COOKING UP TROUBLE & Giveaway with Judi Lynn

I wrote urban fantasies before I tried my hand at romance. I liked them because the female protagonist is always kickass. She fights her own battles. When she meets the male protagonist, the love interest, he has to be her equal, or she doesn’t respect him. She doesn’t even need him. But she’s always his equal, too. He doesn’t surpass her. They might have different strengths and skills, but they balance each other out.

Therefore, when I started writing COOKING UP TROUBLE, I thought it would be fun to write about a female protagonist who repeatedly rescues the man who’s moved in next door. Not that Ian’s weak. He has mad skills, but not many of them relate to country living. He worked in finances in New York before he bought the property next to Tessa’s to make into a resort. He knows business. He doesn’t know how to change a tire. And even though Tessa rushes to his aid over and over again, while she’s helping him, he’s helping her.

He recognizes her fears. He understands that she’s guarding her heart so that it doesn’t get broken again. She teaches him practical skills. He teaches her how to mend. Equals who complement each other.



Tessa Lawrence swore off men when she found her fiancée in the arms of another woman. These days, she concentrates on caring for her small farm and running a bakery and farm stand out of its barn. Ian McGregor moves to Mill Pond to build a resort on the property next to Tessa’s. Tessa’s fine with that. Mill Pond’s trying to attract more tourists. The problem is, Ian understands business, but he’s never changed a tire or pounded a nail. She finds herself helping him more than she expected, and spending time around Ian is a dangerous proposition. The man’s far too good-looking and fun to be around.

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Judi Lynn Bio: When some people think of Indiana, they think of corn—which we have a lot of. But to me, Indiana is green—lush, beautiful, vibrant greens—so I use fictional towns and plunk them in an Indiana setting for a lot of my stories. I love cooking and gardening, and those sneak into my novels, too. I’ve collected more strays than I deserve. I’m a fan of Agatha Christie and urban fantasy, and I believe in happy ever after.

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