STRANGER OR FRIEND with Silvia Villalobos

stranger or friendSTRANGER OR FRIEND is a dark yet hopeful literary suspense novel about a woman’s hold on courage in the middle of murder, secrets, obsession, and distrust.

The book begins with Zoe Sinclair’s return to snowbound Wyoming after a long absence. She leaves her big-city career behind and aims only to care for her ailing mother, but is soon confronted with soul-shocking news: her lifelong friend was found strangled to death. Moreover, home no longer resembles the quiet town she’d left behind — mysterious cries come from the woods, new neighbors moved across the road.

Immediately, the cloistered townsfolk close ranks against outsiders — new arrivals and those passing through — because no local “could have killed one of their own.”

In the background of the main story is a chance at love for Zoe, when she meets Sebastian, the neighbor across the road. But can she trust him? He is one of the new arrivals. Can she trust anyone?

There are doubts and second thoughts. There are heavy psychological burdens being hefted by everyone. The pages seem weightless, however, as the story moves along to an unexpected end.

The pursuit of the truth in this tiny universe engages. Seduces. It’s an adrenaline high quite possibly addictive, because nothing will drive a human being more nuts than an answer that eludes him until The End.


71TG5Znc8bL._UX250_Silvia Villalobos, a native of Romania who lives immersed in the laid-back vibe of Southern California, is a writer of mystery novels and short fiction. Her stories have appeared in The Riding Light Review, Pure Slush, and Red Fez, among other publications. She is constantly drawn to premises filled with questions which arouse feelings that are often beyond imagination yet seem real. Her upbringing in Romania, the land of Eminescu and Eliade, may have contributed to such complex imagination and stories filled with peril. When not taking long walks through the local paseos or hiking the Santa Clarita Woodland Park trails, she can be found writing, blogging, or preparing and giving speeches for Toastmasters International.

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