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Hello, world! My name is Gemma K. Murray Luna McIntyre. I’m here substituting for my favorite author in the world, Gemma K. Murray. Gemma is extremely busy with year-end items as well as writing her little fingers to the bone, but I’m here to tell you anything you need to know.

A little bit about my darling friend, Gemma. She is married and the mama to 5 of the cutest canine kids ever. She lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where she writes the world I reside in, Cedar River. The Cedar River series is only 2 books long so far, but Gemma has plenty of characters to write about when it comes to this shifter community. Heck, the U.P gives her enough for *stops to count* at least 3 more series.



Natural Born Enemies is the current release in the Cedar River series. This is the story of a puma shifter and a wolf shifter. This is my story. Okay, mine and Adam’s, but you get the point. I’m the wolf shifter who has been in love with my sexy puma since we were in high school. He used to be a bad boy who made me drool with simply a smile. Our families were determined to keep us apart. Adam joined the military and I pined for him, but I went to school and learned to make sweets. In fact, I opened my own sweet shop in Cedar River called Full Moon Sweets. When Adam came home from overseas, he was a mess, but I still loved him with all my heart. We reunited and began taking steps toward a new life together. Unfortunately, someone wants us to stay apart. Enough so that they are threatening us and everything we love. You’ll have to read the book to see if our love is strong enough to make it through.

Here’s an excerpt from Natural Born Enemies to whet your appetite:


I’ll never forget the first look I got of Adam. He wore his bad attitude like a well-worn pair of jeans. Gods, I wanted to be the woman to tame his wild side. The anger radiated off him in waves, but I knew in my heart that he was simply hurting.

Every year since I could remember, the pack and the pride would lay aside their differences and would help with the clearing of downed trees in the woods between the two lands. Roman Pierce recruited Adam to help. He was a young and able body. His lanky muscles bunched and relaxed with each piece of wood he tossed into the waiting trailers. My mouth still waters at that memory. Then, Adam got arrested. My dad warned me to stay away from Adam, but there was something about that young man. I started to make excuses to go into town with my girlfriends in hopes of catching his eye.

“He’s nothing but bad news, Luna,” my friend, Maria, said.

“If that’s what bad news looks like, you can deliver it to me every day,” was my reply.

Adam’s black hair was always in his eyes, but when those piercing green eyes turned my way, I felt my insides melt. A mere glance from the Pierce Pride bad boy sent my heart racing. I would watch him in the halls at school and on the football field. His speed made him the best receiver on the Cedar River Miners. I’d watch him on the side lines palling around with “Bodacious” Bowie Golden. Those two together were enough to make a girl’s panties drop with a simple smile.


Pretty awesome, right? It still makes my heart jump in my chest when I think back. So, I’ll sign off for now and thank you for stopping by to visit. Gemma will be here to answer questions a little later. Let us know what you think.

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Gemma is offering to give away a copy of Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart AND a copy of Natural Born Enemies to one commenter. Both are e-copies, but she has them in all the appropriate formats.

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KEEPER OF THE GOLDEN DRAGON’S HEART debut and giveaway with Gemma K. Murray

I’m Gemma K. Murray, author of Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart, a paranormal romance set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I’ve always been a writer. From poems to stories, I’ve covered it all. It started at the age of twelve when the onset of teenage angst began. The things I wrote just seemed to evolve as I grew older.

You may ask, “Why write a paranormal romance?” Well, let me tell you, that was never my intention. I love to read paranormal romance. I just never dreamed I had enough imagination to create these wonderful worlds filled with supernatural beings. Then, I had a dream. It began with a beautiful man who would shift into a golden dragon and a curvy woman who was the child of a witch and a puma shifter. It was a dream where I didn’t want to wake up. In one night, I saw this entire story unfold. I chose to ignore the gift I had been given. That was my first mistake!
Anastasia (my heroine) began to scream at me (in my mind) day and night. Any dream I may have had when I closed my eyes never came. Instead, I heard her voice in my head. My husband suggested I sit down and write it out. “Who knows what will come of it?” he said. So, I sat at my computer and began the story. I tried to make Ana a wolf shifter (this was my second mistake) and it came to a screeching halt. Without sounding too crazy, I’ll just say there were some horrible arguments between Ana and myself. I erased forty-five pages of work and started it all over again. This time, I made Ana exactly as she wanted to be. It was around this time that the second voice appeared…the voice of Bowie (my hero). With his voice, the story flowed across the keyboard. The research was relatively easy and I simply wrote what I was shown. I don’t sound too crazy, right? *grin*

When it was finished, I really liked the story. I sent it out to a few publishers with no luck. There was one, however,who loved it and here I am. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is filled with so many interesting places and people. This village of shifters just seemed to fit here. I hadn’t ever visited the U.P. when I had this dream. That was over a year ago. Before I began to write the story, my husband got a job in the Upper Peninsula and now I get to see this piece of heaven every single day. I fell in love with this place and the characters who first showed me what is possible.

Since the floodgate has been opened, there are three more Cedar River series books waiting (not so) patiently to be written with a spin-off series in the works as well. If you feel like taking a trip, come on up for a visit or you can always just pick up a copy of Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart.
If ever I’m starved for inspiration, I simply look out my windows. With Lake Michigan in the front and forest behind my cottage, I can find a story often hidden away somewhere beneath the water or under the cover of the trees.

Gemma is kindly offering 2 copies of her e-book, Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart, in either Kindle, Nook, or .PDF form (winners’ choice).  Contest ends @12am est April 6th.

Gemma’s blog 



The Upper Peninsula of Michigan seems like it is another country. The rawness and beauty of the land draws people from every walk of life. What most people don’t realize is there is a little town nestled on the banks of Lake Superior that an entire group of supernatural beings call home. Shifters of every shape and size live there. They raise their families there. Tourists come from near and far to visit the quaint town of Cedar River, Michigan. The tourists never realize they are walking among some of the most unusual beings on earth.

Bowie Golden is a dragon shifter who is in charge of Cedar River’s safety. Until now, the biggest threat to anyone’s safety was Anastasia Plum, a witch/puma-shifter. She has been the town hellraiser since she was a teenager. Now someone has discovered the secret the residents of Cedar River keep for one another. These radicals are determined to eradicate the entire town. It’s up to Bowie to keep them all safe.

Ana has always idolized Bowie. She may have stirred up trouble from time to time, but Bowie or one of his brothers would always get her out of the trouble she was in. One day, it happened. The unthinkable, the unimaginable occurred. Anastasia Plum fell for the “golden” boy. What an unlikely duo- the sheriff and the hellraiser!

Just as these two discover their passion for one another, a group of people is determined to keep them apart. It’s up to Ana to prove that she is the only Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart.






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