Introducing The Den of Sin and a giveaway

Sometimes when authors get together to talk shop, they spark amazing ideas that are too big to take on alone. What started as a mere reference of the old television show Fantasy Island spun off into brainstorming about people exploring sexual fantasies in a vacation setting. That’s how the Den of Sin erotic romance series […]

Holley Trent on Musicals and the Quirky MY NORA

I have an eclectic taste in music. Part of that is due to upbringing. I started taking piano lessons at age eight, and most of the primer books were from a bit earlier than mid-century. Not very rock & roll, you know?

Then there was the fact I grew up in the boonies. We didn’t have […]

Getting Polished with Holley Trent

People who ring my doorbell probably think I’m the maid. “Rough” would be a generous way to describe my stay-at-home ensemble. The sad thing is I’m Southern and was raised by one of those women who wouldn’t get into her car unless every hair was in place, jewelry just so, shoes perfectly shined. I’m supposed […]