John Barlow featuring FATHER AND SON second in the LS9 series with giveaway

Good to see you again,John.

For those who may have missed your first visit can you give a brief synopsis or your LS9 series?

The LS9 series is about criminals, their families, and their victims. Eventually there will be nine novels in the series. 

Set in the north of England, the books follow the life of John Ray, […]

HOPE ROAD, LS9, and John Barlow

Welcome to Manic Readers, John.  Thank you for taking the time to visit.
Thank you for inviting me!

Could you please tell us about HOPE ROAD, the first in your LS9 series?

It’s a crime mystery, but it isn’t hard-boiled. I wanted to write something character-driven, although it also has a fairly evolved crime plot.

HOPE ROAD is so […]