Who Is Rob Meyer? w/ S.J. Maylee

Who is Rob Meyer? 

I’ve often said how much I enjoy writing a character who changes over time. Sometimes those changes are caused by things we have no control over and sometimes it stems from our own bad choices.

Rob Meyer, the hero from my new release, IN THE BLIND, is the kind of guy who’s been crushed by bad choices. He […]

A Heroine interviews her author ~ TAKING COURAGE

On release day for TAKING COURAGE, the heroine, Janna asked me why I hadn’t let her interview me. You see, I let Lydia, the heroine from the first Love Project series interview me. I couldn’t possibly ever say no to either of these two ladies. Let the fun begin.

Hi everyone, I’m Janna, the heroine of […]


Thank you so much for having me here today. I’m new to Manic Readers and I’m here today to share with you my debut. Just after TAKING CHANCES was released,Lydia, my heroine started talking to me again. I think she’s finally forgiven me for what I put her through. I did give her story one […]