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Bea LaRocca
Dream Date (Dare to Dream Book 1) is now available in paperback at and Barnes&

Marcus Lambert

 The Kindle version of my first novel, "Ralph Pincus, Occultst Extraordinaire," is available free May 21-25. Here's the link:

"Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and graphic language.

Christians, you have a new savior.

Don't worry. This one's Jewish too.

And his name is Ralph Pincus.

Ralph joins forces with an evangelical sorcerer and a noble vampire in order to save the world. The reluctant trio must learn the truth before time runs out: Why does destiny's invitation sound like the garbled death rattle of a child murderer? What is the secret shame of all vampires good and true? What is a viable online revenue stream for zombie exploitation? Why are all the sorrows of the world contained in the single tear of a gay unicorn?

All these questions and more will be answered when a Jewish guy saves Christmas."







Gail Norma Koger
I'm starting a Coletti Warlords newsletter and I've created a Facebook page titled Coletti Warlord. I will be posting contests, events, release dates and snippets of my books. If you're interested in being added to the mailing list, simply send a interest email to If you'd like to join us on the Coletti Warlords facebook page just click on the link: For a sneak peek at Reality Bites or Paybacks are a Bitch go to my Goodreads page:

Kyla Harmon



5 Star Review by Open Book Society for A Broken Promise!

OBS reviewer Kim says "I have to say I am a new fan of Kyla Harmon. This is one of the first works of hers I have read and I absolutely loved it. I am a sucker for historical romance and mystery and with this, I got both."  

For more of the review check out the link to!

Rebecca Heflin

 My new book, Dreams of Perfection, book one of the Dreams Come True Series was just released yesterday by my publisher, Soul Mate Publishing. The second book, Ship of Dreams is currently underway. You can read an excerpt on my website at  

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