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Interview With Denyse Bridger
Aug 11, 2008

Hi Denysé,
I visited your website. I am totally amazed at the titles you have available. What is even more amazing are the titles you have in the wings, not only those looking for a publisher, but those waiting for you to get them finished.
The obvious question becomes – where do you find the time?
So why don’t you give us an idea of a typical writing day for Denysé Bridger.
Typical writing day… That’s not as easy as it sounds because there is no real typical day. Mostly, I try to keep to a routine, but it varies with whatever is happening around me, of course. However, a loosely typical day is up at 7 AM, and by 7:30 AM I’ve turned on the computer and will check my email – astonishing how much of it comes in overnight! I spend an hour or two on average with that, and leave it open, then I turn my attention to blogs, promos, whatever other “business” is necessary. Then it’s usually time to settle in and see what I have on the go in terms of writing projects. Given that I’m working on a half dozen things at any given time, it’s not hard to find something that suits whatever mood I’m in, so I have fun with it all. On most days, I call it a night at about 8-9 PM, so the average day usually runs long. I also take breaks, run errands and tend to real-life in the midst of all the make-believe, too!!
I read you have over 400 stories and novellas published in all genres – well nearly all genres. That’s amazing. How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing since 1984 in one way or another, and really, since my earliest school days. I remember doing essays in about Grade 3, and working really hard on them because the best ones would go into a special book that the teacher was making. I got into that book a few times – it was my first taste of “success” and I loved it! In 1984, I was inspired by my favourite television show, and created a script for it, wrote it as a short story, and sent it to the star of the show. He called me 13 days later and told me what he’d read on the break was better than what they were filming, and told me I had real promise. He was a published author, too, and believe me, that totally focused me on the writing in a serious way. So, from there I met someone who published fanzines, and for the next ten or so years I honed my “craft” in the fan fiction world, won awards, and built an audience of sorts. That audience is to a very large extent still with me to this day, so it’s wonderful!
Of all the books you’ve written which is your favorite? (so far, because at the rate you write that could change any minute)
Two of them come to mind immediately. AS FATE DECREES and the first of my Victorian mystery/romances, The Devane Files: OUT OF HELL. The Devane books are special because I’ve created a hero who is deeply flawed, haunted, and an opium addict. He’s remarkable though, and those who’ve read the two current books have really fallen in love with him. There is an erotic element to the books, too, so the appeal is broad in range.
You have received so many awards I’m afraid if I tried to list them all here I would surely miss some. However, can you tell us what you think goes into making an award winning book? If you had to analyze these awards – do they single out any one feature of your writing as the winning trait?
The only thing, in my opinion, that goes into an Award-winning book is rich imagination and a flare for finding the right words to convey your vision. I’ve been positively blessed with the people I’ve worked with over the years, excellent editors, fabulous publishers, and wonderful marketing people. I think you need to believe in the story you’re telling, and the integrity of the people who populate that story. If you don’t bring something of value to the story, your readers aren’t going to care who lives or dies. That’s a failure on all levels. If your readers walk away wanting more, thinking about what they’ve read, and caring about the people you’ve introduced them to, then that’s a successful book. Doesn’t matter if it wins an award, someone somewhere will never forget it, and that’s the best success there is!
The only outstanding feature of the writing that might contribute to “award winning” context is that if you are going to craft a good book, you have to believe in it, believe in the story, and write from your heart and mind – with passion. If you feel passionate about it, so will your readers. Life is like that, too, of course – you need passion to make all the colours of your world vibrant and rich, and worthwhile….
Congratulations on your titles for Harlequin. I think every romance author counts getting a Harlequin contract as a sign they have arrived and are going places. How did you go about getting a nod from them?
I haven’t signed my first contract with Harlequin yet. I think it’s coming, though. (Fingers crossed and all that, right?) There is a reason why Harlequin is the biggest publishing house in the world, and it’s because they know their product, their audience, and the value of giving that audience the romance they want. I read an amazing book some years ago called The Merchants of Venus: Inside Harlequin and the Empire of Romance, it was by Paul Grescoe. I think it’s still available at Amazon. Amazing book, and I think one any romance author and reader should take time to read. It gives you a really good look at the building of this industry. I have had a helping hand in getting my manuscript on the right desk, so let’s hope it pays off because it’s where I want to be as an author.
The book HQ is looking at is one that I’ve written for the Presents imprint. That’s always been my favourite line with them. My first purchase of a “grown-up” book was a title from the then new imprint, and I still remember it. Anne Mather’s “Moon Witch” – the heroine was 17 or so, like me, and the hero was 34, or thereabouts… I was enchanted and in love with it all… My book, “The Light Within My Soul” is about an internationally renowned singer, Italian – and is modeled after a personal friend, Riccardo Foresi – who happens to be a sexy, talented, very handsome young singer on the verge of stardom! Once you’ve heard him sing, you’ll understand completely why he’s “hero” material!!!
You have six or seven publishers that I was able to count, can you tell us why you chose them, or was it just the luck of the draw—whoever offered you a contract first?
Nope, I picked my publishers carefully after the first one and I had a falling out that left me with a much better understanding of a lot of things. Liquid Silver Books was the first to sign me with new work, and I love working with them, and hope to continue for as long as we’re both in operation!!
My fantasy novel was held up for two years with two New York publishers as they considered it, and in both cases the “rejections” came not because they didn’t like the book, but for extenuating reasons. So, I decided to bring it home, and looked for a Canadian publishing house. EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy is the biggest genre publisher in this country, and I wanted them. It took a long time, but thankfully they wanted me, too!!
For romance, when I decided I wanted to extend beyond erotic books and go back to the sweeter romances I love so much, I looked around and went to The Wild Rose Press. I liked what I saw of their website, and what I was hearing from author friends who worked with them. I submitted my first sweeter romance, and in no time, was signed with them – and very happy about it!
All of my publishers have accepted me on the first go, and it’s been gratifying and amazing!!!
How long does it usually take you to finish a book? How long did As Fate Decrees take? Can you tell us a bit about this one?
From start to finish, in writing time, FATE took me about one year to write. In terms of when I began work on it, and went through the process, then had it in my hands – almost ten years in the making!
FATE is a marvelous book because it brings to life the absolute endless range of history and Greek Mythology. The book is told in two parts, one in Ancient Greece, one in modern day Athens. You get the whole range with this one, romance is the backbone of the story, but not the focus, so it’s more adventure epic than anything. Grand scale adventure with the entire tapestry of history on which to play. It could easily spawn a dozen sequels.
On my website there is a fabulous Media Kit available for download that will tell you all about the book, and me. There’s also a link to Chapter One, podcast interviews, and the amazing video that was created to launch the book… Anyone who buys the book, (it’s listed at Amazon in most countries), and would like it “autographed” – I’ve designed a special bookplate, and if you send me an email and your address, I will sign the bookplate, and toss it in the mail to you, so you can have the book signed by the author!!
What is your most current release and will you tell us a bit about it?
Two current releases, one erotic and one sweet. The erotic romance release is with Liquid Silver Books, and it’s called MIRAGE. Mirage was released a few years back, but has undergone some changes since then. New scenes added, and a fresh edit. It was nominated and was an EPPIE Finalist first time out, this one’s a better edition.
The second “new” release is BELLA SIGNORINA from the Wild Rose Press. It’s a Contemporary Sweetheart Rose – and held the #1 spot in category for about 14 weeks. It’s based on a very good song, and is probably one of the best things I’ve ever written. If you like this one, it’s a good taste of the tone and feel of the HQ manuscript!!
What is your favorite genre? I read on your website that the only genres you haven’t written in are hard core Sci Fi and Horror. Why? Are there any others?
Favourite genre is easy, it’s Historical Romance. Followed by fantasy. If I can mix up the genres that’s even better. So I often do, and have a lot of fun with it. I’ve just submitted a short, sexy fantasy to Firedrake’s Weyr. It’s called “Royal Consort” and was a ton of fun to write – elements of magic and fantasy, but a spicy little interlude between a prince and his consort to keep it romance, too. I hope they like it!!!
Science Fiction isn’t a genre I even read much, so I don’t feel any affinity for it, therefore no desire to attempt to write it. Same with horror. I don’t write horrific vampires or werewolves, I write sexy, sensual creatures…. Just me. I have great respect for authors who can write those genres effectively!!
Last, but certainly not least, tell our readers where they can find out more about you, your work and buying your books. Do you have a presence on any of the social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace, GreenReads, etc.? Do you have a blog?
Amazon lists a number of my titles. My website is something I am very proud of, it’s diversity, and the gorgeous artwork that opens it, that was a commissioned work, and the artist’s site is on my very funky links page: – So, where to find me:
You can also find me on Book Tour and at The Author’s Den.
The most special of ALL my projects is an amazing, romantic journey in poetics and photographs called AMORE SENZA CONFINI. I’m doing this book with my partner, and it will combine Italian culture, and Canadian, be written in both Italian and English – and adorned with his photos…. If you want to take a peek, we’ve set up a blog to share peeks at this beautiful work as it progresses, and you can find it here:
And, don’t forget, my page here at Manic Readers:
Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. One more if you will – how many words a minute do you type? It has to be awesome because you don’t look very old to have so many credits to your name. I’m afraid just typing the number of works you have available (without the creative effort to write and polish them) I would need to type night and day.
Haven’t a clue – used to be about 60 wpm, but I know it’s faster these days!!! Oh thank you for the lovely compliment – I’m ancient!!!
It’s been GREAT fun to be here with you and chat with your readers!! I love this. Anyone who’d like to say hello, feel free to drop me a note anytime, too. I’ll answer, it might take a day or two, but I will answer you!! Contact address is:
THANKS so much for having me here, this was a wonderful interview, Billie.
Interviewed by Billie A Williams

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