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Anne Rainey
Title: Vance's Rules Contest

To celebrate the release of Vance's Rules, book 2 in my Blackwater series, I'm giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate! Check out my blog for details:

Fayth Devlin
Title: Blood Lust Rising giveaway - 5/9 only

I'm guest blogging at Fangtastic Books today, talking about world building and how it applies to my paranormal romance book, Blood Lust Rising. 
Comment to win a free copy of Blood Lust Rising! 05/09 only!

Fayth Devlin
Title: Purple Prose Contest (ending 05/11/12)

To celebrate the  release of my paranormal romance book, “Blood Lust Rising” I am honoring my roots by hosting a Purple Prose Contest. Fans, readers and fellow authors, let's have some fun and show off our skills in the off our writing skillsabout things that go on in the bedroom, and do our founding ladies proud! 

You do NOT need to be a writer to enter this contest. The only things you need to have are a good sense of humor and a thesaurus. Submit a -three-to-five-sentence sex scene, applying the purple prose method. The more outrageous the better. 

I'll be choosing two winners. First place gets a copy of “Blood Lust Rising” and a personalized three-chapter critique from yours truly. Second place will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Judging will be based on how hard you make me laugh. (Points off for not running your entries through spell check before posting!).

Bronwen Evans

 Apart from the chances visitors have of winning a copy of INVITATION TO SCANDAL, Bron will give away a $200 Amazon or B&N Voucher to spend how you wish, AND at least 30 ‘SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR’ books to one lucky winner at the end of the book tour! All you have to do is collect THIRTY  answers to the clues she gives at each book tour stop or guest blogger spot on her website, and by midnight EST on June 30th, enter your answers in the Contest Entry box on her website or email her at romance at bronwenevans dot com.

One random winner with all the right answers will win a $200 Amazon or B&N Voucher, and at least 30 SIGNED by the author romance novels! Is this easy to do? Yes. Is April to the end of June a long time? Yes, but such a contest is not for the faint of heart. Is it worth it for a chance to win a $200 Amazon or B&N Voucher, and at least 30 romance novels? If you're a rabid romance fan like Bron it is, definitely!

Please note: that there are 30 clues that must be collected to be eligible for entry into this contest.  Collect all the clues and spell out a paragraph relating to Bronwen’s 1 May 2012 Regency release – INVITATION TO SCANDAL. 

Dates: There will be a one WORD hidden in each blog post [WHO] in brackets (the word 'WHO' is the first clue). There are 30 words altogether. These words will spell a paragraph related toBron's 1 May release INVITATION TO SCANDAL.

Justus Roux
Title: Justus Roux's Monthly website contest

Each month enter for a chance to win books by Justus Roux.

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