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Ann Mayburn
Title: Comment and Win a Copy of my Paranormal Romance Blessed!

The wonderful Emily Cale interviewed me over on her blog. She is currently in India, so I give her extra props for being able to post a blog from the middle of nowhere.  Please stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of my hot Paranormal Romance, Blessed.

The contest will run through the 16th and I will announce the winner on the blog.  Can't wait to hear from you!



Tianna Xander
Title: Blog contest

Each valid post on the blog From March 19th, through April 19th, earns you one entry into the blog contest. Valid means, it has to pertain to the post you are commenting about. "Great Post!" doesn't count. I want to know you read the post and what you think about it. I can't try to keep my readers happy with my books if I don't know what they like. :-)

The prize is a basket filled with easter goodies such as candy, stuffed bunnies along with spa socks, hand sanitizer, a bath pillow at least one piece of jewelry and more.

A photo of the basket can be found on a blog post at the site.

Good Luck!

Sable Hunter

Tough Texas Ranger, Tyler Landon witnesses a murder committed by the head of a Mexican Drug Cartel.  To make sure he stays alive, his Captain places the delectable Dom in the capable hands of a beautiful female Mossad agent, Aliyah Sharon . He feels like he has lost his man-card.   Can the Dom be dominated? The situation is complicated by the fact that there is more going on in the operation than meets the eye - Aliyah has a big, big secret. 

To enter the Cross The Heart contest - email me an answer to this question  - If you saw your best friends boyfriend in a questionable situation - would you tell your girlfriend or give him the benefit of the doubt?

My email address is

check out my books here -

Thanks for responding


Stephanie G Burkhart
Title: Win a copy of Moonlight Sonata

 Sign up to follow me on Twitter between now and Thursday and I'll pick one lucky person to win a PDF Copy of The Count's Lair prequel, Moonlight Sonata and a print copy of A Christmas Collection, Stimulating from VTP featuring my short story, Christmas in Bayeux.


I'll announce the winner on my Facebook page.



Kari Gregg
Title: What Rough Beast: Name That Shifter! Contest

What Rough Beast: Name That Shifter! Contest

Yes, I know. What Rough Beast is a vampire book. But guess what? It ain’t just vamps, dah-ling. I loves me some shifters! My weres are a fundamental element of the story world so I’m hoping that you’ll love them, too. Or at least remember what one of their names are. Yep, that’s all you have to do. Email me at kari AT {NO SPAM} karigregg DOT com (removing the AT, NO SPAM and DOT bits and etc, you know the drill, LOL) with the name of any shifter appearing in What Rough Beast and “Name that Shifter!” in the subject line by February 25, 2011 and you will be entered into a drawing for:

What Rough Beast canvas tote
What Rough Beast coffee mug
What Rough Beast magnet, bookmark, cover flat & notepad
A World More Extraordinary notebook & pen
(with a special shout-out to my Goodreads Kindle Smut compadres)
a “Peace, Love…SMUT!” t-shirt and cap
Oh…and my favorite chocolate of the moment, whatever that happens to be in February ;-)

Sound good? GREAT! Email me the name of your favorite shifter in What Rough Beast by February 25th! Entries limited to the continental United States (sorry, international readers!). Winner to be contacted by email by me on February 26th and announced on my site as soon as I have a mail-to address.

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