Q&A with Thia Sexton on EVERYBODY BUT YOU


Everybody But You Cover | by Thia Sexton“A collection that’s spirited and endearing . . . which she tells with winning self-deprecation and a level of detail that conjures the dusty, sunny fragrance of her travels. Sexton punctuates the pieces in an all-caps-studded brand of wacky humor, mostly in the form of wry one-liners.”  — Kirkus Reviews (from Amazon)

What made you decide to write EVERYBODY BUT YOU?   

I didn’t set out to write a book. Various catastrophes collided at a certain point (devastating breakup, lost job due to embezzling boss, and something too painful to mention). I couldn’t eat or sleep or leave the house, but I could write. Surprisingly, writing about my idiotic life made me laugh. Needing to laugh more, I wrote more. A friend in New York emailed one of the stories to a group who read at COMEDY CENTRAL STAGE (started by Jill Solloway of Transparent fame). I was invited to read, and afterwards people asked where they could buy the book. A famous screenwriter told me I wrote things he was afraid to write about. He said he kept looking around at the audience thinking, “Did she just write that out loud?” It made me feel less alone.

Is there a follow up planned?
At the moment too many things are happening to think ahead. The brilliant animators Matt Yarrington and Sarah Winters Sigor Ros –Rembihnutur“, Snowbird – “Procelain“,  Lanterns on the Lake – “Until the Colours Run” are creating a music video for my song “AWOKEN” (which won a “Great American Song” award). The music video will be entered in festivals world-wide and Matt Yarrington says it’s going to “change the course of animation.” He’s brilliant, so I believe him. The same day as the book release, a book SOUNDTRACK CD of my original songs will be released. Other authors have released soundtrack CD’s, but to my knowledge none have been original songs. So that’s a first!  And I’m currently narrating the audiobook, which is really fun, but surprisingly hard work!
Would or have you ever considered writing fiction?
Yes – but honestly, all this wonderful stuff going on in my life at the moment feels like fiction!       Let’s Do

Let’s Do
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