The best and the worst with Shirley Wells and a giveaway

First, I must thank the lovely Ivy for inviting me. I love this blog and it’s always a thrill to be here! Thank you, Ivy.

Thank you for taking the time to visit..

Second, I’ll remind you to read on for the chance to win a book…

And now I want to tell you about the best and […]

Two Firsts and a Giveaway with Shirley Wells

It’s always such a pleasure to drop by this blog so I must thank the lovely Ivy for the invite.

Today, I’m celebrating a first. Actually I’m celebrating two firsts. Dead Calm is the first novella I’ve written and the publication of Carina Press Presents: Editor’s Choice Volume 2 sees me included in an anthology for […]

Shirley Wells on T-shirts and SILENT WITNESS giveaway

(Read on for a chance to win a digital copy of Silent Witness.)


Thank you to the lovely Ivy and everyone at Manic Readers for inviting me to talk about T-shirts. Sorry? What’s that? Ah, you were expecting me to talk about books. I will, I promise, but first I must mention T-shirts. I love them. […]

Why do we love a good mystery? Shirley Wells

I love to write about murder and mystery and I eagerly await every blood-spilling episode of Dexter. Many years ago, I was hooked on Columbo and loved nothing more than seeing the shambling detective catch the perpetrator. I enjoy all types of mystery, from Ian Rankin’s Rebus series to the gentle tales of Agatha Christie’s […]