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Carol Burnside

Amazon has price matched and made HOME FOR CHRISTMAS free

Short story and sampler HOME FOR CHRISTMAS – Now FREE on Amazon too, but I don't know for how long. Get your copy today!


Anita Lawless

LAST DAY to get my Forbidden Desires Boxed Set for FREE at Amazon!

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Richie Frieman

Cover, and two full page spread in The Baltimore Sun, called "Manly Manners".

Anita Lawless

NEW RELEASE! Book 5 in the Wild & Lawless Bad Boys of BDSM series is now available, and it's only 99 CENTS for a limited time!

Her Bad Boy Protector: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 5 by Anita Lawless

About: His blood runs cold. His heart is ice. Yet she ignites a fire in him he can’t ignore.

After she’s snatched from her home one night, Callie Winthrop’s world is turned upside down. Who is this mystery man who holds her fate in his hands, and just what does he plan on doing to her?

To mercenary Eric Hallows, Callie is just another job. He has demons in his closet no woman could ever accept. But chemistry sparks between them when they touch. She awakens a primal need in him.

Can passion heal their damaged hearts, or will it burn them alive?

This ebook includes:
Her Bad Boy Protector: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 5 (MF)
Bonus Story: Stripped Down (FF)
Bonus Excerpts

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Jodi Redford

Looking for a smokin' hot read to burn up your ereader just in time for Halloween? Kissin' Hell is now available for only $0.99 or FREE to Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited subscribers!


There are two certainties in life soul collector and hellhound Jericho Stryker knows too well—Death never takes a holiday, and women are typically more trouble than they’re worth. That goes double for his personal nemesis and regular pain in his backside, Lola McKenna. Sure, the luscious little hellcat gets his blood boiling in more ways than one, but some scratches are best left un-itched. That determination is strained to the max when a botched soul acquisition job lands him on the same case as Lola.

Fetching a stubborn soul from a haunted bordello should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Lola, she has to deal with Jericho horning in on her bounty. Attempting to keep her cool and her wits around her sinfully sexy adversary? Easier said than done. Especially when she finds herself locked overnight with Jericho. Not strangling him before sunrise? A faint possibility. Ignoring the lusty, depraved sexual fantasies he awakens in her? A snowball’s chance in hell of happening. But worst of all is the very real possibility that he could steal the one thing she most fears losing to him—her heart.

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