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Interview with Carol Shenold
Aug 3, 2009

Hello Ms. Shenold and welcome to Manic Readers. Feel free to have a seat while I pick your mind.
Ms. Shenold is a nurse, a writer and an artist who resides in Oklahoma. Sixty-seven years young, Ms. Shenold has a variety of eclectic tastes that range from watching the Dresden Files and Big Love to listening to classic rock and bird watching. Never one to be bored, she’s always finding something to occupy her time.
Ms. Shenold. How about we start with your newest release, Privy to Murder (re-release in print)? “One woman, one angry ghost, two murders.” How scary! Tell us more about this one, please!
Privy to Murder came about because of my love for writing mysteries and the desire to add paranormal elements to my cozy mysteries. I love to put ordinary people into extraordinary situations where they have to come face to face with questioning things they always believed. Plus, I firmly believe anything presented with humor is more fun. Tali has to confront her own paranormal gifts and how they affect her life before she can move on with the life she wants to live.
You received a wonderful review for Privy to Murder. How did that make you feel? Were you doing a happy dance when you received it?
 Definitely happy dancing. For a writer, a good review means someone liked what you wrote. Writing can be a lonely profession and you throw your children(books) out there hoping someone will love them besides you. It’s a joyful feeling to find out someone else had fun with them also.
Oh and I heard there’s a follow up to Privy to Murder. Bloody Murder released in 2008 right? Are the same characters from Privy to Murder found in it? Tell us a little about this one as well please.
Bloody Murder takes the paranormal elements to a new level and the characters are pushed into facing the fact that the “Monster under the bed is real.” What do you do when you find out your son might be correct in suspecting that your boyfriend is a vampire?” Add that to murders during the county fair beauty pageant in small town Texas, and let the fun begin.
You have another book out, Fairy Dust. Paranormal/fantasy, this story looked like a lot of fun to write. Where did the idea for it come about? I read that the reviewer had wished it could have been longer. Is there any chance of you writing more about the PU (Paranormal Investigation Unit) in the future?
Number one, Urban Fantasy is one of my favorite things to read, but vampires and were wolves have been done and done well. Fairies have been done but I wanted a fairy that didn’t know she was a fairy, had difficulty handling her fairy magic and had to confront both the human and fairy worlds, figuring out how to walk that tightrope. I’m at work on “Changeling” as we speak, and Andraste Boudicca Ryan (Ande for short) has to confront an old enemy from her past, deal with the fairy who abandoned her as a baby and solve mutilation murders of fairies. Then there is the matter of confronting and surviving trolls, darklings and a murderous wizard.
Do you have any other upcoming releases in the works that we should know about?
Once “Changeling” is done I would love to finish another book with Tali Cates and her family. In the mean time, for a quick Tali Cates fix, there is always “Museums are Murder” a short Tali Cates mystery that features, Tali, her boyfriend Aiden (Is he a vampire or not?) with a violent were wolf and a demon to contend with.
So tell us more about you—the woman and the writer. Do you have children/grandchildren? How does your family feel about your writing and about the subject matter you write? Are they supportive? Do they read your books?
 I have a lovely family that thinks my books are a lot of fun. I have three grown children, step children and thirteen grand children, plus two cats-Punky and Poppi and one dog-Jasper P Poodle. I work full time in the medical field and try to keep up with writing and all my hobbies too.
Do you constantly have new ideas running for stories running through your head? Do you have to carry a notebook around with you to keep up with them?
Like most writers, ideas percolate all of the time. They will show up mostly in my journals or just grow like Topsy until they are ready to burst into a book.
What is your writing day like? Any specific writing habits you have?
Working full time means I have to be ready to write during any spare time I can find and it’s not always possible to have a regular schedule. I try to meet a reasonable word count daily or weekly and push through first drafts without editing until I have completed first draft.
Are you a reader? What kind of books do you like to read? Any favorite authors?
I’ve always been a reader and drawn to mystery, horror and the paranormal. I love to read, even still. It all started with my grandmother, who told my sister and I true crime bedtime stories-horrified my mother, I loved it and developed an addiction to the fifties horror comics and moved on from there. Hard to name a favorite author, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Jim Butcher are all favorites along with Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison. Agatha Christie and Jane Austin are ones I read more than once.
As an author, how much influence do readers have on your writing? Do you ever put a draft away for later thinking readers might not be into that type of book right now?
Honestly, I have to write the kind of book I love to read and then hope I find a reader who also loves it just as much.
What is the most impressionable book you ever read? How did it influence you?
I think “Green Mansions” made an impression just for the sheer beauty of expression and a story called “The Sake Pit” about mental illness. It showed me how real life could be as horrendous as any horror story.
Thank you so much for joining us today Ms. Shenold. Please tell readers where they can find out more about you and your work.
I have a blog, “The Monster Under the Bed is Real” at and my website is Please come and visit me, leave a comment and sign up for my newsletter. You can follow me on Twitter under “Realmonsters”
Interviewed by Amanda Haffery


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