouse Trailer


Check Out This Hot and Sexy Book Trailer!
RUE Toulouse
by Debby Grahl
Sex, Love and Danger in The Big Easy!
Coming January 15, 2015!
Available for PreOrder from 
TWCS and Amazon

 The next novel by Debby Grahl
Release Date: January 15 , 2014

It’s Mardi Gras time in New Orleans. Attending a masquerade ball, wealthy fashion designer Caterine Doucette, dressed as a shimmering ice princess, has her cool façade shattered when she encounters Bayou-born ex-cop Remi Michaud, disguised as the darkly handsome pirate Jean Lafitte. Their true identities hidden, the princess and the pirate come together in an explosion of passion and desire. But when fantasy turns to cold reality, Caterine panics and disappears into the night, unaware this man will soon be sent to rescue her from a killer and will capture her heart.

Orphaned at a young age, Caterine grew up in the home of her beloved grandmother, Miss Dauphine Doucette. Despised by her Doucette relatives for the devotion she received from her grandmère, Caterine suffered years of envy and disdain. The young Caterine learned quickly how easily the love she had to give could be thrown back in her face.

After Miss Dauphine turns over ownership of the century-old fashion house, Ma Chérie, to Caterine, an attempt is made on her life, for there are those in the Doucette family who will stop at nothing to possess what they feel is their rightful inheritance.

Not knowing whom to trust, Caterine goes into hiding. Miss Dauphine, convinced someone in her own family is behind the attack, hires Remi, now working for a private security company, to track her down and unmask her would-be assassin.

Learning that the affluent Caterine Doucette is the beautiful princess he held in his arms at the ball, Remi is torn between his growing desire for her and painful memories of another rich socialite’s betrayal. Caterine finds herself falling in love with Remi, but old embedded pain leaves her afraid to open her heart.

Down in the Big Easy, Caterine and Remi must learn to trust one another if they are to survive in a world of family greed and ruthless revenge.


Debby Grahl lives on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, with her husband, David, and their cat, Tigger. When she’s not writing, she enjoys biking, walking on the beach, and having a glass of wine at sunset. Her favorite places to visit are the Cotswolds of England, Captiva Island in Florida, New Orleans, New York City, and her home state of Michigan. She is a history buff who also enjoys reading murder mysteries, time travel, and of course, romance. Visually impaired since childhood by Retinitis pigmentosa (RP), she uses screen-reading software to research and write her books. Debby belongs to Romance Writers of America, Florida Romance Writers, Hearts Across History, and Lowcountry Romance Writers. Her first novel, The Silver Crescent, was released January 2014.


LOVE AND RECKONING & Giveaway w/ Gina Danna

Aurelia sat on the lounge cushions, immensely pleased with herself. Now, with that wild man a slave in her brother’s gladiatorial stable,
she could see that mark on his shoulder close up. She halfway smiled as she bit her lower lip, remembering how he looked. Like a beast on the sands—or a god. His skin glowed with sweat, tinted with blood and dirt. How could she forget his chiseled chest and abdomen? Lines defined muscles in his arms and legs. Oh, she heated with thoughts of him, down to her loins.

Even a sip of her wine didn’t cool her. One thought of those golden amber eyes…she licked her lips absently.

“For all of Juno, I believe you’ve met a man!”

She blinked, washing the vision of the Celt from her thoughts. Focusing, she saw her friend, Iana, standing before her, draped in sapphire and white silk, her blond hair dripping in ringlets down her back. Iana laughed.

“You are blushing.”

Even Aurelia knew her friend was right as her cheeks warmed. She sat up and motioned to her slave to bring another goblet of wine.

“I didn’t hear of your arrival,” she said as her friend sat next to her.

Iana took a sip of her wine. “I just got here. I didn’t think I needed to be announced.” She leaned back and smiled. “What had you so hot to occupy your thoughts so? Has your general returned perhaps?”

Aurelia tensed, her lips thinned to a straight line. “Hardly. Last I was told, he was battling some area to the north, or maybe he was in Britannia. I don’t recall.”

But her terse answer didn’t wipe the grin from Iana’s face.

“Some man still inspired you.” Her fingers caressed Aurelia’s cheek. “You blush too much, like you do with men.”

With eyes downcast, she bit to keep the smile back. “Iana.”
“Well, as deliciously handsome as Caius may be, I somehow doubt you’d think of him that way.” She giggled.

“No, no, of course not, he is my brother,” she replied, but she knew her friend thought admirably of Caius. She flirted with him much
too outrageously not to be noticed.

“So it could be your general. He’ll return with all pomp and glory, Rome bending to her knee to welcome a hero.” She sighed, her eyes slanted, portraying the look of youth at first attraction. Years ago for them both…

Titus Livius Rullus, Legate of the IV Macedonia Legion, based somewhere north, if her memory had any thought on it, was her future
husband. Threads of the past, when he was in Rome, painted an unattractive vision in her head. He was tall for a Roman, his service to the Emperor and Rome clearly defined him. His arms and calves were corded with years of hard physical labor, a history of his legionnaire work. As did the cropped hair, turning pepper-like with grizzled grey. His body bore the score of numerous years of battle. Not the type the new slave wore. What a disappointment…

“What new slave?”

Love & Reckoning
Rome 100 CE
Conquered, beaten, sentenced to die in the Colosseum, Ganius of Gaul escapes his execution only to find himself enslaved as a gladiator. His rise to champion ensures his life, but does nothing to lessen his desire for vengeance against the Roman soldiers who destroyed all he knew.Locked into a repugnant betrothal, the beautiful Roman Aurelia turns to her brother’s champion gladiator for help. Promising him his freedom if he helps her escape, Aurelia soon discovers she wants not only Ganius’s help, but to capture his heart as he’s captured hers.

In love with his sworn enemy, Ganius realizes Aurelia is the key to his freedom. But to take her with him would risk both their lives, yet leaving her behind to be a pawn in her brother’s machinations is a wretched alternative. Ganius must choose – love of a Roman or freedom to make the Romans pay. This is a fight the champion gladiator might lose...

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Gina Danna has spent the better part of her life reading. History has been her love and she spent numerous hours devouring historical romance stories, dreaming of writing one of her own. Years later, after receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees in History, writing academic research papers and writing for museum programs and events, she finally found the time to write her own stories of historical romantic fiction.

Now, under the supervision of her three dogs and three cats, she writes amid a library of research books, with her only true break away is to spend time with her other life long dream – her Arabian horse – with him, her muse can

FB  Tweet:  @GinaDanna1
Rafflecopter Giveaway: $10 Starbucks Giftcard plus an ebook copy of Love & Reckoning 

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Shawntelle Madison’s Top 5 Favorite Author Swag & UNDER MY SKIN

I love swag. Those cute bookmarks up to the oh-so-fun potato chip clip holders. A few years ago, I did a blog post on my favorite swag. I asked myself a deep and thought-provoking question not too long ago: have my opinions changed? Oh, yes, they have!
Previous top five:
Office supplies and electronics
Custom bookmarks, trading cards,
and postcards
Make up: nail polish and lip gloss
Jewelry and pins
1.     Author Bags
Author swag has changed over the years. The one item I’m in love with now is custom bags. I’m not talking about conference bags. I’m talking about author bags with fun logos or lines from characters in a book.  I’ve got a book hoarder bag that was so much fun to design! I’ve seen Amanda Carlson’s cool bag, too which is great for shopping. I always love taking authorbags to the store and if others seen it and learn more author my favorite authors it’s a win-win all around. I still have the tote bag I got from Kelley Armstrong before my first book came out from Random House. Now as to whether or not I’m collecting other author bags is something I won’t be sharing…
2.     Pins
I’m still in love with author pins. During conferences I love to collect them and wear them on my badge. They come in all shapes and sizes from the cute circular ones to the rectangular ones with a cover. The ones that make me laugh are my favorites! In particular the Keep Calm and Marry a Greek Billionaire one.
3.     Book cover posters
Okay, to be honest this one is a request. Back in 2012 I went to San Diego Comic Con and I got the coolest posters! I would LOVE to see more posters available. Posters aren’t cheap to make though, but with the right poster, you could make such an impact and I would go crazy for a signed poster from one of my favorite authors.
4.     Cell phone power bank
Now we’re jumping into a more expensive item. But I use these all the time. Yep, I use my smartphone a lot and I’ve lost track of all the times I’ve needed a quick jolt of power. (I’ve come to the rescue of others, too.) I used to see a lot more USB drives around. I have so many now and I rarely use them, to be honest. Most
of time if I need to transfer data I email myself or I use Dropbox.
5.     Hand-crafted swag
This last one I really saw in action at last year’s Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon. On one author’s table I saw that she had crocheted a red lobster
for everyone! They were so cute!
Can you tell I also love places like Etsy? I love to buy homemade soaps and other items for gift bags. Do I love to get them in return from authors? Oh yeah!
What would I love to see more of? I’d love to see more hand-crafted bookmarks. I’ve seen a few on crafting blogs and they are gorgeous! I know they take time to create, but the ones I’ve seen are so sturdy and look like they’d last longer than most of the standard bookmarks.
So I’ve shared my list of favorites. What is your favorite swag? Has your opinion changed this year like mine?
About Shawntelle:
Shawntelle Madison is a web developer who loves to weave words as well as code. She’d never admit it, but if asked she’d say she covets and collects source code. After losing her first summer job detasseling corn, Shawntelle performed various jobs—from fast-food clerk to grunt programmer to university webmaster. Writing eccentric characters is her most favorite job of them all. On any particular day when she’s not surgically attached to her computer, she can be found watching cheesy horror movies or the latest action-packed anime. She lives in Missouri with her husband and children.
Under My Skin Blurb

Everyone wants to either be a member of the Guild or work for them. Little does the populace know that the Guild hides sinister secrets…

For Tate Sullivan, life in her small, coastal town is far from glamorous. The affluent lives of the Guild members and their servants isn’t something she has ever wanted. But all sixteen year-olds must take a simple test, and Tate’s result thrusts her into the Guild’s world, one where they hide horrible plans for those they select. Tate must fight the relentless General Dagon for control of her mind, body, and soul to keep the one precious thing she has always taken for granted: herself.

Her only ally is the same handsome boy she is pitted against in General Dagon’s deadly game. Quinn desires nothing more than to end the life of General Dagon who has taken over Tate’s mind. While romance blooms between Tate and Quinn, General Dagon plots to eventually take over Tate’s body, and love might end before it even begins.

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The D’arcy Arc with Ines Johnson

In Jane Austen’s timeless classic, Pride and Prejudice, we all detest the dashingly handsome, but stuck up, Mr. Darcy in the beginning. After a poorly-contrived declaration of love at Rosings Park and a secret act of kindness, we all realize we’ve misjudged Mr. Darcy and fall madly in love with the sensitive, lovestruck gentleman. This is what I affectionately call The Darcy Arc. It has worked in The Twilight Saga with Edward and Bella, The Hunger Games with Peeta and Katniss, and even Sex in the City with Mr. Big and Carrie.

A successful Darcy Arc can be accomplished in seven steps.

  1. First, have your Darcy-hero enter the scene with a bad attitude. 

When we meet Fitzwilliam Darcy its clear he doesn’t like Austen’s heroine, Lizzie, Lizzie’s family, or the whole town, for that matter.

In Twilight, the whole Cullen clan keeps to themselves, including Edward. Edward literally puts his nose in the air when he meets Bella.

In The Hunger Games, Peeta’s family owns a bakery and is considered well-to-do. Katniss’s memories of Peeta show him tossing burnt bread at her as though she’s a beggar.

After trying to get along to no avail, both our heroines decide that these guys are jerks and they move along. But not so quick!

  1. Next, our hero and heroine are thrown together for some reason. 

Darcy and Lizzie dance at a ball. Edward and Bella are lab partners in school. Peeta and Katniss are selected as tributes in the games.

While spending time with one another our Darcy-hero begins making statements or moves that suggest he may be interested in our lovely lady. She begins to question her original opinion of him, but not for long. After a moment, his walls go back up and his bad attitude returns.

  1. Then some danger befalls her that only he is aware of. 

In Pride and Prejudice, Darcy’s old nemesis, Wickham, takes an interest in Lizzie. In Twilight, Edward saves Bella from street thugs. And in The Hunger Games, Peeta tries to help Katniss win allies in the training arena.

  1. After this danger, he confesses his love, in an unromantic or suspicious way, but she rejects him.

At Rosings, Darcy delivers that gawd-awful proposal. Edward can’t decide if he wants to kill or kiss our girl Bella. Katniss isn’t sure that Peeta’s overtures or genuine or gameplay.

  1. Its not until they all have time to process a bit more that they come to see that they were indeed wrong about these prickly men. 

While visiting Pemberley, Lizzie sees a different side of Darcy. Edward keeps his fangs to himself and watches her sleep. After he saves her life in the games, Katniss is now certain of Peeta’s affections.

  1. As our heroine’s hearts are softening, the hero comes to her aide again, expecting nothing in return.

Lizzie finds out that Darcy saved his sister in secret. Edwards sucks the poisonous blood out of Bella’s wrist without killing her. Peeta proves his love when he’s ready to swallow those poisonous berries for Katniss.

Each of our heroines realizes she definitely was wrong about her hero. She misunderstood this prince among men.

  1. Finally, our Darcy-hero sees a glimmer of a chance in her eyes. When he confesses his love again, she accepts him. 

This time when Darcy proposes, Lizzie accepts. Edward pledges his love forever, which is a long time in vampire speak. And Katniss accepts Peeta’s love…eventually.

I followed this seven part plan when I crafted my hero, Khial, in my Pleasure Hound serial. Khial doesn’t hide his distaste for my heroine, Chanyn, when he first meets her. After many ups and downs in the plot, will Khial follow the Darcy Arc and admit his true feelings? And if he does, will Chanyn come to see Khial for the prince he is?


Five hundred years after mankind ravaged the earth, women grasped the reins of the planet and set the world aright. 

Chanyn grew up in isolation in the ruins of the Great Destruction. All her life she’s wanted to find her one true love. When she encounters the dashing Lord Dain, with his kind eyes and pure heart, she believes her dreams of love are finally coming true. Until she meets with the roadblock that is her betrothed’s bondmate. 

In a world where men outnumber women ten to one, Khial never thought he’d have to contend with a woman entering his bond. He gave his heart to Dain when they were just boys and has been by his side every day in sickness and health. These days it’s mostly in sickness as Dain’s health deteriorates. Though his attraction to Chanyn increases with every encounter, Khial can’t help but resent the young woman who comes into his love story to play the hero, but marriage to her may be the only way to save the man he loves.

To prepare Chanyn for her union with the two males, Lord Dain hires a Pleasure Hound, an ancient order of monks tasked with instructing new husbands, who have little to no contact with women, in the art of female pleasure. Years ago a scandal left the Temple of the Pleasure Hounds near destitute. The young monk responsible for the scandal is given a chance to redeem himself and the temple when he is called upon to train the bonded triad in the orgasmic arts. What starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when the monk’s heart begins to yearn for Chanyn, and hers for his.


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Ines writes books for strong women who suck at love. If you rocked out to the twisted triangle of Jem, Jericha, and Rio as a girl; if you were slayed by vampires with souls alongside Buffy; if you need your scandalous fix from Olivia Pope each week, then you’ll love her books!

Aside from being a writer, professional reader, and teacher, Ines is a very bad Buddhist. She sits in sangha each week, and while others are meditating and getting their zen on, she’s contemplating how to use the teachings to strengthen her plots and character motivations.

Ines lives outside Washington, DC with her two little sidekicks who are growing up way too fast.

Express Yourself in Rhyme!

big book

The Big Book of Cards & Toasts for Almost All Occasions: Express Yourself in Rhyme is a BIG book with a simple purpose: to help you get across your message in a unique way. This book is the combination of: Birthday Cards & Toasts, Cards & Toasts for Almost All Occasions and Cards, Toasts & Notes for the Office. In this book you are sure to find just the right words to get your pen writing no matter what the occasion. Just open this book and pick the rhyme that says what you want to convey or mix and match rhyming couplets.

Expressing ourselves is something that differentiates us from animals. Yet, we often have trouble expressing ourselves. How many times have you gone to sign a greeting card for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or other event and you just don’t know what to write? Or perhaps you have been asked to give a toast for a special occasion. You want your words to be meaningful, but your mind and pen won’t cooperate. That’s where the Express Yourself in Rhyme series comes in handy. With these books you will be able to express what you feel and people will take notice because the words are in rhyme. And as explained in the introduction of the books you can take these rhymes as they are written or mix and match with verses from other poems since they are written in rhyming couplets. So, come this holiday season make your cards ones to remember. These books are a must around any house – so be sure to buy for yourself and to give as gifts!

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Birthday Cards & Toasts: Express Yourself in Rhyme contains 111 rhymes for birthdays. The poems are divided by age, belated wishes and by length of rhymes. Everyone is different so birthday greetings should be different. With Birthday Cards & Toasts you will be able to give a special blessing to just about everyone!
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Cards & Toasts for Almost All Occasions: Express Yourself in Rhyme contains over 180 rhymes in 20 main categories. Heading off to a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, holiday get-together, or need to write an invitation? Now, you will have no more worries. Write a card or give a toast with complete confidence; just match the rhyme in the book to your feelings, or mix and match a few poems, and you’re all set!

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Cards, Toasts & Notes for the Office: Express Yourself in Rhyme is a must for anyone who works in an office with other people. This book was designed to help reduce tension in the workplace and create a fun atmosphere. Whether it is to arrange meetings, let people know that they should clean up after themselves in the kitchen area, to welcome new staff or to say goodbye to those who are leaving, this book has rhymes that are appropriate for your coworkers. Now you can let people know how you feel, even if it is something unpleasant, in a non-threatening way. Watch people smile as they read your note!

Marcia Goldlist is a mother and a grandmother. She is a retired school principal and director of family education of an afternoon school. Marcia has a Masters of Education in curriculum planning and a Bachelors of Education in religious education.
Marcia also wrote The Bible in Rhyme series which makes the Bible easy to read and understand in a fun way as it is written all in rhyme! So far the books Enjoying Genesis, Enjoying Exodus, and Enjoying the Book of Esther are available. These are all true to the Bible and have been checked by a Bible scholar. Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme Workbook is a book which gets the mind thinking and the pen writing!

You can read more about Marcia Goldlist on her author’s page.


From Tom Boy to Tom Cat ~ J. Lee Roberts

            I was a late bloomer. Strike that, I was a late lover. Even though I grew up the youngest of three girls, I never realized ( or wanted to admit) that I was one.
A girl that is. I believe my path to Tom Boyism started when I was old enough to go camping with my friends but none of my girlfriends parents felt the same
way as my own. So I started hanging out with the few friends that could. Boys. So that’s how it went for several years, me and the boys hanging out, fishing,
camping, drinking (too much). I always had a boyfriend. But in my eyes it was just to keep the other boys away. I never gave in to any of their continuous
pawing and begging for sex. This all worked out great for me until I got into my twenties. That’s when my “boy friends” started getting serious girlfriends who did not like the relationships I had with their men.
            I spent most of my twenties in a state of limbo. I couldn’t keep the same friends I had as a teen because they had all become men. Men with wives who didn’t like me, that is. Because I have no children, I didn’t mesh well with women my age. I was starting to get a bit down on myself for not befriending more women in my
youth, that’s when I met my current partner. He was my exact opposite. All his friends were girls.
Thankfully I have never had a jealous bone in my body so when I got him I got girls in my life. It still took several years for me to fit in with most women in my area
because of the no kid thing, but now I have the most amazing women in my life, and I can’t imagine a world with out them. The best part is that I was finally
able to admit that I was a woman. Sensual, sexy and ready. Ready to discover what I had been missing. Fortunately my partner (who is down for ANYTHING) was
completely ready and willing to let me explore and expand my sexuality.
            The moral of this story is: There’s nothing wrong with being a girl and if you give it a chance you may just like it. A LOT.
           Explore a little of my wild side. Discover for yourself what a little girl power can do.
All my love and gratitude
J.Lee Roberts
Catalina, Queen of the
Nightlings vol. 1 Cleopatra’s Pearls
vol. 2 The Aztec Goddess
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Colette Cameron on Gloves & TRIUMPH AND TREASURE w/ giveaway

Gloves: Fashion and Language in the 1800s.

The well-dressed lady of the 1800s wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving home without a few absolute necessities, one of which was gloves, and she didn’t remove them except if she eating.

I have to confess, I’d always thought they left them on, but think about eating a tasty tea cake and ending up with a stain. Simply not done! Gloves were expensive, so off they came before anything was popped into the mouth.

It was quite scandalous for a gentleman to touch a lady without out his gloves on. No skin-to-skin contact allowed, you know.  Makes you wonder how nearly half the brides in that era were in the family way on their wedding day.

The typical gently-bred lady would own quite an array of gloves: indoor fingerless gloves to stay warm, riding gloves, evening gloves (elbow length and almost always white) suede for archery, and let’s not forget gardening and walking gloves. (I’m picturing gloves trotting along with their thumbs entwined!)

Gloves were frequently made of soft leather, silk, lace, or even crocheted, and some were elaborately decorated.  All right, gaudy is a better description.

I knew that fans had a language, but had no idea gloves did as well.

Biting the tip of a glove meant a lady wanted to be rid of someone, but if she dropped both of them, it meant she loved you. A gloved rolled inside out said she hated you, while tapping her chin with a glove revealed she loved another. There are several more meanings, which I’m sure were as easily recognized then as today’s instant messages or Twitter hashtags.

I do have to ponder, though, if ladies were never supposed to remove their gloves, then how did they manage all the little hints with them?

I remember wearing gloves as a little girl, and as I sit hear typing this, I can see a tiny pair of lace gloves draped on a curio cabinet that were my daughter’s when she was about two.

Did you ever wear gloves?  Why do you think they went out of fashion?

Pictures courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


A disillusioned Scottish gentlewoman.

Angelina Ellsworth once believed in love—before she discovered her husband of mere hours was a slave-trader and already married. To avoid the scandal and disgrace, she escapes to her aunt and uncle’s, the Duke and Duchess of Waterford. When Angelina learns she is with child, she vows she’ll never trust a man again.

A privileged English lord.

Flynn, Earl of Luxmoore, led an enchanted life until his father committed suicide after losing

everything to Waterford in a wager. Stripped of all but his title, Flynn is thrust into the role of marquis as well as provider for his disabled sister and invalid mother. Unable to pay his father’s astronomical gambling loss, Flynn must choose between social or financial ruin.

When the duke suggests he’ll forgive the debt if Flynn marries his niece, Flynn accepts the duke’s proposal. Reluctant to wed a stranger, but willing to do anything to protect her babe and escape the clutches of the madman who still pursues her, Angelina agrees to the union.

Can Flynn and Angelina find happiness and love in a marriage neither wanted, or is the chasm between them insurmountable?


Collette is giving away an ecopy of  one of  her Castle Brides series, winners choice.  Gloves?  Do you wear them?  Have a preference?

Award winning, best-selling author, Collette Cameron, has a BS in Liberal Studies and a Master’s in Teaching. Author of the Castle Brides Series and Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series, Collette writes Regency and Scottish historicals and makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and five mini-dachshunds. Mother to three and a self-proclaimed Cadbury Chocolate chocoholic, Collette loves a good joke, inspirational quotes, flowers, trivia, and all things shabby chic. You’ll always find dogs, birds, quirky—sometimes naughty—humor, and a dash of inspiration in her novels.

Her motto for life? You can’t have too much chocolate, too many hugs, or too many


She’s thinking about adding shoes to that list.

Connect with Collette:

Website    FB      Blue Rose Romance Blog      Twitter     Goodreads      Newsletter 

A New Version of a Great Classic with Marcia Goldlist

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of the year 2014. Whenever I have to write the year I pause and check myself. Can it really be 2014? Well, time does move on, and lots of things have certainly changed, yet some things do stay the same. Some things are just important. Family is important. And no matter what your religion, or even if you are not affiliated with any religion, the Bible is important. It has been the most influential book in history, yet many people are against opening it. So, I decided to bring the stories of the Bible to those who do not want to open a Bible. (However don’t let this turn you off if you like to read the Bible.) The Bible in Rhyme series is accurate but much easier to read and understand than the Bible and it’s fun as it is all written in rhyming couplets. But, you don’t have to be a poetry enthusiast to read the books. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “… Even for those who shy away from poetry, like I do, this is an easy fun read.”
This coming year take the time to read a true classic that has influenced the world for so long. Check out the characters and the plots. You will be astonished at how great these stories are and how much you enjoy them. These books are ideal for reading with the family, but they also make good reading for adults and preteens as well as teenagers. So, don’t be shy to check out this series for yourself and those on your holiday gift list!

enjoying genesis

Amazon review – “… When one meets up with her book they are immediately struck with the thought; I can’t believe this has not been done before now. And no doubt many wonderful bible-in-rhyme books have and are being published, but Marcia has undertaken to actually create a paraphrase in rhyming verse form so that each and every verse is represented in poetic form. This, to my knowledge has never in the history of the world been done before. Marcia’s book is the first….”
Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme contains the stories about creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob and Esau and Jacob’s wives and children, including Joseph and how he was sold into slavery and then brought his whole family down to Egypt. This is the story of one family and their relationship to each other and to God. This remarkable family, who by the way were not perfect, is very important to millions of people even today. Take a look at their lives and what made them the beginning of religion as we know it today. Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme is available in large print.




enjoying exodus


Enjoying Exodus: The Bible in Rhyme is the story of the book of Exodus, which is a cornerstone of our shared heritage and one of the great works of civilization. It is about the birth of a nation – of promise and faith, of freedom and redemption, of revelation and covenant. This book takes you through the rise of Moses as a leader, the exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt, the parting of the Sea of Reeds, the receiving of the Ten Commandments and other laws, the sin of the Golden Calf, and the building of the Tabernacle. Now you can follow the Book of Exodus with clarity in a fun way – all in rhyme!



enjoying the book of esther


Enjoying the Book of Esther: The Bible in Rhyme is the story of an orphan girl who becomes queen. She is asked by her uncle, who raised her, to save her people from a devastating edict. At first Esther refuses. Her uncle tells her that perhaps she became queen for just this opportunity to help her people. This speaks to Esther and she steps up to the challenge. This book will inspire those who read it to look at their own lives to see what they can do for good in their own situation.




Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme Workbook is not exactly for reading, but it does enjoying genesis 2get the mind thinking and the pen writing. This book is chock full of creative ideas to get anyone thinking and discussing various verses from Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme. It will get everyone thinking out of the box! This book is good for English Language Arts programs, informal learning, youth ministries, and just sitting around and talking. Check out the trailer for this innovative book.

All books in The Bible in Rhyme series are available on Amazon as paperbacks and ebooks.
Marcia Goldlist is a mother and a grandmother. She is a retired school principal and director of family education of an afternoon school. Marcia has a Masters of Education in curriculum planning and a Bachelors of Education in religious education. Her goal in the Bible in Rhyme series is to make learning meaningful and fun.
Marcia also has a series of books to help people express themselves for greeting cards, letters, notes, emails and toasts. The Express Yourself in Rhyme series gives you all the lines you need to express just the right words to get across your message, no matter what the occasion.
You can read more about Marcia Goldlist on her author’s page.

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