Roots and Bones with Amanda Stevens author of the Graveyard Queen series

One of the things I enjoy most about writing The Graveyard Queen series is the research.  I can spend many a contented hour hunched over my computer in pursuit of the most obscure cemetery factoid.

For The Prophet, my research took me deep into Gullah country, that area of the marshy Carolina coast and outer islands […]

Worms Crawl In and Worms Crawl Out----Death Superstition and Cemetery Folklore with Amanda Stevens


The Graveyard Queen Series with Amanda Stevens

Being born and raised in the South is pretty much a guarantee of growing up with superstitions, folklore, and predicting the weather by what animals are doing, among other things.  The Ozarks are particularly rich in that area.  I recall a special that focused on the belief in the fae being very strong in that […]