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Sultry Summers
Title: Sultry's January Give-away
Description: With the weather map looking like a study of Art in the colors of blues and purples and pinks for all the cold, supper cold, snow, sleet, ice rain and just pain yucky weather, I thought I'd make the book give-away from my back list for this month a book about riding in the mountains before the weather gets nasty when all the motorcycle riders enjoy leaf change, and the romance that comes with it. Rules are simple: Go on my web site find the category Mistress Says Faster is located in. You will also get a blurb of the book and an excerpt. It will either be found in: Latest Release – Science Fiction – Fantasy – Contemporary. After locating the category the book is in, e-mail me at Put January Contest in the subject line. BE sure to put the category where you found the book in the body of the e-mail. I’ll pick the winner by drawing on January 31st, and e-mail the winner, the winner will also be posted on my blog at I look forward to hearing from you. Last month the contest for Christmas Rescue was so well received, I gave three books as prizes instead of two. Good Luck! Sultry Atlantis Vortex Slip away into the ancient and peaceful world of Atlantis. To get there, first journey through the adventure, intrigue and turbulent romance of Jessica and Xerxes as they fight blood thirty Aztecs, manic traitors, and death itself to cement their futures and maintain the secrecy of a world almost as old as civilization itself. Blood Of The Ruby Throne Journey to another solar system in a distant galaxy where two planets hinge on the brink of war. The threat of marauding space pirates threatens both worlds and forces young High Lady Zera to marry High Lord Sarc of the opposing world to avoid enslavement of both worlds by the pirates. Both leaders distrust the other, but quickly fall in love with each other and bring their worlds together in a tenuous peace. But can it last with traitors siding with the pirates, and the leader of the pirates planning to kill Sarc, and kidnap Zera. Will their new love be enough to hold two worlds together and bind them in lasting peace. Reply, Reply All or Forward | More ? ? ? ?

Kaylin McFarren
Title: Buried Threads Christmas Giveaway

 Do you enjoy reading action-packed suspense stories? How about a romantic adventure set in Japan? Then Buried Threads should definitely be on the top of your reading list and as a Christmas surprise, Kaylin will make this happen for the first ten readers who send their requests to with the subject line: Manic Readers. The only condition? Readers must agree to submit their reviews to before January 15th. So what are you waiting for? Send her your response and snag your free copy today!

Jodi Redford
Title: ARC Giveaway!

To celebrate the upcoming release of my super smexy menage, Three Ways to Wicked, I'm giving away an eARC to one lucky winner. Easy Rafflecopter entry on my blog.

Lisa Kessler
Title: Hunter's Moon & Me Photo Contest!

 Post or email a pic of you with your copy of Hunter's Moon and you're entered to WIN!!! :)


Plus every photo is added to a reader collage...  Hope to see yours soon!



Sabrina York
Title: Sabrina York Tiara Contest (Ongoing)

 Sign up for the Royal Hotsheet (Sabrina’s Newsletter) to enter the tiara contest. Newsletter subscribers are eligible to win all coming contests as well as random giveaways.

Send an email with “Enter Me” in the subject line to

One entry per person.

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