An Interview with Declan McDougal, hero of Her Highland Master & Giveaway


  1. What is your name? Do you have a nickname?

My name is Declan McDougal. The only nickname I have is not uttered in polite society, but I am sometimes referred to as Master D within the confines of the Dungeon Fantasy Club.

  1. Where were you born? Where have you lived since then? Where do you call home?

I was born in Scotland. I have homes in four countries and on three continents. The longest period I was away from my homeland was while I was in school in London. Of the places I have lived, my ancestral home, Mullardoch Manor, near Glen Affric in Scotland is my home.

  1. If you have a family, how do you get along with them? If you don’t, are there people in your life that you consider family? How do you get along with them?

I don’t have any immediate family. I have a few cousins still left on my mum’s side. Some of the other Doms in the Dungeon Fantasy Club, I consider my brothers.

  1. What’s the one thing you’re afraid of losing? Why?

I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of losing anything. If I have any fear at all, it’s being liked for my wealth and what I can do for a person, not for who I am.

  1. You’re doing intense spring cleaning. What is easy for you to throw out? What is difficult to part with, and why?

There are very few mementoes that I have held onto throughout the years. The only thing I would hate to part with are Mullardoch Manor and my mother’s favorite necklace, it was an heirloom piece from her grandmother and always meant the world to her. I have maids to take care of the spring cleaning for me.

  1. Do you have a secret? If so, who do you need to keep the secret from and why?

I keep my BDSM lifestyle away from the boardroom and the society papers. There’s a lot of stigma associated with the lifestyle and in my position, I have to keep them separate.

  1. It’s Sunday morning. What are you doing? Give details.

Hopefully, a beautiful little sub and a true gentleman never tells.

  1. Has anyone broke your heart? Who was s/he?

My ex-fiancée cheated on me and ran off with another Dom. She was only after my numerous bank accounts.

  1. What’s the one thing you want out of life that you don’t think you can have? Why can’t you have it?

I’m really a simple man for all my wealth and privilege. I’d love a wife and family. In my position, it’s hard to allow just any woman in. With my experience, they never want me, only what my money can do for them. 

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 Zoey Mills’s life is in shambles. She’s been accused of leaking her upper crust Hollywood clients’ data to an online magazine for a large payday. After a wine and chocolate-filled evening of drowning her sorrows, she determines that her best course of action is to leave her home in sunny Los Angeles for a week-long vacation in the Scottish Highlands. It’s the only way she can escape from the fact that her image is being splashed across the nightly news – and it might actually give her a chance to consider what her next move should be, now that her Great Master Life Plan has disintegrated into dust.

Unfortunately, she’s only just landed and is navigating the tiny roads in her rental car when a freak early autumn snow storm hits. Zoey finds herself stranded and winds up on the doorstep of Mullardoch Manor; home of the sexy Scotsman, Declan McDougal, who is her every dark fantasy brought to life.

Declan is one of the founding members of The Dungeon Fantasy Club. As a billionaire businessman and a Dom, he prefers to keep his sexual preferences and tastes away from the boardroom. He’s also become bored, not just with the club, but also with his life. None of the subs he meets can hold his interest for more than a night and it’s been that way for a long time. He just never wants more than a brief encounter. At least, not since his ex-fiancée cheated on him with another Dom and ran away. However, that all changes when Zoey barrels into his home uninvited and upends his luxurious but stale existence.

When Zoey finds herself without a place to stay, Declan makes her a tantalizing but scandalous offer: Stay in his home for the week, free of charge, and spend each night warming his bed. Or any other time of the day, for that matter. Deciding she doesn’t have much to lose and possibly everything to gain, Zoey accepts.

With Zoey’s every sweet subsequent cry of ecstasy, Declan uncovers a sub who warms not only his bed, but slowly thaws his frozen, scarred heart. And as Zoey explores her deepest fantasies, even as he spanks her bare bottom for disobeying his rules, she finds herself wanting more than just a week of unmitigated pleasure with the Dom.

Things seem to be progressing perfectly, both in bed and out, when Zoey’s past catches up with her. When he feels betrayed once more, and fears the woman he has grown to care for is not who she says she is, will Declan still be willing to risk his heart to become Her Highland Master?

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Anya Summers

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Anya grew up listening to Cardinals baseball and reading anything she could get her hands on. She remembers her mother saying if only she would read the right type of books instead binging her way through the romance aisles at the bookstore, she’d have been a doctor. While Anya never did get that doctorate, she graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a M.A. in History.

Anya is a Bestselling and Award-Winning Author published in multiple fiction genres. She also writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance under the name, Maggie Mae Gallagher. A total geek at her core, when she is not writing, she adores attending the latest comic con or spending time with her family. She currently lives in the midwest with her two furry felines.

Visit her website

Visit her on social media here:   FB     Twitter: @AnyaBSummers


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Dungeon Fantasy Club Series

Her Highland Master, Book 1, April 15, 2016

To Master & Defend, Book 2, May 15, 2016

Two Doms for Kara, Book 3, June 12, 2016

His Driven Domme, Book 4, July 2016

Her Country Master, Book 5, August 2016

Love Me, Master Me, Book 6, September 2016

Submit To Me, Book 7, October 2016

Her Wired Dom, Book 8, November 2016

First Kiss by Mackenzie Crowne with Giveaway

One of my favorite movie lines is “There’s nothing like a first kiss” from 50 First Dates. Due to a brain injury, the heroine suffers short term memory loss, starting each day as a clean slate. The hero must reintroduce himself daily and make her fall in love with him again. Sometimes he succeeds, and sometimes his efforts end in an epic fail, but on those good days, their kiss is brand new…

While I would hate the rest of what goes with her injury, experiencing that first kiss is…magical. As a romance writer, the first kiss is one of my favorite scenes to write. With Jessi and Max from my new release, TO WIN HER HEART, their first kiss has been a long time coming, and for Jessi, there is definitely nothing like a first kiss…

“I’m about to tell my family a gargantuan lie.” With a groan, she dropped her head back. It bumped his shoulder. She straightened immediately and scrunched her eyes closed. “Oh, Lord, why the hell didn’t that inconvenient truth dawn on me before now?”

He didn’t give her a chance to answer her own question. Covering her hand with his, he twisted the knob. The door opened with a quiet snick. Her eyes popped open and she bit her lip against a guilty whimper. At the far end of the open floor plan, the kitchen teemed with familiar faces, several of whom looked their way. Tuck’s dirty blond brows arched to his hairline as his gaze zeroed in on her and Max.

“Too late now. It’s show time.” Max’s deep whisper tickled her ear. Before she could respond, he used the hand on her lower back to turn her.

As he lowered his head toward hers, she slapped a hand to his chest. “What are you doing?” The shocked demand came out in a quiet squeak. Her stiffened arm did her little good. He drew her closer.

“Making sure your plan works.”

Her world tumbled as he covered her mouth with his. Stunned pleasure liquefied her limbs. With her fingers clenched in the soft material of his sweater, she held on for dear life. The animal heat of his body swirled around her and seeped into her tingling skin as his mouth introduced her to his taste and scent. Spicy man and power. An intoxicating combination.

No simple peck on the lips, this. His tongue swept the seam of her mouth. Helpless to resist, she complied. Opening her lips to welcome him inside, she savored the rich combination of heat and silk as his tongue tangled with hers in a sensual dance. A willing moan gurgled in her throat as he pulled her tight against the muscular frame that had starred in countless of her fantasies over the years.

If his plan was to put on a show for the family, he did one hell of a bang up-job. Talk about an Oscar worthy performance. She willingly stepped into the role of supporting actress.



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In order to protect her, they’ll both have to let their guards down…

Country music’s It Girl Jessi Tucker is fed up with her family’s stifling security measures. The threat of a dangerous stalker has gotten the men in her life—including her football star cousin, Tuck Tucker—monitoring her every move. To get the freedom she yearns for, Jessi hatches a plan to recruit Max Grayson, Tuck’s sexy brawler best friend, to play the role of her new boyfriend. But if her scheme works, will she be forced to hide her true romantic feelings for the sake of her independence? Or will she finally steal the heart of her dream man?

Max has been pining for Jessi for years and would do anything to protect her, but a professional cage fighter with too many skeletons in his closet has no business being with one of America’s sweethearts. Yet while Max does his best to keep Jessi at arm’s length, the Tucker family persuades him to accept her offer.
Max believes he can keep Jessi safe from danger, but can he shelter her from his own dark secrets, the media’s unforgiving spotlight—and a mutual desire that’s harder to resist each day?





Wife, mother and really young grandmother, Mackenzie lives with her high school sweet heart husband, a neurotic Pomeranian, and a blind cat. She calls Phoenix home because the southwest feeds her soul. Though her friends claim she’s a princess, she disagrees. After all, one can’t raise two rambunctious boys to wonderful men without getting a little dirt under their nails. A lover of the romance genre, her resolve to share her stories with others was sharpened by a bout with breast cancer. Today she is an award-winning author and eight year survivor, living the dream. Her friends call her Mac. She hopes you will, too. Connect with her at, FB, and Twitter.

COOKING UP TROUBLE & Giveaway with Judi Lynn

I wrote urban fantasies before I tried my hand at romance. I liked them because the female protagonist is always kickass. She fights her own battles. When she meets the male protagonist, the love interest, he has to be her equal, or she doesn’t respect him. She doesn’t even need him. But she’s always his equal, too. He doesn’t surpass her. They might have different strengths and skills, but they balance each other out.

Therefore, when I started writing COOKING UP TROUBLE, I thought it would be fun to write about a female protagonist who repeatedly rescues the man who’s moved in next door. Not that Ian’s weak. He has mad skills, but not many of them relate to country living. He worked in finances in New York before he bought the property next to Tessa’s to make into a resort. He knows business. He doesn’t know how to change a tire. And even though Tessa rushes to his aid over and over again, while she’s helping him, he’s helping her.

He recognizes her fears. He understands that she’s guarding her heart so that it doesn’t get broken again. She teaches him practical skills. He teaches her how to mend. Equals who complement each other.



Tessa Lawrence swore off men when she found her fiancée in the arms of another woman. These days, she concentrates on caring for her small farm and running a bakery and farm stand out of its barn. Ian McGregor moves to Mill Pond to build a resort on the property next to Tessa’s. Tessa’s fine with that. Mill Pond’s trying to attract more tourists. The problem is, Ian understands business, but he’s never changed a tire or pounded a nail. She finds herself helping him more than she expected, and spending time around Ian is a dangerous proposition. The man’s far too good-looking and fun to be around.

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Judi Lynn Bio: When some people think of Indiana, they think of corn—which we have a lot of. But to me, Indiana is green—lush, beautiful, vibrant greens—so I use fictional towns and plunk them in an Indiana setting for a lot of my stories. I love cooking and gardening, and those sneak into my novels, too. I’ve collected more strays than I deserve. I’m a fan of Agatha Christie and urban fantasy, and I believe in happy ever after.

Website    Blog     My twitter handle: @judypost     FB Author page

TEN DAYS IN AUGUST & Giveaway with Kate McMurray

Ten Days in August features a character named Nicky—short for Nicholas—who is a female impersonator. We think of drag queens as being a fairly modern invention, but performers subverting gender have been around for generations. And it wasn’t just men dressing as women in early productions of Shakespeare plays. Nicky is loosely based on a few men I read about in a history of New York City in the nineteenth century, performers who risked a lot for their art, including getting arrested or violence.

If you’ve ever walked along the Bowery in New York City, even in these modern times after it’s largely been cleaned up, it’s not hard to imagine its seedier past. Ten Days is set in 1896, when the Bowery was populated by less reputable clubs and dance halls and brothels. A few notorious clubs catered to a clientele of men who sought the company of other men. Although Nicky dances at a fictional club, there were many just like it. A lot of these places were right near where CBGB’s used to be.

It is also true that the businesses in this neighborhood peddled in exactly the sort of vice Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt wanted to clean up. Part of how it came to thrive was police corruption—business owners paid officers to look the other way. Roosevelt wanted to crack down on crime by cracking down on corruption, and he started weeding corrupt officers out of his police department. Corruption could mean anything from accepting bribes to committing adultery. It is in this environment that Inspector Hank Brandt investigates a murder at Nicky’s club. When Hank starts falling for Nicky, his whole career is at stake.

I found it really fascinating to research and write about these parts of New York history that we don’t talk about much anymore. Most people know about Ellis Island—opened just a few years before the novel takes place—and Central Park and the Empire State Building, but fewer know about this era in history. Hopefully readers find it as interesting as I do.

From the Lower East Side to uptown Manhattan, a curious detective searches for clues on the sidewalks of New York—and finds a secret world of forbidden love that’s too hot to handle…

New York City, 1896. As the temperatures rise, so does the crime rate. At the peak of this sizzling heat wave, police inspector Hank Brandt is called to investigate the scandalous murder of a male prostitute. His colleagues think he should drop the case, but Hank’s interest is piqued, especially when he meets the intriguing key witness: a beautiful female impersonator named Nicholas Sharp.

As a nightclub performer living on the fringes of society, Nicky is reluctant to place his trust in a cop—even one as handsome as Hank. With Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt cracking down on vice in the city, Nicky’s afraid that getting involved could end his career. But when he realizes his life is in danger—and Hank is his strongest ally—the two men hit the streets together to solve the crime. From the tawdry tenements of the Lower East Side to the moneyed mansions of Fifth Avenue, Nicky and Hank are determined to uncover the truth. But when things start heating up between them, it’s not just their lives on the line. It’s their love…

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Kate McMurray is an award-winning author romance author and an unabashed romance fan. When she’s not writing, she works as a nonfiction editor, dabbles in various crafts, and is maybe a tiny bit obsessed with base­ball. She is currently president of the New York City chapter of Romance Writers of America. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Visit Kate    FB      Twitter      Tumblr     Pinterest        Goodreads

Kathryn Jordan’s FLICKERS with giveaway

Nowadays, acting in the movies or on TV is a glamor job, the one most of us daydreamed about when we were teenagers.  Money, fame, beautiful clothes and mansions – wouldn’t it be lovely?  Our parents would be proud of us for doing so well.  Our friends would envy us.

            Not so in the early 1900s, when silent film was a brand-new industry, an offshoot in America of the all-important live theater. Even though most American enjoyed going to the theater, the people who made the plays possible were looked down upon.  It wasn’t an honest job, acting, pretending to be someone else up on stage.  And the morals those people had! Everyone knew that the women in particular were “loose”, prone to drinking, illicit love affairs, and heaven knows what else! As for the movies, as the people who put together silent films were known, they were probably worse, up at all hours of the night, travelling around on trains unlike respectable people!

            In 1916, one of my characters, Tip Rediston, is making something of a name for himself as a leading man in the flickers.  When he’s offered a regular contract, his mother in particular is furious.  She does her best to talk him out of it and when she fails, tries to drag his older brother into the argument.

“Tip had the gall to tell me that you approve of his acting,” Sylvie said.  “You can’t be serious, Maury.”

“As a matter of fact, I am.  I’ll explain.”

“Explain indeed! Tip says it’s the money.”

“Yes, it is. I’ve been considering, and—“

“Maury, how can you?” Sylvie broke in. “I can’t stand it, and neither should you, having your own brother being very much like a prostitute.”


“I told you, Maury, I went to see that wretched film. There was my son, kissing that girl, and the camera was so close that their faces filled the whole screen, and the kiss was the only point the whole wretched scene had. And then all those common little shop-girls were standing around in the lobby afterwards, talking about him, saying things out loud that no decent girl would ever think!  And now you tell me that the money makes it acceptable to you. Just what is that but prostitution?”

“Now, Mother.”  Maury tried to make his voice soothing. “It’s just entertaining, that’s all.”

“Horsefeathers!”  Sylvie turned and walked over to the window. “Tip was such a beautiful child, and I was so proud of him.”  She stared out of the window. “But now I see why your poor father was so worried.”

“Father would have jumped at the chance to have Tip make two hundred dollars a week.”

“Your mind’s made up, isn’t it?”   Sylvie turned from the window. “I’m wasting my time. You’re just like your father sometimes, just like him. Damn you, Maury!”

Maury stared, speechless. Never had he heard his mother use such language.


Set in the dynamic years leading up to the Roaring Twenties, Flickers turns its lens on California’s glamorous silent film era, as Victorian civilities are swept away by a bold new century . . .
Violet Winters is the daughter of one of California’s wealthy robber barons.  Jack Sutter is the gardener’s son.  In their youth, the two were inseparable. But in 1913 everything is changing, and despite their feelings for each other, adulthood has come between them. Their vastly different social positions leads Violet to marry the aloof but socially perfect Maury Rediston. Jack vows to win Violet back while carving out a new life for himself in the burgeoning motion picture industry.  Tip Rediston, Violet’s brother-in-law, also gets drawn into the bohemian world of the flickers. As handsome as he is troubled, Tip starts his climb to stardom despite his family’s disapproval.  But as social changes, political upheaval, and war change the world around them, Violet, Jack, and Tip learn that things are never as easy as they seem on the silver screen. . .

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Kathryn Jordan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two cats, and a vagrant skunk.  Although she spent her childhood in a Great Lakes industrial city, she became a confirmed Californian at age nine, when her family relocated to Santa Barbara, the “Santa Luisa” of the novel.  All it took was one winter without five feet of snow turning into black urban slush to convince her that the move had been worthwhile.  FLICKERS, her first historical novel, is a new departure for her career. Under the name of Katharine Kerr, she’s also the author of the Nola O’Grady series of light-hearted urban fantasy novels.

Website    Twitter: @kit_kerr     FB

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