IMMORTALLY EVER AFTER Monster Mash series by Angie Fox with giveaway and a freebie

You write mystery/romances with a paranormal twist. Tell us about your latest series.

Sure. The Monster MASH series takes place in a paranormal M*A*S*H camp and in the dusty, desert battlefields of Limbo. The gods are at war. If the armies are evenly matched, they’ll kill each other, which is bad enough. If one side gets […]

A Visit with Angie Fox

Please join us in welcoming Angie Fox to Manic Readers. Angie is the New York Times bestselling author who writes about biker witches, demon slayers and things that go bump in the night.

How did you get started writing paranormal romances?
I’ve always loved a good fairy tale and, really, that’s what paranormal are –  grown […]