Lucy Farago’s SIN ON THE STRIP

What happens in Las Vegas always burns bright, especially after hours. In this sizzling new series, the city’s 24/7 glitz hides one woman’s darkest nightmares—and one investigator’s seductive secrets…

Control is everything to gorgeous Maggie Anderson. Her exclusive club gives abused and troubled women a refuge from Vegas’s merciless streets—and helps her reclaim her shattered sense of freedom. But now someone is brutally murdering those she fights so hard to save. And baring her deepest fears to the one man who insists on protecting her could be the one move she won’t survive…

Elite private investigator Christian Beck knows this particular serial killer’s MO—and his own wrenching failure to find him—all too well. But staying two steps ahead of Maggie’s determination to uncover the truth pushes his well-honed skills past the limit—and ignites his most naked instincts. Now every clue is a lie, each irresistible desire a lethal trap. And the closer he and Maggie get, their shattering secrets will either save them—or torch their lives to glittering ash…


Maggie glanced down at his hand white-knuckling his phone. “What are you two not telling me?”
“That was Cooper.”
“Really? I hadn’t figured that out.”
Again, he debated over what to say. She was tough, but even the strongest crumbled and blamed themselves for events beyond their control. He knew that only too well. Cooper hadn’t said anything, but Christian didn’t doubt for one second that this last victim, like Heather Mackenzie, had worked for Maggie.
“He wants to see me.”
She narrowed her eyes. “And?”
Call it a flashback from his childhood, but whatever his reason, he wouldn’t be the one to tell her. “I have to go.” She stared back at him, not so much angry as hurt. Setting his jaw, he stepped around Maggie and headed back to the pool house.
“Wait,” she called after him. Hot on his heels, inside, she slammed the door, shaking it on its hinges.
“I need to get dressed.” He kept his back to her, not trusting himself to stay on track.
“What did Horace want?” she demanded. “He wouldn’t have called you for nothing,” her voice growing louder, more determined.
He suspected mama bear would rear her head and growl, and this time he wasn’t sure how he’d respond.
“Look.” He turned, taken aback by the blend of emotions on her face. Stubborn determination, rage, and alarm all played across her soft features. He’d seen the look before, in his mother’s eyes, right be- fore she’d made his father tell her how her baby girl had died. The Vegas sun had really baked his brain, because if Christian stayed any longer, those baby blues would have him confessing everything.

Lucy Farago knows there is nothing like a happy sigh at the end of a good book. With the encouragement of her loving husband, she wrote her first manuscript. An unpublished historical, it sits in a file on her computer, there to remind her how much fun she had learning the craft and becoming part of an industry whose books make you believe anything is possible. A big fan of Agatha Christie, she set out to write her first romantic suspense novel. Thrilled to be a published author, Lucy also teaches yoga, enjoys cooking, and saying what other people are thinking. In her fantasy world, her beautiful Siberian husky, Loki, doesn’t shed and her three kids clean up after themselves. Alas, that fantasy will never see fruition.
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