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Megan Slayer

 Have you wondered what’s on the horizon for Megan Slayer and Wendi Zwaduk? If you have, then look no further. Here’s what we’re up to!


6/17  Suit Up Sunday! Come see the yumminess in suits! Any suggestions are welcome!  Gerard Butler seems to show up frequently, so check it out. Grin.

Sunday Snogging with on Wendi’s blog and on Megan’s blog!!! Kisses galore!

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6/18 Monday Moans on Wendi’s blog -> You’ll Think of Me – Cade wants his woman and he wants her now.

Wendi is taking part in the Lovestruck Blog Hop. Get your entries in!


6/19 Tasty Tuesday and Tuesday Studs on the blogs!  Hunky yumminess!

Megan’s taking part in The Love Hangover – a multi-author contest where you can win a $50 credit to Changeling Press!!


6/20 Wendi’s taking part in the Hot Summer Nights Erotica Blog Hop! Check it out!

Wendi’s also guesting on the Manic Readers Blog. Find out what being on the edge of Hinky is all about.


6/21 Today is WIP Thursday on Megan’s blog!  Find out what’s on the horizon for Megan!

It’s also Movie Thursday on Wendi’s Blog. See which movie I’m talking about.

Megan’s also hanging out over the Romance Studio’s Party site for a release day party. Why don’t you drop by!


6/22 Friday at the Menagerie with Megan!

Megan’s also started posting Foxy Friday man candy! See who she found for today.

Friday Flirts on Wendi’s blog! See which book I’m featuring and what’s on the horizon for me!

AND it’s RELEASE day for Here Without You, Glow Band Book 4 – Love Doesn’t Always Happen According to Plan. Get it from Changeling Press!


6/23  Saturday Hotties at the Menagerie!

The Lovestruck Giveaway Hop starts on the blog! Come check it out! Then, come see if you won the Shameless Summer Hop from the blogs!


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Thanks for reading! Hope to see you at the stops!

rowena sudbury

 The King's Tale: Book Two released June 11, 2012


The King's Heart continues the story of Christopher and Dafydd.

In thirteenth century Cornwall, a fierce king must have a strong partner, and that is what King Christopher of Lysnowydh has in his handfasted mate. Or had before rival King Warin kidnapped and tortured Dafydd to the point that, months later, he is still afraid to leave the castle. Christopher longs for Dafydd to accompany him to the other strongholds in his kingdom and to London to pay tribute to Henry III, but Dafydd is not ready. Christopher begins to wonder if Dafydd will ever recover. 

Dafydd hates to disappoint his lover, but he is not sure what to do. Since he will not leave the keep, he renounces his position as king’s marshal, vowing to focus on the healing arts instead. Though Christopher continues to pressure him to travel, Dafydd staunchly stays at home—until his second sight shows him he could lose Christopher if he cannot face his fears. Determinedly, Dafydd sets out to prove he can master them. 

When Christopher returns home to find Dafydd gone, he knows exactly what Dafydd must have seen. As he once promised he would, he follows his heart across his kingdom—but even if he finds Dafydd, he may not be able to heal the rift between them. 

A Timeless Dreams title: While reaction to same-sex relationships throughout time and across cultures has not always been positive, these stories celebrate M/M love in a manner that may address, minimize, or ignore historical stigma.

Gail Norma Koger

Night Owl Review of I Hear Voices: 

Zelda Dragos has the family I always wanted. Need to be broken out of jail? Call your cousin. Need a safe broken into? Call your Uncle. What’s not to love? Oh yeah! The Aunt who wants to sacrifice your virgin self to a demon. That’s kind of a downer. As Zelda tries to pull off her latest endeavor of uncovering an ancient treasure she runs into Derek Sloan, alpha male extraordinaire who just happens to fling all her senses into overdrive. He lays it on thick to seduce her but she’s sure it’s just for the treasure. But when he makes what must be the ultimate sacrifice to save her, she’s pretty sure she’s just found the love of her life. Now just to convince him.


This was a creative, hysterical read that kept coming up with new ways to amuse and amaze. Who knew there were so many ways to ditch a determined man? The one-line zingers just kept coming at lightening speed and kept the story zooming right along. The romance between Derek and Zelda was fun as well as steamy, and the total disregard of privacy by her family rang true to me. I loved her cousin Fabian and found him fascinating, as I did all her family members. Derek’s cadre was funny on a whole different special ops scale that one has to read about to appreciate. A different kind of read that provided entertainment and laughs as well as steam.

Fierce Dolan

Fierce Dolan's  Gigolo Seduction is #1 in Interracial Erotica on Amazon! 

Justus Roux

My book  "Ferocity" is now available on ebook soon in print.

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