Billi Jean on Becoming a Best Seller and the Dreaded Deadline

Okay, we all hear how someone hit the best sellers list and think, “Wow! That’s great for them, hooray!”  And really, it is great. It’s amazing and thrilling and kinda makes, me at least, a bit shy! But, no one, at least that I’ve seen (I am in a hole by myself typing away frantically […]

SAFE IN HIS ARMS with Billi Jean

Today, the second book in my contemporary series, Safe in His Arms goes up at Total-E-Bound. I can’t really express in words how thrilled I am about Mac and Mandy’s story. The Love’s Command series started with Running Scared back in August of 2012, but the reality is, I wrote the story at my mom’s […]

Billi Jean with A SPARTAN'S KISS

Although this isn’t a New Years post, I am still celebrating the successes of last year. I think I’ll be celebrating 2012 for many years to come, too. 2012 was a year of change for me. Some good, some not so good. But through it all, I found within myself such strength at times I […]