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I'm Deanna Jewel, romance author, living in the Pacific Northwest with my hero and our two Siamese cats, Sinbad and Zoie, who keep us entertained. I have two novels out now and working on a third.

Never Surrender is a time travel that will take you back to 1835 Wyoming and the Shoshone Nation. Kate is searching for her soul mate who has been searching for her through time. He's a blue eyed warrior hero named Taima. They are reunited in a story that will touch your heart and I hope the characters stay with you long after you put down the book. I hope as you read, you are pulled into the story and the surroundings and become a silent character to enjoy being with my characters.
It's in paperback and e-book format available on my website and many online book stores, including B & N for your Nook! Get YOUR copy now!  You can order from my website, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I'd love to hear from you after you've read the book. Let me know if YOU think Kate and Taima deserve a sequel!

NO TURNING BACK is an historical set in England, 1778 with pirates, swashbucklers, dukes, ships, and castles; and of course a handsome hero. I've posted his picture on my main website so go take a peek. In this story, both characters deal with personal loss their own way and never assumed they'd be faced with losing the love of their life. How is it possible they could ever find love a second time? There is also an interview with the hero, Nathan Clairmont, on my blog site. Please enjoy it. (Pssst....these characters get reincarnated into my new book, Whispers at Ghost Point, a contemporary romantic suspense!!)

Whispers at Ghost Point is a contemporary novel involving a ghost who's been trapped in the abandoned lighthouse for too many years. He's searching for the woman he lost in a past life, determined to get her back...dead or alive! My website has more info on the location of the story.

I love to hear from my readers, so please write! I would be interested in your comments on my novels. Thank you for stopping by my page! My website has more info on my upcoming books and the manuscripts I have in the works. While you're surfing my site, be sure to enter my contest. Each month there are two winners! I also have a newsletter so sign up for that, and a reader group you may be interested in.

NEW:  While you're here on my website, be sure to check out my new chat room. You'll find me there once in a while so please pop in to see if I'm there. I'll be starting regular chat sessions again in the fall on Monday evenings; mark you calendars. I also plan to have guest authors so check the schedule of events. Prizes just might be given away if we get enough people stopping in so come and see for yourself!

My ebooks are available for eReaders and iPad too!


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Erotic author interview w/Adriana Kraft: last day to get in - win a yellow silk scarf!

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07/31/2013 Promo

I've lowered the price of all of my books so more can enjoy reading them. Please visit my page and roam around. I've also added my FREE book of self-help motivation!

02/03/2013 Promo

Stop by to learn more about Whispers at Ghost Point! I'm guest author all week over at An Avid Readers Haven - get in on the contests!

01/26/2013 General

Whispers at Ghost Point has been sent off to the printer! I'll get my copy next week and if all looks good, the print version will be sent to Amazon, B & N, and more online stores! I'll order my copies that will be available at my website store page! I hope to see you stop by to check out Whispers!

01/04/2013 Book

Whispers at Ghost Point is now available for download at your favorite online store! Click over to my website to read Ch 1, watch the book trailer and click over to download your e-copy! Thank you for taking a peek. I also have a few contests going on at my blog!

12/26/2012 News

NOW Available!! Whispers at Ghost Point!! If you love romantic suspense, ghosts and lighthouses, check out the excerpt at my site then click on your favorite buy link! The book trailer is there also...come on over! Share the links! Thank you so much!!

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Videos by Deanna Jewel

Current Releases
Join Dana as she learns about her past while working toward her future. The dangers that lurk at an abandoned lighthouse pull her into a past she was unaware of but also involves a man she's never this lifetime! Can a ghost from her p...
Available Now!
Whispers at Ghost Point
Learn how to gain control over your daily thoughts to create the life you desire. Harness the energy around you and accept the gifts that come your way! Our mind is a powerful tool that is under utilized. Within your own mind lies an area of ...
Available Now!
Unleas Your Inner Strength
While avenging the death of his fiancé years earlier, Nathan learns that he CAN love again. Will the woman he wants open her heart a second time? Vanessa is dealing with her own tragic events in her life; she’s head strong, flaun...
Available Now!
No Turning Back
Is it possible for souls to travel through time and reunite more than one hundred years later? Does the soul continually search until somehow, it finds the one true soul mate even through time? Anything is possible when one believes in soul reinca...
Available Now!
Never Surrender

A Peek Into the Life of Deanna Jewel

Nathan & Vanessa - No Turning Back

Nathan & Vanessa - No Turning Back
Zoie and Sinbad

Zoie and Sinbad
Hells Canyon - near Lewiston ID

Hells Canyon - near Lewiston ID
Vanessa - No Turning Back

Vanessa - No Turning Back

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